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Sanford Parker

Sanford Parker

Real/full name:
Sanford Parker
Place of birth:
United States (Troy, Alabama)


Sanford Parker is a Chicago-based musician, producer & recording engineer. As an engineer, he's worked at Volume Studios, Semaphore Recording & Engine Studios.

Buried at Sea

Vocals, Guitars

2002 Buried at Sea (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
2003 Migration Vocals, Guitars
2004 She Lived for Others but Died for Us (EP) Guitars, Vocals
2007 Ghost (EP) Vocals (lead), Guitars (as "S. Parker")

Mirrors for Psychic Warfare

As Two from the Eye:
Electronics (2015-present)

Two from the Eye

Electronics (2014-present)

Behold! The Living Corpse

Bass, Vocals, Synth, Electronics

2006 Behold! The Living Corpse Synthesizer (track 3), Vocals (tracks 2, 3), Electronics (track 1)

Circle of Animals

Guitars, Bass, Synthetizers

Corrections House

Keyboards, Drum programming (2012-2020)

2013 Hoax the System / Grin with a Purpose (Single) Keyboards
2013 Last City Zero Keyboards
2015 Know How to Carry a Whip Keyboards, Drum programming


Bass, Vocals (2005-2012)

2005 Out of a Center Which Is Neither Dead nor Alive Bass, Vocals
2007 The Ritual Fires of Abandonment Bass, Vocals
2009 With Echoes in the Movement of Stone Bass, Vocals
2010 Hawkwind Triad (Split) Bass, Vocals


Unknown (2015)


Keyboards (2008-2013)

The High Confessions

Bass, Keyboards (2009-?)


Keyboards, Effects, Electronics (2009-2014)

2010 Monument to Time End Keyboards, Effects
2014 III: Beneath Trident's Tomb Keyboards, Effects
2018 Trident Death Rattle (EP) Keyboards, Electronics


Keyboards, Electronics (2008-2011)

American Heritage

2011 Sedentary Bass (track 5)
2014 Prolapse Keyboards (track 9)


2024 The Cost Synthesizers


2011 Agassiz (EP) Additional electronics


2012 Lovelessness Noises (4)

Blood Ceremony

2011 Living with the Ancients Synthetizer [Moog]

Blood of the Tyrant

2008 Blood of the Tyrant (EP) Moog synthesizer, Effects


2014 From All Purity Noise


2010 The Isolationist Synthesizers

Lord Mantis

2014 Death Mask Keyboards, Effects


2008 Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. I Keyboards, Moog synthesizer, Effects
2009 Doomsday Derelicts (EP) Effects, Keyboards
2010 Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II Synthesizer, Effects
2011 Nachtmystium / Murmur (Split) Synthesizers
2012 As Made (Single) Keyboards
2012 Silencing Machine Keyboards, Effects


2012 Ataraxia / Taraxis (EP) Drum programming


2013 Scientist Moog synthesizer (tracks 4, 7)

The Gates of Slumber

2009 Hymns of Blood and Thunder Organ (trac 9), Synth (tracks 3, 4)

Unearthly Trance

2008 Electrocution Keyboards, Effects


2009 The Great Cessation Keyboards


2010 Matador Keyboards, effects

(Lone) Wolf & Cub

2006 May You Only See Sky (EP) Engineering, Producer

7000 Dying Rats

2007 Season in Hell Engineering, Mixing


2018 Devoured Producer, Recording, Mixing

American Heritage

2006 Millenarian Producer, Mixing
2011 Sedentary Producer, Mixing
2014 Prolapse Recording, Mixing


2023 Azimuth Mixing


2024 The Cost Mixing, Recording


2006 The Beauty of Reason Recording (drums, violin, vocals)


2011 Furnace Recording, Mixing
2013 Concrete Sustain Recording, Mixing


2011 Agassiz (EP) Mixing

Bible of the Devil

2002 Firewater at My Command Mixing, Recording
2005 Brutality ✠ Majesty ✠ Eternity Mastering
2006 Poisoned Treasures / Galactic Violator (Split) Engineering, Mixing
2006 The Diabolic Procession Mixing, Producer, Recording
2008 The Auld Dirt Road / False Dreams (Split) Recording, Mixing (Side A)
2008 Freedom Metal Mixing, Producer, Recording
2009 Hot Deth / Cast Me in the Fire (Split) Recording, Mixing
2019 Feel It Mixing, Producer, Recording


2012 Lovelessness Producer, Recording, Mixing

Black September

2008 Thrive & Decay (Split) Recording

Black Sites

2019 Exile Mixing, Engineering
2021 Untrue Mixing, Recording

Black Tusk

2014 Vulture's Eye (EP) Producer

Blood of the Tyrant

2008 Blood of the Tyrant (EP) Engineering, Producer


2011 Descent Engineering, Mixing
2016 Bloodiest Producer, Recording, Mixing

Bloody Panda

2011 Summon: Invocation Remixing (track 2)


2011 Bones Producer, Mixing
2013 Sons of Sleaze Recording, Mixing
2022 Vomit Recording

Brutal Truth

2009 Evolution Through Revolution Producer, Recording

Buried at Sea

2003 Migration Mixing, Recording
2007 Ghost (EP) Recording, Mixing

Canyon of the Skull

2019 Sins of the Past Producer, Recording, Mixing


2019 Unhumanized (EP) Producer


2019 Graveyard of Scars (Single) Mastering, Mixing, Engineering


2010 When All Became None Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2014 IV.I.VIII Producer, Mixing

Corrections House

2013 Last City Zero Producer
2015 Know How to Carry a Whip Recording, Mixing


2008 Sigillum Luciferi Mixing, Producer, Engineering
2010 Ritual Abuse Mixing, Producer, Engineering
2010 An Introduction to the Black Arts (Split) Engineering


2004 Couldron (EP) Producer, Recording, Mixing

Dark Castle

2011 Surrender to All Life Beyond Form Producer, Engineering


2019 Old Star Mixing


2010 Nucleus Mixing, Engineering
2012 Into the Lair of the Sun God Engineering, Mixing
2016 XX (EP) Mixing
2020 Snake Mixing


2018 Ah Puch Mixing
2023 Dirge Mixing


2008 Dycanis (Demo) Engineering, Mixing


2024 Slaves to the Screen (Single) Producer


2014 The Liar's Psalm (Single) Mixing
2014 Eyehategod Mixing
2016 Eyehategod / Bl'ast (Split) Mixing
2020 Gates of Steel / New Life (Split) Mixing
2021 Built Beneath the Lies (Single) Engineering, Mixing
2021 Circle of Nerves (Single) Engineering
2021 A History of Nomadic Behavior Recording (vocals)

Faces of the Bog

2016 Ego Death Recording, Producer, Synthesizer

Hammers of Misfortune

2022 Overtaker Mixing, Recording (drums, piano, timpani)


2008 Demo (Demo) Mixing, Recording

High Spirits

2011 Another Night Recording (as "Sanford")
2014 You Are Here Recording, Mixing (as "Sanford")

Hollow Leg

2016 Crown Mixing
2017 Raven (Single) Mixing
2017 Murder (EP) Mixing

Hope Drone

2013 Hope Drone (EP) Mixing


2020 Mandala of Fear Engineering, Mixing
2022 The Dying Pines (EP) Producer, Mixing

Ides of Gemini

2017 Women Producer, Engineering


2005 The Unquiet Sky Recording, Mixing
2007 Slights and Abuse Producer, Mixing, Recording
2008 The Sycophant Producer, Recording, Mixing
2011 Guiltless Mixing, Producer, Recording
2014 From All Purity Mixing, Producer, Recording


2009 Beasts Among Sheep Recording

Junior Bruce

2020 Pray for Death Mixing, Mastering


2021 Cognitive Dissonance Mastering


2020 Keverra Recording, Mixing

Kings Destroy

2010 And the Rest Will Surely Perish Producer, Recording, Mixing
2013 A Time of Hunting Recording, Producer


2021 Liminal Light Engineering


2010 The Isolationist Producer, Engineering


2022 Born of Obsidian Producer

Lair of the Minotaur

2003 Lair of the Minotaur (Demo) Engineering, Mixing
2004 Carnage Engineering, Mixing
2005 Cannibal Massacre (Single) Recording, Mixing, Executive producer
2006 The Ultimate Destroyer Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2008 War Metal Battle Master Engineering, Mixing, Executive producer
2010 Evil Power Producer, Engineering
2018 Dragon Eagle of Chaos (EP) Mixing (track 2)
2024 Dark Sorcery Beyond (Single) Recording, Mixing
2024 Six Days in Hades (Single) Recording, Mixing


2011 True Traitor, True Whore Mixing, Production, Recording

Lord Dying

2012 Fall Tour (EP) Recording, Mixing
2013 Summon the Faithless Engineering, Mixing

Lord Mantis

2009 Spawning the Nephilim Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2012 Pervertor Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2014 Death Mask Mixing, Producer, Engineering
2019 Universal Death Church Producer
2022 Tormentor (EP) Mixing, Recording

Love Sex Machine

2024 Trve Producer


2009 The Immortals (Split) Recording (as "S. Parker")

Mares of Thrace

2012 The Pilgrimage Recording, Mixing

Midnight / Professor Black

2018 Professor Black + Midnight (Collaboration) Mixing


2005 Out of a Center Which Is Neither Dead nor Alive Producer, Engineering
2007 The Ritual Fires of Abandonment Producer, Engineering
2009 With Echoes in the Movement of Stone Producer, Engineering
2015 The Crash and the Draw Producer, Mixing


2012 Omens Engineering, Mixing, Recording


2008 Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. I Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2009 Doomsday Derelicts (EP) Engineering
2010 Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II Engineering, Mixing
2012 Silencing Machine Engineering, Mixing
2017 Retox: Remixes and Rarities (Compilation) Remixing (track 2)


2021 Collective Punishment (EP) Mixing (track 1, 2)
2022 Darker than Death or Night Mixing


2023 Sipapu - The Stone Buddha Drums Technician
2023 Sipapu - The Golden Buddha Drums Technician

Novembers Doom

2019 Nephilim Grove Recording (drums)


2001 Pelican (EP) Recording
2003 Australasia Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2012 Ataraxia / Taraxis (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2015 The Cliff (EP) Recording
2019 Nighttime Stories Recording
2020 B​-​Sides and Other Rarities (Compilation) Remixing (track 2)
2023 For Your Entertainment / Gasoline (Single) Recording
2024 Adrift / Tending the Embers (EP) Mixing


2022 Brain Freeze (EP) Mastering
2023 Eternal Snowstorm of the Frozen Eye (Single) Mastering

Professor Black

2018 You Bastard! (EP) Mixing
2018 Lvpvs Engineering
2018 I Am the Rock Mixing


2023 Inveterate Mixing

Queen Beast

2009 Queen Beast (EP) Engineering, Producer


2023 Unissa palaneet Mixing


2008 A Heart Held by Demons (EP) Mixing


2004 If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die Recording, Mixing
2007 Voices of Omens Producer, Engineering
2011 Hell Is a Door to the Sun Remixing
2011 Rest Producer, Mixing, Engineering


2014 Fortune and Glory Engineering, Mixing


2008 Life's Trade Producer, Recording, Mixing


2006 Ichneumonid Mastering


2013 The Vessel Part One (Single) Recording, Mixing
2013 Scientist Mixing, Producer
2015 10100||00101 Mixing, Producer
2018 Barbelith Mixing


2010 A.D. Recording

Spirit Adrift

2017 Curse of Conception Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2019 Divided by Darkness Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2023 Death Won't Stop Me (Single) Recording (drums), Producer
2023 I Shall Return (Single) Recording (drums), Producer
2023 Barn Burner (Single) Recording (drums), Producer
2023 Ghost at the Gallows Recording (drums), Producer

Stinking Lizaveta

2009 Sacrifice and Bliss Producer
2012 7th Direction Engineering, Mixing


2009 2009 Demo (Demo) Mixing


2004 A Mean Case of the Splits (Split) Mastering


2011 Burn Again (Live album) Mixing
2012 Holy Shit Mixing

Teeth of the Hydra

2006 Greenland Engineering, Producer

The Gates of Slumber

2008 Conqueror Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2009 Hymns of Blood and Thunder Mixing, Producer, Recording
2013 Stormcrow (EP) Recording

The Lion's Daughter

2016 Existence Is Horror Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2018 Future Cult Recording, Mixing, Producer
2021 Skin Show Producer, Engineering, Mixing

The Swan King

2014 Last So Long Recording

These Beasts

2019 These Beasts (EP) Producer, Engineering & Mixing


2016 All Empires Fall (EP) Producer
2023 The Beast of Gravesand (Live album) Mixing


2010 Monument to Time End Producer, Engineering
2014 III: Beneath Trident's Tomb Engineering, Producer, Mixing, Recording

Unearthly Trance

2004 In the Red Producer, Engineering
2006 The Trident Producer
2007 The Axis Is Shifting (EP) Mastering
2008 Electrocution Producer, Engineering
2010 V Recording


2006 Of Here & Now (EP) Recording


2015 Shadows Producer


2019 Northbound (EP) Mixing


2015 Settler Recording, Mixing, Producer

Venomous Concept

2004 Retroactive Abortion Mixing (additional), Mastering (as "The Sanford")
2006 Making Friends Vol.1 (Split) Recording, Mixing
2008 Poisoned Apple Recording


2012 Mechanical Mind (Single) Mixing
2013 Target Earth Mixing
2013 Kluskap O'Kom (Single) Mixing


2018 Disorder Deconstructed (Compilation) Remixing


2010 Black Marketeers of World War III Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2011 The Obsidian Plains Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2015 Death Division (Single) Recording


2006 Samsara Engineering
2007 Transmutations Producer
2010 Of Seismic Consequence Recording, Mixing
2012 Beyul Mixing, Recording
2023 Sutra Recording, Mixing


2009 The Great Cessation Mixing, Producer, Engineering


2010 Matador Producer, engineer
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