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Scott Columbus

Scott Columbus

Real/full name:
Walter Scott Columbus
54 (born Nov 10th, 1956)
Apr 4th, 2011
Died of:
Place of birth:
United States (Fair Haven, New York)


Columbus was the longest-serving Manowar drummer.

He first left Manowar shortly before the recording of The Triumph of Steel in 1991, supposedly because his son was sick and he wanted to spend more time with him. However, in interviews he gave after his second dismissal, in 2008, he said "[my] son was never sick, make of that what you will".


Columbus was married to Kimmy Brett for less than a year; they had a daughter called Teresa Burgdorf. In 1982 he remarried Victoria A. Columbus and were together for 17 years with two children, Scott and Anthony. They divorced in 1998, and he remarried to Kathy Recupito that same year, then divorced in 2008; they had one son, Corey. Later, Columbus met and dated Nancy Baker until his passing in ...




Drums (1983-1991, 1994-2008)

1983 Into Glory Ride Drums, Percussion
1983 Defender (Single) Drums, Percussion
1984 Hail to England Drums
1984 All Men Play on 10 (Single) Drums
1984 Sign of the Hammer Drums
1987 Blow Your Speakers (Single) Drums, Percussion
1987 Fighting the World Drums, Percussion
1988 Kings of Metal / Herz aus Stahl (Single) Drums, Percussion
1988 Kings of Metal Drums, Percussion
1994 The Hell of Steel (Compilation) Drums (tracks 1-6, 8-11)
1996 Return of the Warlord (Single) Drums, Percussion
1996 Louder than Hell Drums, Percussion
1996 Number 1 (Single) Drums, Percussion
1996 Courage (Single) Drums, Percussion
1997 Courage (Live) (Single) Drums
1997 Hell on Wheels - Live (Live album) Drums
1998 Manowar / Vanden Plas / Symphony X / Rhapsody (Split) Drums
1999 Live in Portugal (Single) Drums
1999 Live in Germany (Single) Drums
1999 Live in France (Single) Drums
1999 Live in Spain (Single) Drums
1999 Hell on Stage Live (Live album) Drums
2000 Hell on Earth Part I (Video) Drums
2002 Warriors of the World United (Single) Drums
2002 Warriors of the World Drums
2002 Warriors of the World United (Video) Drums
2002 An American Trilogy / The Fight for Freedom (Single) Drums
2002 The Dawn of Battle (EP) Drums
2002 Fire and Blood: Hell on Earth Part II / Blood in Brazil (Video) Drums
2003 Hell on Earth III (Video) Drums
2005 King of Kings (Single) Drums
2005 Hell on Earth IV (Video) Drums
2006 The Sons of Odin (EP) Drums
2006 The Absolute Power (Video) Drums
2007 Demons, Dragons and Warriors (Split) Drums
2007 Gods of War Drums, Percussion
2007 Gods of War Live (Live album) Drums
2008 Kings of Metal / The Triumph of Steel (Compilation) Drums, Percussion
2009 Hell on Earth V (Video) Drums
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Minds Eye



2007 Gods of War Live (Live album) Editing
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