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Ross Sewage

Ross Sewage

Real/full name:
Ross Victor Sublett
46 (born Sep 21st, 1975)
Place of birth:
United States


American bassist and vocalist who often wanders the earth under the guise of Doktor Sewage.


Vocals (1994-1999, 2016-present), Bass (1996-1999, 2016-present)

1994 Horrific Expulsion of Gore (Demo) Vocals (as "Ross Sublett")
1995 Exhumed / Haemorrhage (Split) Vocals
1996 Blood and Alcohol (Split) Vocals, Bass
1996 In the Name of Gore (Split) Vocals, Bass (as "Ross Sublett")
1997 Instruments of Hell / Protect Yo Neck! (Split) Vocals, Bass
1998 Pray for War / Tales of the Exhumed (Split) Vocals, Bass
1998 Indignities to the Dead / Lujuria de Chivo (Split) Vocals, Bass, Lyrics (track 2)
1998 Totally Fucking Dead / Sterility (Split) Vocals, Bass
1998 Gore Metal Vocals, Bass
2017 Death Revenge Vocals, Bass
2019 Horror Vocals, Bass
2020 Twisted Horror (Split) Bass, Vocals
2021 Worming (EP) Bass, Vocals
(show all)


As Cremator:
Vocals, Bass (2003-present)

2006 Splatterthrash Vocals, Bass
2008 Ghoul / Brody's Militia (Split) Vocals, Bass
2011 Transmission Zero Vocals, Bass
2013 Intermediate Level Hard​-​Core (EP) Vocals, Bass
2014 Splatterhash (Split) Vocals, Bass
2014 Hang Ten (EP) Bass
2016 Dungeon Bastards Vocals, Bass
2021 Live in the Flesh (Live album) Vocals, Bass


Bass, Vocals (1998-present)

1999 From Here to Colostomy (Demo) Bass, Lyrics
1999 Impaled / Cephalic Carnage (Split) Bass
2000 Impaled / Engorged (Split) Bass, Lyrics
2000 The Dead Shall Dead Remain Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
2002 Medical Waste (EP) Vocals, Bass
2002 Mondo Medicale Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
2003 Dementia Rex (Split) Bass, Vocals
2005 Death After Life Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
2007 Digital Autopsy (EP) Bass, Vocals
2007 The Last Gasp Bass, Vocals
2008 HF Seveninches Collection Vol. 1 (Split) Bass, Vocals
2013 The Dead Still Dead Remain Bass, Vocals
(show all)


Bass (1999-2011)

2001 Album Excerpts (Demo) Bass
2002 Hollow Psalms Bass
2004 Another Great Love Song Bass
2006 Ludicra (EP) Bass
2006 Fex Urbis Lex Orbis Bass
2010 The Tenant Bass


Vocals, Bass (2015)


Bass (2008)


2022 The Deader the Better Vocals (additional) (track 3)

Cattle Decapitation

2009 The Harvest Floor Vocals (track 4)

Ex Dementia

2009 The Red Mass Vocals (additional) (track 5)


2009 Anatomical Inferno Spoken Intro (track 1)
2017 We Are the Gore Vocals (additional) (track 2) (as "Cremator")

Party Cannon

2021 Nauseating and Unpalatable (Single) Vocals
2022 Volumes of Vomit Vocals (track 3)


2016 Maniac Layout (as "Dr. Sewage")

Acid King

2019 Busse Woods Layout (as "Doktor Sewage")
2019 Busse Woods Layout (as "Doktor Sewage")
2019 Busse Woods Layout (as "Doktor Sewage")


2017 Dialect of the Dead Layout (as "Doktor Sewage")

Droid Killer

2014 The Hive (EP) Logo
2022 Terminator (Single) Logo


2006 Geistus (Demo) Artwork


2016 Dungeon Bastards Layout, Design (as "Doktor Sewage")

Gory Melanoma

1994 Suffer Thy Genitalia (Demo) Artwork
1996 Hit by a Bus / Premium Malt Grind (Split) Artwork


1996 In the Name of Gore (Split) Artwork


1999 Impaled / Cephalic Carnage (Split) Layout
2000 The Dead Shall Dead Remain Photography
2001 Choice Cuts (Compilation) Artwork
2002 Medical Waste (EP) Artwork, Layout
2002 Mondo Medicale Layout
2003 Dementia Rex (Split) Artwork, Layout
2007 The Last Gasp Layout, Cover art, Photography (band)


2004 Another Great Love Song Art direction, Photos
2006 Fex Urbis Lex Orbis Artwork
2010 The Tenant Artwork, Design


2007 Age Eternal Artwork, Layout

Night Demon

2020 Vysteria (Single) Cover art


2008 Toxic Burial (EP) Cover art


2016 In the Sign of Evil (EP) Design (as "Doktor Sewage")


2016 Demo (Demo) Artwork
2020 Providence Layout


2017 Skeletons in the Closet (Compilation) Layout (as "Doktor Sewage")
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