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Sgt. Luke Takamura III

Sgt. Luke Takamura III

Real/full name:
ルーク篁 (Luke Takamura)
55 (born Apr 12th, 1964)
Place of origin:
Japan (Tokyo)


Also played in:

Kings (with Taiji Sawada and Satoshi "Joe" Miyawaki)


As Luke Takamura:
Vocals, Guitars (2002-present)






Guitars (1987-1999, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2015-2016)

1986 蝋人形の館 (Single) Guitars
1986 アダムの林檎 (Single) Guitars
1987 El-do-ra-do (Single) Guitars
1987 Big Time Surrender (EP) Guitars
1987 Big Time Changes Guitars
1987 1999 Secret Object (Single) Guitars
1988 Stainless Night (Single) Guitars
1988 Winner! (Single) Guitars
1988 The Outer Mission Guitars, Vocals (backing)
1989 白い奇蹟 (Single) Guitars
1990 Bad Again ~美しき反逆~ (Single) Guitars
1990 有害ロック (Single) Guitars
1990 有害 Guitars, Vocals (backing)
1990 ファラオのように (Single) Guitars
1991 赤い玉の伝説 (1991) (Single) Guitars
1991 爆裂聖飢魔II (Single) Guitars
1992 Live! Blackmass in London (Live album) Guitars
1992 恐怖のレストラン ~ Frightful Restaurant Guitars
1994 Ponk!! Guitars
1996 野獣 (Single) Guitars
1996 メフィストフェレスの肖像 Guitars
1996 悪魔のメリークリスマス(青春編) (Single) Guitars
1997 Brand New Song (Single) Guitars
1997 News Guitars
1997 真昼の月~Moon at Mid Day~ (Single) Guitars
1998 空の雫 (Single) Guitars
1998 Masquerade (Single) Guitars
1998 Move Guitars
1999 20世紀狂詩曲 (Single) Guitars
1999 Living Legend Guitars
2000 The Black Mass: Final 3 Nights (Live album) Guitars
2005 The Live Black Mass B.D.3 メフィストフェレスの陰謀 (Live album) Guitars
2006 All Standing 処刑 The Live Black Mass D.C.7 (Live album) Guitars
2006 恐怖の復活祭 The Live Black Mass D.C.7 Selection (+α) (Live album) Guitars
2009 悪魔 Nativity "Songs of the Sword" Guitars & Background Vocals
2010 悪魔 Relativity Guitars
2016 荒涼たる新世界 / Planet / The Hell (Single) Guitars
2016 呪いのシャ・ナ・ナ・ナ / Goblin's Scale (Single) Guitars
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As Luke Takamura:

Mary's Blood

2016 Fate Guitar (track 5)

Masaki Project

2003 Glitter (Single) Guitars (track 3) (as "Luke Takamura")
2006 Universal Syndicate Guitars (track 9) (as "Luke Takamura")
2018 Pit-Low2 Guitar solo (track 3) (as "ルーク篁")


As Luke Takamura:

2008 月姫 (Single) Guitars (lead) (track 2)
2010 Fantasia Guitars
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