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Rodrigo Alejandro Gudiña

Rodrigo Alejandro Gudiña

Real/full name:
Rodrigo Alejandro Gudiña
43 (born Jun 14th, 1976)
Place of origin:

Ariadna Project

Guitars (1999-2008, 2013-present)

2002 Fire of Hate (Single) Guitars
2002 Ariadna Project (Single) Guitars
2005 Mundos paralelos Guitars
2007 Parallel Worlds Guitars
2012 El secreto (Compilation) Guitars (all tracks)
2013 Nuevo amanecer 2013 (Single) Guitars (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")
2014 Corriendo libre (Demo) Guitars (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")
2016 Novus Mundus Guitars

Cinnamun Beloved

As Rodrigo Gudiña:
Guitars (2011-?)

2012 The Weird Moment Guitars (tracks 1-9, 11)
2013 The Live Moments 2012 (Video) Guitars


As Rodrigo Gudiña:
Guitars (2009-2010)

2009 Time to Fly (EP) Guitars


Guitars (2003-2004)


As Rodrigo Gudiña:
Guitars (1999-2000)


2013 Esclavo en tu ciudad Guitars (track 5)


As Rodrigo Gudiña:

2009 Abuso de poder Guitars (acoustic)

Martin Knye-Magiar

2000 Twister Vocals (backing) (tracks 2, 3, 6)


2016 Letras de sangre (EP) Artwork


2019 Lanza en mano Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Ariadna Project

2005 Mundos paralelos Producer
2007 Parallel Worlds Producer, Design, Cover art
2012 El secreto (Compilation) Cover art, Mixing (tracks 6, 7), Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")
2013 Nuevo amanecer 2013 (Single) Recording, Producer, Cover art (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")
2014 Corriendo libre (Demo) Recording, Mastering, Mixing (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")
2016 Novus Mundus Recording, Artwork


2009 Abuso de poder Cover art, Graphic design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")
2012 Barilari 4 Cover art, Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")
2014 En vivo 13.12.13 (Live album) Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")
2014 En vivo 13.12.13 (Video) Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Black Side

2014 Take Me Away Artwork, Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")
2017 Atlantis Cover art, Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Buccal Defecation

2014 Testament of Brutality Recording (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")


2018 Infierno interno Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Cinnamun Beloved

2012 The Weird Moment Artwork, Layout (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")
2013 The Live Moments 2012 (Video) Artwork, Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Climatic Terra

2018 Anatomy of Despise Design, Artwork (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Dream Master

2008 Waiting for the End Interactive track edition
2015 Point of No Return Cover art (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")


2015 Ancestral Design


2009 Time to Fly (EP) Artwork, Producer (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Ezequiel Napoli Instrumental

2018 Dimensión perdida Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Gusano's Hellmachine

2014 Cambios Engineering


2019 América letrina Artwork

Inner Sanctvm

2016 Frozen Souls Layout (revamped)


2010 Inyección lethal Design, Artwork
2016 Metal Up Your Ass Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Mad Dog

2016 Hell Raising Breed (EP) Producer


2018 Falso profeta Artwork

Mystica Girls

2011 Metal Rose (EP) Artwork, Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

No Somos Angeles

2014 No te rendirás, no te dejaré... Artwork (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")


2012 Words from the Dead (EP) Sound Producer, Engineering (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Perpetual Fire

2017 Bleeding Hands Artwork, Layout (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Presto Vivace

2018 Realidades convenientes Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Regardless of Me

2017 The Covenant Artwork, Layout (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Tano Romano

2017 Uno Artwork


2014 Templaria Design, Artwork, Photography (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Tren Loco

2013 Vieja escuela Design, Art direction


2012 Ripe for Rebellion Layout (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")


2016 Memorias de ficción Design (Logo) (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Velocidad 22

2017 Culto al acero Mixing
2019 Metalcoholización Remastering (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")

Viernes 13

2013 Con las manos manchadas de sangre... Design (as "Rodrigo Gudiña")
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