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Seiya Ogino

Seiya Ogino

Real/full name:
Seiya Ogino
31 (born Nov 23rd, 1987)
Place of origin:
Japan (Kyoto)


Ogino currently resides in Dunedin, New Zealand.


Owner of Ogino Design (former Ensamvarg Design/Creative Studio).


Piano, Synth (2011-present)


Piano (2012-?)

2013 Tills döden skiljer oss åt Piano


Piano (2009-2012)

The True Maverick

As S. Maverick:
Everything (2006-2009)


2012 Starfall Piano


2013 Det personliga helvetets spiral Piano (track 3)


2013 Tills döden skiljer oss åt Artwork, Layout

Advent Sorrow

2015 As All Light Leaves Her Design, Artwork (additional) (as "Ogino Design")
2019 Kali Yuga Crown (Single) Design, Cover art (as "Ogino Design")
2019 Kali Yuga Crown Cover art, Design, Layout (as "Ogino Design")

Bridge Burner

2015 Mantras of Self Loathing (EP) Artwork, Logo, Design (as "Ogino Design")


2018 Nine Centuries Design, Layout (as "Ogino Design")


2017 Time Artwork, Design, Layout (as "Ogino Design")

Dawn of Azazel

2015 The Tides of Damocles Additional Artworks & Design (as "Ogino Design")

Earth Rot

2017 Renascentia Layout, Design (as "Ogino Design")


2014 Yearwalker (EP) Artwork, Layout (as "Ogino Design")
2015 Livewalker (Live album) Artwork (as "Ogino Design")
2016 Cringe (Single) Artwork (as "Ogino Design")
2017 Grimen Artwork, Layout (as "Ogino Design")
2019 Mara (EP) Design, Layout (as "Ogino Design")

In Dread Response

2015 Heavenshore Design (Japanese Edition Digital Booklet) (as "Ogino Design")

Ov Shadows

2018 The Darkness Between Stars Artwork, Design & Layout (as "Ogino Design")


2013 Deform Artwork, Layout (as "Ensamvarg Design")


2013 At the End the Dead Await Layout (as "Ensamvarg Design")


2016 Vol. 2 (EP) Design, Layout (as "Ogino Design")
2016 Vol. 1 & 2 (Compilation) Design, Editing (as "Ogino Design")
2017 Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void Design, Layout (as "Ogino Design")


1998 Submit to Selfdestruction (EP) Artwork, Design, Layout (2019 reissue) (as "Ogino Design")
2017 Fiende (EP) Layout, Design (as "Ogino Design")
2017 X - Varg utan flock Design, Layout (as "Ogino Design")
2018 Oppression MMXVIII (Compilation) Design, Layout, Cover art (as "Ogino Design")
2019 Shining / Srd (Split) Design, Layout (as "Ogino Design")

Solution .45

2015 Perfecting the Void (Single) Design (as "Ogino Design")
2015 Winning Where Losing Is All (Single) Design (as "Ogino Design")
2015 Nightmares in the Waking State - Part I Editing (photography), Design, Layout (as "Ogino Design")
2016 The Faint Pulse of Light (Single) Design (as "Ogino Design")
2016 Nightmares in the Waking State - Part II Editing (photography), Layout, Design (as "Ogino Design")


2013 Det personliga helvetets spiral Artwork, Photography & Layout (as "Ensamvarg Creative Studio")


2014 Nidingsverk (EP) Layout, Artwork (as "Ogino Design")
2018 Mörkrets tid Design, Layout (as "Ogino Design")

The Mark of Man

2014 Exeunt (EP) Additional Artworks & Layout (as "Ogino Design")

The Project Hate MCMXCIX

2018 Death Ritual Covenant Cover art (as "Ogino Design")


2007 Zrcadlení melancholie Artwork, Layout (vinyl re-release) (as "Ensamvarg Design")
2012 Nostalgie (EP) Artwork, Layout (as "Ensamvarg Design")
2012 Nostalgie III / Fäerie Was Already There (Split) Artwork, Layout (as "Ensamvarg Design")
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