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Sidjimbe Art

Sidjimbe Art

Real/full name:
Dian Tri Atmoko
36 (born Jun 13th, 1983)
Place of origin:
Indonesia (Indonesia)

Arthropodal Humanicide

2018 Hegemony of the Arthropods Layout, Design (as "Sidjimbe Art Studio")


2015 Blood Stool (EP) Cover art

Blackwater Burial

2019 The Prison of Belief Cover art (as "Sidjimbe Art Studio")

Busted Guts

2017 Gore Induced Ejaculations (EP) Artwork layout and design, Logo

Dead Criminal

2013 The Last Destination (EP) Cover art

Decrepit Cadaver

2014 Putrid Stench of Psychotic Acts Cover art
2017 VĂ³rtice a lo macabro Art concept (minibook)

Depraved Murder

2015 Remnants of Depravity Cover art
2017 Manifestation (Single) Logo


2015 Deprecating the Scriptures (EP) Logo (album title)

Dirty Infamous

2003 Die on Pure Adrenaline Cover Art (Reissue)
2014 Die on Pure Adrenaline Cover art

Dismemberment Torture

2012 Promo (Demo) Artwork

Drain of Impurity

2016 The Seventh Planet of the Infected Cygnus System Artwork, Design (as "Sidjimbe Art Studio")
2018 Perdition Out of the Orbit Cover art, Layout


2016 Leprocomio Cover art


2016 Congenital Deformity (EP) Layout (as "Sidjimbe Art Studio")


2012 The Dark World of Parasitic Infections Cover art
2013 The Taste of Putrefaction (Compilation) Cover art
2015 Putrescent Genetic Abnormalities Aberrations (Split) Cover art, Logo (Gastrorrexis)
2017 Promo 2017 (Demo) Logo
2017 ...Until the Abysmal Torture Ends Logo
2018 Sutured Bleeding Wounds (Split) Logo (Gastrorrexis)

Gore Animal

2018 Parasite of Soul Cover art

Gore Infamous

2015 Bacterium Cerebrum Infectus (Single) Cover art


2011 When Demise Come to Northern (EP) Cover art


2014 Infected Carcass (EP) Cover art


2016 Depths of Regression (Demo) Album Artwork


2017 Promo 2017 (Demo) Layout


2013 Among the Massacre Artwork

Kill Infection

2017 Misanthropic of Sakera (EP) Cover art (as "Dian Tri Atmoko")

Macabre Demise

2017 Apocalypse (EP) Cover art
2020 Awakening Cover art


2016 Dinasti Orde Barbar (EP) Cover art

Myocardial Infarction

2016 Promo 2016 (Demo) Cover art


2013 Nadisme Artwork


2015 Ultimate of Realms Ruination (EP) Cover art

Radang Kelamin

2013 The Slaves of Dick (Live album) Artwork

Razorblades Terror

2013 Simbologi Sesat Budaya (EP) Artwork (sketching)


2016 Parasitic Origin Layout, Design (as "Sidjimbe Art Studio")


2012 Perennial Cover art


2013 Transformation into a Putrid Mass (EP) Cover art
2015 Realm of Endless Massacre (Split) Cover art
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