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Sir Gorgoroth

Real/full name:
Place of birth:
Ukraine (Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast)


Ukrainian artist & graphic designer from Kharkiv.

Dark Ages

2010 Twilight of Europe Art direction, Design
2012 A Chronicle of the Plague Design

Hate Forest

2002 To Those Who Came Before Us (Compilation) Design
2003 Purity Design
2003 The Gates (Demo) Design
2003 To Twilight Thickets (Compilation) Design
2004 Scythia (Demo) Design
2004 Resistance (EP) Design
2005 The Most Ancient Ones Design
2005 Sorrow Design
2005 Nietzscheism (Compilation) Design
2009 Dead but Dreaming (Compilation) Design
2011 Battlefields Design
2020 Hour of the Centaur Design
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2024 Shaman Layout, Design


2016 Syzygial Miscreancy Layout, Design


2002 1992-1995 (Compilation) Layout (reissue)


2005 The Flame of Eternity's Decline Design (vinyl)
2006 Cold Artwork, Design
2008 Cold Ways (Video) Artwork, Design
2008 Mysticism Design, Art direction, Cover concept
2010 The Flames of Eternity's Decline / Cold (Compilation) Design
2010 The Flame of Eternity's Decline Design
2010 Return to Abandoned Cover concept, Art direction, Design
2011 Winter Stronghold (Video) Design
2012 Мудрість століть (Wisdom of Centuries) Cover art, Layout
2013 Abandoned Leaves (Live album) Design
2016 Following the Years of Blood (Video) Design
2017 Following the Years of Blood II (Live album) Design
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Kublai Khan

2017 Annihilation Design
2017 Annihilation (Boxed set) Design


2014 IAOLTDOTAD Design, Layout concept, Art direction
2015 Rye. Fleas. Chrismon. Design, Layout
2016 Trilogy: Burn Out the Remains Artwork, Design
2018 26 Art direction, Design, Cover concept


2014 Black Moldy Brew Design (as "He Who Carries Lantern")
2016 Icons of the Impure Design (as "He Who Carries Lantern")


2018 The Limit Design

Nokturnal Mortum

1995 Twilightfall (Demo) Design
1996 Lunar Poetry (Demo) Design (slipcase CD)
1998 To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire Artwork, Design
1999 Нехристь Cover art, Design
2001 Return of the Vampire Lord / Marble Moon (Compilation) Design
2003 The Taste of Victory (EP) Design
2004 Мировоззрение Artwork
2004 Eleven Years Among the Sheep (Compilation) Artwork, Design
2005 Weltanschauung Artwork (direction), Design
2009 Live in Katowice (Live album) Design
2009 Голос сталі Art direction, Design
2010 Goat Horns Art direction, Design
2011 Коловорот (Live album) Design, Mastering, Art direction
2012 Коловорот (Video) Mastering, Art direction, Design
2016 22 Years Among the Sheep (Compilation) Art direction, Cover concept, Design
2017 Істина Artwork, Design, Layout
2017 Orathania / Коляда (EP) Cover concept, Art direction, Design
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2019 Glaciology (Compilation) Design
2020 Tectonics Design


2006 Эхо Design, Layout concept, Art direction

Runes of Dianceht

1996 Runes of Dianceht (Demo) Art direction, Design (reissue)
1997 Eternal Call of Darkness (Demo) Artwork, Design (reissue)


2020 The Red Jewel Design, Artwork


2001 A Sudden Outcome Art direction, Design


2011 Где крови льдяной шторм (Where the Icecold Blood Storms) Design
2012 Arctogaia Art direction, Cover concept, Layout
2014 The Call of Glacial Emptiness Art direction, Cover concept, Layout
2017 Titahion: Kaos Manifest Design, Layout
2018 Vargkult Design
2021 Isblod Design


2019 Frostfödd Design


2012 Sombre Design

W. Angel's Conquest

2005 Frozen Sky Layout, Art direction, Design, Artwork concept
2006 Endless Power Art direction, Design, Layout

Whites Load

2004 Моє серце, кров моя Art direction, Design, Concept


2017 The Great Cold Steppe Design
2018 Visionaire (EP) Artwork, Design, Layout
2019 The Onlooker Artwork, Design


2020 The Last Scald Design
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