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Serg FromHell

Real/full name:
Сергей / Sergey
Place of birth:


Chief of Insulation Records.

Аборт Мозга

Guitars (2016-2017)

2017 Мания Vocals (backing), Guitars, Bass (as "SergFromHell")
2020 Молилась (Collaboration) Guitars
2021 Надо бороться (EP) Guitars (track 3), Bass (track 3) (as "SergFromHell")


2020 Incursion of the Dark (Demo) Design
2021 Manifestations Design, Producer


2021 Flesh for Fucking Producer, Design
2021 Flesh for Fucking Producer, Design
2021 Bloody Shit (Demo) Artwork, Design, Producer (as "SergFromHell")


2019 Disastrous Grandeur (Demo) Design, Cover art
2019 Disastrous Grandeur (Demo) Design, Producer
2020 Incognito Dissident (Demo) Design, Cover art (as "Serg From Hell")


2021 Temple of Sins (Demo) Design, Producer (as "Serg Fromhell")
2021 Spawn of Hate, Spawn of Suffer, Spawn of Hell, Slayer of Flower (Demo) Design, Producer (as "Serg Fromhell")
2022 Live in Ulan-Ude (Live album) Photography, Design, Producer (as "SergFromHell")
2022 Gods, Beasts, Death Design, Producer (as "SergFromHell")

Fetal Decay

2020 You Have No Choice Design (as "SergFromHell")
2020 Born to Suck (Demo) Design
2020 The Last Martyrity (EP) Design, Layout
2020 Your Enemy Is You Design
2020 Your Enemy Is You Design
2021 Born to Suck (Demo) Design, Producer

Filthy Flesh

2020 Victim of Suppuration (Demo) Design, Producer

Incursion of the Dark

2020 Live & Rehearsal 1991 (Compilation) Artwork, Design, Producer


2021 Live in BSU' 96 (Split) Design, Layout, Producer (as "SergFromHell")
2021 Live in Druzhba 1997 (Live album) Design, Producer
2021 Live in Irkutsk 2000 (Live album) Design, Producer
2021 Don't Demands Impossible (Demo) Artwork, Design, Producer
2021 Reasons to the Die Out (EP) Design, Producer (as "SergFromHell")
2021 Reasons to the Die Out (EP) Design


2019 Legendary and Imperishable Sick Hits!!! (Split) Recording (tracks 17, 18), Design (as "Serg from Hell")
2020 Slavery Code Design (as "SergFromHell")


2015 Mictlan Recording
2020 Mictlan Photography, Layout
2020 Uitzilopóchtli Layout
2021 Relación de las cosas de Yukatán Design, Layout, Producer


2021 Head Hunter (Demo) Design, Producer


2021 Live in Irkutsk (Split) Artwork, Design, Producer

Under One Flag

2021 Праздник ветра (Single) Artwork, Design


2020 House in Desert Design, Producer
2020 Painful (EP) Design, Producer

Аборт Мозга

2017 Мания Design, Artwork (as "SergFromHell")
2018 На троне (Collaboration) Artwork, Design (as "Serg FromHell (SFH)")
2020 Не люди (EP) Layout, Design, Layout
2020 На поражение... (EP) Design, Layout
2021 Не люди (EP) Artwork, Design, Layout
2021 Не люди (EP) Artwork, Design, Layout
2021 Live in Irkutsk 2002 (Live album) Design
2021 Надо бороться (EP) Design (as "SergFromHell")
2021 Instrumental Design, Photography, Producer
2022 Live in Moscow 2008 (Live album) Design, Producer (as "Serg Fromhell")

Аборт Мозга / Ансамбль Христа Спасителя и Мать Сыра Земля

2020 Молилась (Collaboration) Artwork, Design (as "Serg FromHell (SFH)")


2018 За чертой Design
2020 Солнце для мёртвых (Demo) Design, Layout (as "SergFromHell")
2020 Солнце для мёртвых (Demo) Design, Layout


2021 У ворот на Восток '96 (Compilation) Design, Producer


2021 Берегись своих детей (Demo) Design, Producer, Cover art
2021 Берегись своих детей (Demo) Artwork, Design, Producer
2021 Солнце Design, Layout
2021 Тайны Design, Layout


2022 Cyberralism (EP) Design, Layout (as "SergFromHell")
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