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Shane Embury

Shane Embury

Real/full name:
Shane Embury
52 (born Nov 27th, 1967)
Place of origin:
United Kingdom (Broseley, Shropshire)


Drop Dead was the first band to feature Mick Harris and Shane Embury together, along with Jim Whitely on bass and Andy Whale on drums. They played a few gigs before Shane joined Napalm Death on bass duties.

Co-owns FETO Records.

Absolute Power

Bass (2006-present)

2011 Absolute Power Bass

Bent Sea

Bass (2012-present)

2013 Paddling the Pink Canoe in a River of Blood / Partners in Grind (Split) Bass
2013 Animalist (Split) Bass
2016 Ascend / Descend (Split) Bass
2020 Partners In Grind (Single) Bass

Blood from the Soul

Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion (1993-present)

Born to Murder the World

Guitars, Bass (2018-present)

2018 The Infinite Mirror of Millennial Narcissism Guitars, Bass


As Hongo:
Guitars, Bass (1989-present)

1993 Matando güeros Guitars, Bass (additional)
1994 El patron (Single) Guitars
1995 La migra (Cruza la frontera II) (Video) Guitars
1995 Raza odiada Guitars, Bass, Drums
1997 Marijuana (EP) Guitars
2000 Brujerizmo Guitars
2001 Mextremist! Greatest Hits (Compilation) Guitars, Bass
2002 The Singles (Compilation) Guitars, Bass
2003 The Mexecutioner! - The Best of Brujeria (Compilation) Guitars, Bass, Drums
2008 Debilador (Single) Guitars
2010 California über Aztlan (Single) Guitars
2014 Ángel chilango (Single) Guitars
2016 Viva presidente Trump! (Single) Guitars, Songwriting (track 2)
2016 Pocho Aztlan Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 2, 4-8, 11, 12)
2019 Amaricon Czar (Single) Guitars, Bass
2019 Amaricon Czar (Single) Guitars, Bass
2020 COVID-666 (Single) Drums
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Dark Sky Burial


Hicks Kinison

Bass (2013-present)

2015 Devour Their Hearts Bass
2016 Hicks Kinison / Corrupt Moral Altar (Split) Bass

Insidious Disease


2010 Shadowcast Bass

Lock Up

Bass (1998-present)

1999 Pleasures Pave Sewers Bass, Lyrics, Songwriting
2002 Hate Breeds Suffering Bass
2005 Play Fast or Die - Live in Japan (Live album) Bass
2007 Violent Reprisal (Compilation) Bass
2011 Necropolis Transparent Bass
2011 Thus the Beast Decapitated / Siberian (Split) Bass
2013 Infinite in Its Nothingness (Single) Bass
2017 Demonization Bass


As Erebus:

2014 Impact Velocity Bass



Napalm Death

Bass (1987-present)

1987 The Peel Sessions (EP) Bass
1988 From Enslavement to Obliteration Bass
1988 The Curse (Single) Bass
1989 Napalm Death / S.O.B. (Split) Bass
1989 Live EP (EP) Bass
1989 Mentally Murdered (Single) Bass, Lyrics (track 2)
1989 Mentally Murdered (EP) Bass
1990 Harmony Corruption Bass, Lyrics (tracks 1-4, 7)
1990 Suffer the Children (EP) Bass
1990 Live Corruption (Video) Bass
1991 Mass Appeal Madness (EP) Bass
1991 Death by Manipulation (Compilation) Bass
1992 Utopia Banished Bass
1992 The World Keeps Turning EP (EP) Bass
1993 Live Corruption (Live album) Bass
1993 Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Single) Bass
1994 Hung (Single) Bass
1994 Fear, Emptiness, Despair Bass, Guitars (random noise)
1994 More than Meets the Eye (Single) Bass
1995 Greed Killing (EP) Bass
1996 Cursed to Tour (Split) Bass
1996 Diatribes Bass, Guitars (noise), Lyrics (tracks 1, 2, 4-6, 8), Songwriting (tracks 3, 4, 6, 8-10)
1997 In Tongues We Speak (Split) Bass
1997 Inside the Torn Apart Bass
1997 Breed to Breathe (Split) Bass
1997 Breed to Breathe (Split) Bass
1998 Bootlegged in Japan (Live album) Bass
1998 Words from the Exit Wound Bass
1999 Leaders Not Followers (EP) Bass
2000 Enemy of the Music Business Bass
2001 The DVD (Video) Bass
2002 Punishment in Capitals (Video) Bass
2002 Order of the Leech Bass
2003 Punishment in Capitals (Live album) Bass
2004 Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 (Compilation) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2005 Tsunami Benefit (Split) Bass
2005 The Code Is Red... Long Live the Code Bass, Vocals (backing), Guitars (rhythm) (Track 14)
2006 Smear Campaign Bass, Vocals (backing)
2009 Time Waits for No Slave Bass, Vocals
2009 Live in Japan - Grind Kaijyu Attack! (Split) Bass
2009 Death Metal Live (Split video) Bass
2010 Live at Rock City (Live album) Bass
2011 Legacy Was Yesterday (Single) Bass, Lyrics
2012 Analysis Paralysis (Single) Bass, Vocals
2012 Utilitarian Bass, Vocals
2012 Converge / Napalm Death (Split) Bass
2013 Napalm Death / Insect Warfare (Split) Bass
2013 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 9 (Split) Bass
2014 To Go Off and Things (Single) Bass
2014 Our Pain Is Their Power (EP) Bass
2015 Apex Predator - Easy Meat Bass, Vocals, Percussion (track 1)
2015 Earthwire (Single) Bass
2015 Forever Mountain / Phonetics for the Stupefied (Split) Bass
2018 Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs (Compilation) Bass
2018 Stunt Your Growth (EP) Bass, Songwriting (track 2), Lyrics (track 2)
2020 Logic Ravaged by Brute Force (EP) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2020 Backlash Just Because (Single) Bass
2020 Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism Bass
(show all)


Guitars, Vocals (2013-present)

2019 Birth Womb (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2019 Judas Cradle (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2019 Premonition (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2019 Celestial Mechanics Guitars, Vocals

Venomous Concept

Bass (2003-2006), Guitars (2006-present)

2004 Retroactive Abortion Bass
2006 Making Friends Vol.1 (Split) Bass
2008 Blood Duster / Venomous Concept (Split) Guitars
2008 Poisoned Apple Guitars
2016 Kick Me Silly - VC III Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2020 Politics Versus the Erection Bass





1987 Nightmares / Shredded Flesh (Split) Drums
1987 Shredded Flesh (Demo) Drums

Drop Dead

Guitars (1987)

Intestinal Infestation


1988 Rehearsal (Demo) Bass

Liquid Graveyard

Bass (2014-2016)

2016 By Nature So Perverse Bass

Malformed Earthborn

Vocals, Guitars, Noises (1992-1995)

Meathook Seed

Bass, Samples (1993-?)

1999 B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) Bass, Samples

Unseen Terror

Drums (1987-1990)

1987 Human Error Drums
1987 The Bailey Brothers Present Diminished Responsibility (Split) Drums, Vocals (backing)
1987 Rehearsal (Demo) Drums
1989 Demo '89 (Demo) Drums
1989 The Peel Sessions (EP) Drums
2015 Grind Madness at the BBC - The Earache Peel Sessions (Split) Vocals (backing) (B1-B7), Drums (B1-B7)


Drums (1984-?)

1985 Abattoir of Death (Demo) Drums
1985 Prophecy of Violence (Demo) Drums

Anaal Nathrakh

Bass (2004-2006, 2012)

Anaal Nathrakh

2005 The Codex Necro Bass (tracks 10-13) (as "Shane "Embryonomous" Embury")
2006 Eschaton Bass
2007 Hell Is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here Bass (tracks 3, 6) (as "Shane Embryonomous")

Cerebral Fix

1992 Death Erotica Vocals (track 12)


2016 Download Hatred Vocals (additional) (track 6)

Meathook Seed

1993 Embedded Sampling (track 11)


2003 Helvete Bass (tracks 11, 21)
2006 Grind Finale (Compilation) Bass (track 53 (disc 2))


As Shane:

1989 Thrash Night (EP) Bass (track 3)


2008 A Tribute to Venom (EP) Bass (track 7)

At the Gates

2010 The Flames of the End (Video) Interviewee (DVD1)


2012 Die gottlosen Jahre (Video) Interviewee (DVD1)


2016 Viva presidente Trump! (Single) Recording (track 1) (as "Hongo")

Napalm Death

2003 Noise for Music's Sake (Compilation) Liner notes


1989 Thrash Night (EP) Producer


2019 Birth Womb (Single) Producer
2019 Judas Cradle (Single) Producer
2019 Premonition (Single) Producer
2019 Celestial Mechanics Producer
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