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Russ Russell

Russ Russell

Real/full name:
Russ Russell
Place of birth:
United Kingdom


Music/record producer, engineer & mixer at Parlour Studios, Kettering, UK. Also a musician, writer & artist.

Absolute Power

Guitars (2006-present)

2011 Absolute Power Guitars


Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (2013-present)

2019 Birth Womb (Single) Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars
2019 Judas Cradle (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2019 Premonition (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2019 Celestial Mechanics Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Meathook Seed

Guitars (rhythm) (session) (1999-?)


2015 Edge of Humanity Vocals (additional)


2009 Infected Nations Vocals (backing)
2011 Five Serpent's Teeth Vocals (backing)

Foul Body Autopsy

2021 Shadows Without Light - Part One (Single) Remixing (track 2)

Insidious Disease

2010 Shadowcast Guitars (lead) (track 4)

Napalm Death

2020 A Bellyful of Salt and Spleen (Single) Noises, Effects
2020 Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism Noises, Effects (tracks 5, 12)
2022 Resentment Is Always Seismic - A Final Throw of Throes (EP) Noises, Effects

The Rotted

2011 Ad Nauseam Hammond Organ, Piano, Moog Synth

Those Snakes

2020 Widowmaker Keyboards, Samples

Aggression Tales

2012 Post Human (Single) Mastering


1999 Divinity / Northern Lights (Single) Engineering (track 2)
1999 Tuonela Engineering


2012 Mystic Mastering
2015 From Black Abyss Mastering (as "Расс Расселл")

At the Gates

2018 To Drink from the Night Itself Mastering, Producer, Recording (drums, bass, guitars), Mixing
2021 The Nightmare of Being Engineering (CD2), Mixing (CD2 tracks 1-4, 6-9)


2016 Pocho Aztlan Producer, Recording

Cerebral Scar

2016 No Remorse Required (EP) Recording, Mixing


2016 Download Hatred Mixing, Producer
2018 Swamp Loco (EP) Mixing


2016 Fear, Hate & Corruption Mastering, Recording, Mixing, Producer
2019 Circles of Failure Mixing, Producer, Mastering, Recording


2006 Blown Producer


2017 Ignite Producer


2003 Intention Surpassed Lyrics (tracks 6, 7, 13), Mastering, Producer, Engineering


2011 Inhuman Disgrace Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2010 Antagonistic Mastering

Dimmu Borgir

2005 Stormblåst MMV Mixing (DVD)
2007 In Sorte Diaboli Mastering
2008 The Invaluable Darkness (Video) Mixing, Mastering
2010 Gateways (Single) Mastering
2010 Abrahadabra Engineering (guitars, bass), Mastering
2017 Forces of the Northern Night (Live album) Mixing, Editing


2011 Inhaling the Ashes (EP) Producer
2014 Failed Futures Producer


1998 Dancing Under Glass Engineering (as "Risky Russ Russell")


2015 Edge of Humanity Mixing, Producer
2019 Obscura Mixing, Producer

Evil Scarecrow

2014 Galactic Hunt Producer, Mixing
2018 Chapter IV: Antartarctica Producer, Mixing, Mastering


2009 Infected Nations Producer, Mixing
2011 Five Serpent's Teeth Mixing, Producer, Mastering, Engineering
2013 Skull Producer, Mixing

Facial Abuse

2013 Slightly Uncomfortable Producer, Mastering

Forgotten Remains

2016 Morbid Reality (EP) Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing

Foul Body Autopsy

2016 21st Century Fascism (Single) Engineering, Mastering, Mixing, Producer
2019 The Unquiet Dead (EP) Producer
2020 Purified Ready to Reclaim - 2020 Version (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2020 Consumed by Black Thoughts (EP) Mixing, Mastering
2022 Shadows Without Light - Pt. 2 (Single) Producer
2022 Shadows Without Light - Pt. 3 (Single) Producer


1998 Foreshadow Engineering (as ""Risky" Russ Russell")

Insidious Disease

2010 Shadowcast Mixing, Mastering
2020 After Death Mixing, Mastering

Itself Timeless

2021 α (EP) Recording


2012 From the Depths Mixing, Mastering, Producer

Leng Tch'e

2010 Hypomanic Mixing, Mastering


2015 Terminal Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2018 Saboteurs of the Sun Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Lock Up

2002 Hate Breeds Suffering Producer
2005 Play Fast or Die - Live in Japan (Live album) Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2007 Violent Reprisal (Compilation) Producer
2017 Demonization Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Luna's Call

2020 Void Mixing, Mastering, Producer

Machine Head

2019 Do or Die (Single) Mixing
2020 Circle the Drain (Single) Mixing


2017 Green Mastering

Meathook Seed

1999 B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Photography


2019 Requiem for Mankind Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2021 To the End Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2012 The Myth of Purity Producer

Napalm Death

1999 Leaders Not Followers (EP) Producer, Engineering
2000 Enemy of the Music Business Producer, Mixing
2002 Order of the Leech Producer, Engineering
2003 Punishment in Capitals (Live album) Producer
2004 Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 Producer
2005 The Code Is Red... Long Live the Code Songwriting (track 15), Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering, Recording
2006 Smear Campaign Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering, Recording
2009 Time Waits for No Slave Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Recording
2012 Analysis Paralysis (Single) Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering, Recording
2012 Utilitarian Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering, Recording
2014 Our Pain Is Their Power (EP) Producer
2015 Apex Predator - Easy Meat Mixing, Recording, Mastering, Engineering, Producer
2015 Forever Mountain / Phonetics for the Stupefied (Split) Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2016 Like Piss to a Sting (Split) Recording, Mixing, Engineering, Producer, Mastering (tracks 1, 2)
2017 Nurse the Hunger (Single) Engineering, Recording, Producer, Mixing
2018 Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs (Compilation) Recording, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering
2020 Logic Ravaged by Brute Force (EP) Producer, Engineering, Mastering
2020 Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism Recording, Mastering, Engineering, Producer, Songwriting (tracks 5, 12), Mixing
2022 Resentment Is Always Seismic - A Final Throw of Throes (EP) Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
(show all)


2005 Left to Rot (EP) Producer, Mastering


2010 Jehovirus Mastering

Oceans of Slumber

2013 Aetherial Mixing, Mastering
2015 Blue (EP) Mixing
2015 Winter (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2016 Suffer the Last Bridge (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2016 Turpentine (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2016 Winter Mixing, Mastering

Pain Penitentiary

2016 Pain Penitentiary (EP) Mastering, Mixing

Raging Speedhorn

2016 Lost Ritual Mixing, Producer
2020 Hard to Kill Producer


1998 Evolution, Devolution, Revolution Engineering, Mixing


2013 Ichneumanity (EP) Mixing, Mastering


2010 Antigod (EP) Mastering, Mixing
2011 Lux Mundi Mixing, Mastering


2015 Sariola Mastering, Mixing


2012 Dimensions Vocals (choirs), Mixing, Mastering, Producer


2014 The Virus Conspires Producer
2017 Raised on Decay Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


2013 Ascension to the Throne ov Self (EP) Producer
2014 Revealed in Profane Splendour Produced, Mixing, Mastering
2022 Blackest Insurrection Producer
2022 Blackest Insurrection Recording, Mixing, Mastering

The Berzerker

2006 Animosity (EP) Mastering
2007 Animosity Mastering
2008 The Reawakening Mastering
2008 The Reawakening (EP) Mastering

The Brood

2015 Of Guts and Fire (Single) Mastering

The Exploited

2003 Fuck the System Producer (as "Russ 'Risky Russ' Russell")

The Haunted

2017 Strength in Numbers Producer, Engineering

The Rotted

2008 Get Dead or Die Trying Producer, Engineering
2011 Apathy in the UK (Single) Producer
2011 Ad Nauseam Producer, Mixing, Mastering

This Is Endless

2016 Inherit the Sin (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
2020 Formations of a World Below Producer, Recording, Mastering, Mixing

Those Snakes

2020 Widowmaker Producer, Mixing, Mastering


2019 Birth Womb (Single) Producer, Artwork, Mixing
2019 Judas Cradle (Single) Artwork, Mixing, Producer
2019 Premonition (Single) Artwork, Mixing, Producer
2019 Celestial Mechanics Mixing, Producer, Artwork


2011 A Fragile King Mixing, Mastering

Venomous Concept

2008 Poisoned Apple Recording, Mixing
2016 Kick Me Silly - VC III Producer, Recording (guitars, drums), Mixing, Mastering

Viking Skull

2012 Cursed by the Sword Recording, Mixing, Mastering on tracks 2,6, 10


2019 Bury the Pain Mastering
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