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Roman Saenko

Roman Saenko

Real/full name:
Roman Sayenko (Роман Саєнко)
46 (born Mar 2nd, 1976)
Place of birth:
Ukraine (Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast)


Runs Night Birds Records.

Works as a history teacher.

Compiled the Season of Mist pagan metal compilation "One and All, Together, for Home" (2014).

Hate Forest

Vocals, Guitars, Bass (1995-2004, 2019-present)

1999 Scythia (Demo) Vocals
2000 The Curse (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
2001 Ritual (EP) Guitars, Bass
2001 The Gates (Demo) Guitars, Bass
2002 The Most Ancient Ones Bass, Vocals, Guitars
2003 Purity Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2003 Battlefields Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2004 Resistance (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2005 Sorrow Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2008 Grief of the Universe / Spinning Galaxies (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2020 Hour of the Centaur Guitars, Bass, Vocals (as "R.")
2020 Celestial Wanderer (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass (as "R.")
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As R:
Guitars, Vocals (2014-present)

2014 Proarkhe (EP) Guitars, Vocals
2016 Aeon (EP) Guitars, Vocals
2019 Glaciology (Compilation) Guitars, Vocals
2020 Tectonics Vocals, Guitars


Guitars, Vocals

2012 Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum Guitars, Vocals
2019 Geisslerlieder Guitars, Vocals


As R.:
Guitars, Vocals (2017-present)

2017 The Great Cold Steppe Guitars, Vocals
2018 Visionaire (EP) Guitars, Vocals
2019 The Onlooker Guitars, Vocals

Blood of Kingu

Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (2005-2016)

2007 De Occulta Philosophia Everything
2010 Sun in the House of the Scorpion Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2014 Dark Star on the Right Horn of the Crescent Moon Vocals, Guitars
2014 Portal / Blood of Kingu (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Dark Ages

Everything (2004-2012)

2005 Twilight of Europe Everything
2006 A Chronicle of the Plague Everything
2010 The Tractatus de Hereticis et Sortilegiis Everything
2011 From the Bogs of Aughiska / Dark Ages (Split) Everything
2013 Rabble, Whores, Usurers Everything (as "Roman")


As Roar of Madness and Necromancy:
Vocals (2018-2019)

2019 The Light Has Never Been Here (EP) Vocals

Old Silver Key

As Roman:
Guitars (2010-2013)

2010 Demo (Demo) Guitars
2011 Tales of Wanderings Guitars


As R.:

2012 Ghost of Light Vocals

Peste Noire

2013 Peste Noire Vocals (tracks 4, 6)
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