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Rock 'n' Rolf

Rock 'n' Rolf

Real/full name:
Rolf Kasparek
59 (born Jul 1st, 1961)
Place of origin:
Germany (Hamburg)


According to some old interviews with Rolf, his nickname "Rock 'n' Rolf" was first given to him by a child who was the younger brother of one of his friends in Running Wild's early days, or possibly even before its formation. The friend was at his own house with another friend, and the two had discussed hard rock and metal bands at length. When Rolf rang the doorbell, the boy opened the door. ...


In 2002, he joined German punk band Donots on stage in Köln, at Ringfest Open Air, to sing Running Wild's "Bad to the Bone".


As Rolf Kasparek:
Vocals, Guitars (2009-present)

2013 I Vocals, Guitars

Running Wild

Vocals, Guitars (1979-2009, 2011-present), Bass (2004)

1981 Rock from Hell (Demo) Vocals, Guitars (lead)
1983 Rock from Hell - German Metal Attack (Split) Vocals (lead), Guitars (as "Ralf Kasparek")
1983 Heavy Metal like a Hammerblow (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars
1983 Demo 2 (Demo) Vocals, Guitars (Lead)
1983 Demo 3 (Demo) Vocals, Guitars (Lead)
1984 Demo 4 (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
1984 Victim of States Power (EP) Vocals, Guitars
1984 Death Metal (Split) Vocals, Guitars (as "Rock'n Rolf")
1984 Gates to Purgatory Vocals (lead), Guitars (as "Rock'n Rolf")
1985 Branded and Exiled Guitars, Vocals
1985 Metal Attack Vol. 1 (Split) Vocals, Guitars
1987 Under Jolly Roger Vocals, Guitars
1988 Ready for Boarding (Live album) Vocals (lead), Guitars (as "Rock 'n Rolf")
1988 Port Royal Vocals, Guitars
1989 Death or Glory Vocals, Guitars
1989 Bad to the Bone (EP) Vocals, Guitars
1990 Wild Animal (EP) Guitars, Vocals
1990 Death or Glory Tour - Live (Video) Vocals, Guitars (lead)
1991 Little Big Horn (EP) Vocals (lead), Guitars
1991 Blazon Stone Vocals (lead), Guitars
1991 Gates to Purgatory + Branded & Exiled (Compilation) Vocals (lead), Guitars (as "Rock'n Rolf")
1991 The First Years of Piracy Vocals, Guitars
1992 Lead or Gold (Single) Vocals (lead), Guitars
1992 Pile of Skulls Vocals (lead), Guitars
1994 The Privateer (Single) Vocals, Guitars
1994 Black Hand Inn Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics, Songwriting
1995 Masquerade Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics, Songwriting
1998 The Rivalry Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics, Songwriting (tracks 1-10, 12, 13)
2000 Revolution (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2000 Victory Vocals, Guitars
2002 The Brotherhood Vocals, Guitars (as "Rolf Kasparek")
2002 Live (Live album) Vocals, Guitars (Lead)
2002 Live (Video) Vocals, Guitars (Lead)
2005 Rogues en Vogue Vocals, Guitars, Bass (as "Rolf Kasparek")
2011 The Final Jolly Roger (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
2011 The Final Jolly Roger (Video) Vocals, Guitars
2012 Shadowmaker Vocals, Guitars
2013 Resilient Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2016 Riding the Storm - The Very Best of the Noise Years 1983-1995 (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars
2016 Rapid Foray Bass, Guitars, Lyrics, Songwriting, Vocals
2016 Inside My Crosshairs / Warmongers (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2019 Crossing the Blades (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2019 Ride on the Wild Side (Single) Bass, Vocals, Guitars
2019 Crossing the Blades (EP) Vocals (lead), Guitars
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Toxic Taste

As T.T. Poison:
Guitars, Vocals (additional) (2008-present)

Granite Hearts

Vocals, Guitars (1976-1979)


2018 All for Metal (Single) Vocals (additional) (track 1)
2018 Forever Warriors, Forever United Unknown (CD1 track 1) (as "Rock'n'Rolf")


2013 I Producer (as "Rolf Kasparek")


1990 Angel on the Run Producer

Running Wild

1983 Heavy Metal like a Hammerblow (Compilation) Producer, Design, Artwork (as "Rock 'n' Rolf Kasparek")
1985 Metal Attack Vol. 1 (Split) Producer (track A3)
1987 Under Jolly Roger Producer, Artwork
1988 Port Royal Songwriting (tracks 1-3, 5, 7, 9-11), Lyrics (tracks 1-3, 5, 7, 9-11)
1989 Death or Glory Producer, Songwriting (tracks 1-4, 6-8, 10), Lyrics (tracks 1, 4, 6-8, 10)
1990 Wild Animal (EP) Producer
1991 Little Big Horn (EP) Producer
1991 Blazon Stone Producer, Songwriting (tracks 1-3, 5, 6, 8, 10), Lyrics
1991 The First Years of Piracy Producer
1992 Lead or Gold (Single) Producer
1992 Pile of Skulls Songwriting, Lyrics, Producer
1993 Pile of Skulls Liner notes
1994 The Privateer (Single) Producer
1994 Black Hand Inn Producer
1995 Masquerade Producer
1998 The Rivalry Producer
1999 Death or Glory Remastering
1999 Black Hand Inn Remastering
1999 Death or Glory Remastering
2000 Victory Producer
2002 The Brotherhood Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Songwriting, Lyrics (as "Rolf Kasparek")
2002 Live (Live album) Producer
2002 Live (Video) Producer
2003 20 Years in History (Compilation) Producer
2004 Death or Glory Remastering
2005 Rogues en Vogue Producer, engineering, mixing (as "Rolf Kasparek")
2006 Best of Adrian (Compilation) Mastering
2011 The Final Jolly Roger (Live album) Producer, Mixing
2011 The Final Jolly Roger (Video) Producer, Mixing
2012 Shadowmaker Producer
2013 Resilient Producer
2016 Rapid Foray Photograghy, Producer
2019 Crossing the Blades (EP) Producer, Recording, Mixing, Photography
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