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Real/full name:
Александр Швилёв / Alexander Shvilyov
50 (born Mar 27th, 1972)
Place of birth:
Russia (Moscow)


At the age of 16 began studying music.

One year later his first band "Port Royal" was born.

The band played Motörhead-ish type of rock 'n' roll.

- In 19, due to creative differences, together with Port Royal's guitarist he left the band and created the thrash-death project, "Corpsegrinder". The project was short-lived.
- In 1992, he created the group "Dreaming Soul". Initially the band played ...


Bass (2004-2014, 2016-present), Vocals (2004-2014, 2016-present), Percussion (2016-present)

2006 Аз Бога Ведаю! Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Lyrics adaptation (as "Александр "Шмель"")
2011 Взойди солнце Vocals, Bass, Jew's harp, Songwriting (tracks 1-10), Lyrics (tracks 1-4, 10) (as "Александр "Шмель" Швилёв")
2012 Сыны Сокола Vocals, Bass, Mouth harp, Songwriting, Lyrics (as "Александр "Шмель" Швилёв")
2013 Кологод (EP) Vocals, Bass (as "Александр "Шмель" Швилёв")
2017 Пробуждайся Русь (Single) Vocals (choirs), Bass (as "Александр Швилев")

Dreaming Soul

As Alexander Shvilev:
Vocals, Bass

1997 Children of Night Flowers (Demo) Vocals, Bass


Bass, Mouth harp, Vocals (backing) (2007-2011)

2007 Demo 07 (Demo) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2008 Live in Moscow (Split video) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2008 Кудель белоснежного льна Bass, Mouth harp
2009 Таусень-рада (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2009 Колокольчик (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2009 Кукушкины дети Bass, Mouth harp, Shouts (track 3), Narration (track 10)
2010 Ведьма Bass, Mouth harp, Songwriting (track 3)


Bass (2015-2022)

2015 Звери осени (Single) Bass (as "Александр "Шмель" Швилев")
2018 Чёрная падь Bass (as "Александр «Шмель» Швилёв")


2007 Песни вечного древа Vocals (track 5) (as "Александр "Шмель"")
2010 На крыльях зова Vocals (track 1) (as "Александр «Шмель»")

Beer Bear

As Александр "Шмель" Швилёв:

2010 Мёд (Honey) Vocals (backing), Mouth harp (tracks 7-13)


As Alexander "Shmel" Shvilev:

2005 Время платить (Demo) Vocals (tracks 3, 6)


2007 От сердца к небу Vocals (choirs, screams) (as "Alexander "Shmel"")
2009 Ночь Велесова (Video) Vocals (tracks 19-20) (as "Alexander «Shmel»")
2009 Goi, Rode, goi! Vocals (choirs) (as "Aleksandr "Shmel"")
2011 Stenka na stenku (EP) Vocals (choirs) (as "Aleksandr "Shmel"")
2011 Slovo Vocals (choirs) (track 13) (as "Aleksandr "Shmel"")


2018 Дорога птицы (Video) Bass (CD2 tracks 1, 2)


As Александр "Шмель":

2007 Передел / Repartition Vocals


As Александр "Шмель" Швилев:

2014 Зачин Vocals, Mouth harp


As Шмель:

2011 Летели вороны Jew's harp

Arida Vortex

2015 The Illustrated Man Recording (acoustic guitars) (as "Alexandr Shvilev")

Beer Bear

2010 Мёд (Honey) Producer, Engineering (as "Александр "Шмель" Швилёв")


2012 Blooming Rust Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Aleksandr "Shmel" Shvilev")
2013 The Depths of Rage Producer, Engineering
2017 The Grave of Seven Billion Tracking, Mixing, Mastering (as "Alexander "Shmel" Shvilev")

The Aquarius

2010 Эра рассвета Mixing, Mastering, Producer (as "Александр Швилёв")


2006 Аз Бога Ведаю! Artwork, Design, Photography (as "Александр "Шмель"")
2011 Взойди солнце Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Александр "Шмель" Швилёв")
2012 Сыны Сокола Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Александр "Шмель" Швилёв")
2013 Кологод (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Александр "Шмель" Швилёв")


2007 Передел / Repartition Recording, Mixing (as "Александр "Шмель"")


2011 Летели вороны Engineering (as "Александр "Шмель" Швилёв")


2015 От земли до неба... (EP) Recording (vocals) (as "Александр "Шмель" Швилёв")
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