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Real/full name:
Muhammad Ariffeen Deen
51 (born Oct 17th, 1972)
Place of birth:


Married to Massie.



2019 Slay for Satan (EP) Guitars
2022 Diabolos Brigade Songwriting, Lyrics, Guitars


Vocals (1990-present), Bass (1993, 1999-present), Guitars (rhythm) (2007, 2012-present)

1991 Rehearsal Demo (Demo) Bass, Vocals, Guitars (as "Goatlord Cunt-Shredder & Goatvulva Lacerator")
1992 Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration (Demo) Bass, Lyrics, Vocals (as "Goatlord Cunt-Shredder & Goatvulva Lacerator")
1994 Salve the Goat: Iblis Exelsi (Single) Lyrics, Bass, Vocals
1996 Asateerul Awaleen Vocals, Lyrics
1997 Funeralight... (EP) Vocals
1999 Skullfucking Armageddon Vocals, Bass
1999 Unholy Masters of Darkness (Split) Bass, Vocals
2002 Kaos Kommand 696 Vocals, Bass
2004 Two Majesties: An Arrogant Alliance of Satan's Extreme Elite (Split) Vocals, Bass
2004 Paramount Evil Vocals, Bass, Lyrics
2007 Tormentors of Tijuana (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2007 Formidonis Nex Cultus Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars (rhythm)
2008 Two Barbarians - A Vulgar Abomination of Satan's Intolerant Warlords (Split) Guitars (lead), Lyrics
2008 Dominator (EP) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2009 Terroreign - Apocalyptic Armageddon Command Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2010 Goatfather (EP) Bass, Vocals
2010 Tormentors of Nagoya (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2011 Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny Vocals, Bass
2011 Advent of... (EP) Vocals, Bass, Lyrics
2012 Penang Abomination Tour 2011 (Video) Vocals, Bass
2012 Ravage & Conquer Bass, Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting
2012 Tormentors of Kota Bharu (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2012 Growl of the Black Flames (Video) Bass, Vocals
2013 Live in Penang 2012 - Asia Tour 2012 (Video) Vocals, Bass
2013 The Impious Crusade (EP) Vocals, Bass
2017 Salve the Goat - Iblis Exelsi (Compilation) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals, Bass
2018 Tribute to Blasphemy (Split) Bass, Guitars, Vocals
2019 Versus All Gods Vocals, Bass
2020 Anal Madonna Redesecration (EP) Bass, Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
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Guitars, Vocals


2010 Metztli Obscura Vocals (track 3)


2014 Zodacare od Zodameranu Vocals (track 6)


2011 S.K.U.D. (Satanic Kultus - Unholy Desecration) Vocals (additional) (tracks 2, 4)


2019 Slay for Satan (EP) Songwriting, Lyrics, Producer


1992 Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration (Demo) Artwork
2007 Formidonis Nex Cultus Producer, Layout
2008 Two Barbarians - A Vulgar Abomination of Satan's Intolerant Warlords (Split) Producer
2008 18 Atomic Years Satanniversary (Compilation) Producer
2008 Dominator (EP) Producer
2009 Terroreign - Apocalyptic Armageddon Command Producer, Song Writing
2011 Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny Producer, Layout
2011 Advent of... (EP) Producer
2012 Ravage & Conquer Concept
2013 Vengeance Hell Immemorial (Compilation) Remastering


2014 Legacy Of Swirling Blackness (Compilation) Remastering


2013 Dibawah Bendera Kekejaman (Compilation) Art direction
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