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Sami Albert Hynninen

Sami Albert Hynninen

Real/full name:
Sami Albert Hynninen
47 (born Mar 18th, 1976)
Place of birth:
Finland (Lohja, Uusimaa)


Has collaborated with Finnish electro/synth pop band Nightsatan.

Tähtiportti are an electronic/experimental synth pop band signed to Svart Records.

Was involved with a power electronics project called March 15 with Vesa Karppinen of Fall of the Idols, which released the sole ep Our Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre. It was then re-released on Svart Records for its 10th anniversary, which was ...


As Ancient Fisherman:

2006 Hag All All Hag (Demo) Vocals
2008 Psychedelic Winter Unknown

Azrael Rising

As Ancient Fisherman:

2008 Azrael Rising (EP) Lyrics, Vocals
2014 Anti-Gravity Vocals

Kauko Röyhkä ja S. A. Hynninen

As S. A. Hynninen:
Bass, Guitars, Vocals

Läjä Äijälä & Albert Witchfinder

Vocals (2021-present)


Bass (2018-present)

Olli Hänninen and Sami Hynninen

As Sami Hynninen:

Opium Warlords

Everything (2004-present)

2009 Live at Colonia Dignidad Everything
2012 We Meditate Under the Pussy in the Sky Everything
2014 Taste My Sword of Understanding Everything
2017 Droner Everything
2020 Nembutal Instruments, Vocals


As Sami Hynninen:
Unknown (2017-present)


As Sami Albert Witchfinder:

Friends of Hell

As Albert Witchfinder:
Vocals (2021-2023)

2022 Friends of Hell Vocals


As Sami Hynninen:
Bass, Vocals

1994 Maan liha (Demo) Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Effects (as "S. A. Hynninen")
1996 Minun lentoni (Demo) Unknown

Lohja SS

As Sami Hynninen:

March 15

As Sami Hynninen:


As Albert Witchfinder:
Vocals (1997-2001)

2000 A Beginning (Demo) Vocals
2002 A Beginning (Demo) Vocals




Vocals (1991-1992)

Reverend Bizarre

As Albert Witchfinder:
Bass, Vocals (1994-2007)

1996 Practice Sessions (Demo) Bass
1999 Slice of Doom (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2002 In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend Bass, Vocals (as "Magister Albert")
2003 You Shall Suffer! (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2003 Blood on Satan's Claw / Death in Spring (Split) Bass, Vocals
2003 Harbinger of Metal (EP) Bass, Vocals (as "Magister Albert Witchfinder")
2004 Reverend Bizarre / Orodruin (Split) Vocals, Bass
2004 Black (Magic) Triangle / Apocalyptic Riders (Split) Bass, Songwriting
2004 Slice of Doom 1999-2002 (Compilation) Bass, Vocals
2005 Slave of Satan (Single) Bass, Vocals
2005 II: Crush the Insects Vocals, Guitars (lead) (track 7), Bass (as "Sir Albert Witchfinder")
2006 Thulsa Doom (EP) Bass, Vocals
2006 Under the Sign of the Wolf (Split) Bass, Vocals (as "Albert")
2007 Teutonic Witch (Single) Bass, Vocals
2007 III: So Long Suckers Bass, Vocals
2007 Knock 'Em Down to Size Part I (Split) Bass, Vocals (as "Alfödr")
2008 Reverend Bizarre / Kuolema (Split) Bass, Vocals
2008 Reverend Bizarre / Rättö ja Lehtisalo (Split) Bass, Vocals
2008 Dark World / Deceiver (EP) Bass, Vocals
2008 Electric Wizard / Reverend Bizarre (Split) Bass, Vocals
2008 Mr Velcro Fastener / Reverend Bizarre (Split) Bass, Vocals
2008 The Goddess of Doom (Single) Bass, Vocals
2011 Return to the Rectory (EP) Bass, Vocals
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Spiritus Mortis

As Sami Hynninen:
Vocals (2009-2017)

2009 When the Wind Howled with a Human Voice (Single) Vocals
2009 The God Behind the God Vocals
2009 Spiritus Mortis / Fall of the Idols (Split) Vocals
2011 Imperial Anthems No. 6 (Split) Vocals
2016 The Year Is One Vocals

The Candles Burning Blue

As A (Hynninen):
Vocals (1997-1999, 2000-2005)

The Puritan

As Sami Hynninen:
Bass, Vocals (2005-?)

2006 The Puritan (EP) Bass, Vocals
2008 The Black Law (EP) Bass, Vocals
2008 Lithium Gates (Compilation) Bass, Vocals


Drums, Vocals, Lyrics

2012 Neidonryöstäjä / White Lunar Light (Split) Drums, Vocals, Lyrics

Werwolf Lodge


Babes in the Abyss

Vocals (2018-present)

Lord Vicar

Bass (2015-2016)

Horse Latitudes

As S. A. Hynninen:

2013 Black Soil Spoken words (Track 2)


As Mr. Hynninen:

2007 Loinen Vocals (lead) (tracks 1, 5)


2017 Mansion / Cardinal Wyrm (Split) Vocals (track 1) (as "Brother Albert")
2018 First Death of the Lutheran Vocals (track 3) (as "Albert")

Old Sorcery

As Albert Witchfinder:

2022 Dragon Citadel Elegies Vocals (Track 5)


2006 The Conjuration by the Fire Vocals (as "Hegemon Albert Witchfinder")
2010 Orne / Blizaro (Split) Vocals (as "Sami Hynninen")
2011 The Tree of Life Vocals


As S.A. "Punishment" Hynninen:

2005 Circle of Death Vocals (track 3)

Spiritus Mortis

As Sir Magister Albert Witchfinder:

2004 Spiritus Mortis Vocals (additional) (track 6)

Swallow the Sun

As Sir Albert Witchfinder:

2005 Forgive Her... (Single) Vocals (lead) (track 2)


As Albert Witchfinder:

2008 Burned Alive (Split) Vocals (lead) (track 17)

Wreck of the Hesperus

As Albert Witchfinder:

2011 Light Rotting Out Vocals (clean) (track 3)

Arkhamin Kirjasto

2012 Torches Ablaze Logo (as "Sami Albert Witchfinder Hynninen")

Azrael Rising

2008 Azrael Rising (EP) Cover art

Centurions Ghost

2007 The Great Work Artwork, Design (as "S.A. Hynninen")
2010 Blessed & Cursed in Equal Measure Cover art, Design concept


2013 Statutum Est Hominibus Mori (Demo) Liner notes (as "Albert Witchfinder")

Fall of the Idols

2006 The Womb of the Earth Cover art, Layout
2008 The Séance Artwork, Design (as "S.A. Hynninen")


2011 Dawnbearer Artwork (as "Albert Witchfinder")

Jex Thoth

2008 Jex Thoth Artwork (as "Albert Witchfinder")
2010 Witness (EP) Cover art (as "Sami Hynninen")
2013 Blood Moon Rise Artwork (as "Sami Hynninen")
2013 Circles (EP) Artwork, Design (as "Sami Hynninen")


2008 Niin musta on maa (Compilation) Artwork, Liner notes (as "Sami Hynninen")

Lord Vicar

2011 Lord Vicar / Funeral Circle (Split) Cover art, Layout (as "S.A. Hynninen")


2009 Lordamor Cover art (as "S. A. Hynninen")

Opium Warlords

2012 We Meditate Under the Pussy in the Sky Producer
2014 Taste My Sword of Understanding Producer
2017 Droner Producer
2020 Nembutal Songwriting, Mixing, Recording, Lyrics, Design, Producer

Pagan Altar

2007 Pagan Altar / Jex Thoth (Split) Artwork (as "Albert Witchfinder")

Reverend Bizarre

2002 In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend Design, Layout (as "Albert")
2003 Harbinger of Metal (EP) Cover art (design) (as "Albert")
2004 Reverend Bizarre / Orodruin (Split) Artwork (as "Albert Witchfinder")
2004 Slice of Doom 1999-2002 (Compilation) Cover art, Design, Mastering (as "Albert")
2005 Slave of Satan (Single) Mixing, Design, Layout (as "Albert")
2005 II: Crush the Insects Design, Layout (as "Albert")
2006 Thulsa Doom (EP) Artwork, Design (as "Albert Witchfinder")
2007 Teutonic Witch (Single) Design, Layout (as "Albert")
2007 III: So Long Suckers Design, Layout, Producer (as "Albert")
2009 Death Is Glory... Now (Compilation) Design (as "Albert")
2009 Magick with Tears (Compilation) Artwork (as "Albert Witchfinder")
2011 Return to the Rectory (EP) Design (as "Albert Witchfinder")
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2016 Land Beyond the Forest (EP) Cover art

Spiritus Mortis

2009 The God Behind the God Cover art, Design (as "Sami Hynninen")
2009 Spiritus Mortis / Fall of the Idols (Split) Cover art (as "Sami Hynninen")
2013 Fallen Design, Photography (cover art) (as "Sami Hynninen")
2016 The Year Is One Layout (as "Sami Hynninen")


2008 Omnipotence Cover art


2012 Ordo ab Chao (Demo) Logo (as "Sami Hynninen")
2015 Control All Delete Logo
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