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Robert Lowe

Robert Lowe

Real/full name:
Robert Lowe
56 (born Oct 25th, 1964)
Place of origin:
United States (Boyd, Texas)


According to a 2014 interview, Robert maintains he is the best vocalist Candlemass ever had.

Not be confused with Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe.

Concept of God

Vocals (1999-?)

2007 Visions Vocals

Disciple of Doom

Vocals (2014-present)

Gathered in Darkness

Vocals (2015-present)

Grief Collector

Vocals (2019-present)

2019 From Dissension to Avowal (EP) Vocals
2021 En Delirium Vocals


Vocals (2017-present)

2020 Hereafter Vocals


Vocals (2006-2012)

2007 Black Dwarf (Single) Vocals (track 1)
2007 King of the Grey Islands Vocals
2007 20 Year Anniversary Party (Video) Vocals (tracks 8-10, 15, 17)
2008 Lucifer Rising (EP) Vocals
2009 If I Ever Die (Single) Vocals
2009 Death Magic Doom Vocals
2009 Hammer of Doom (Single) Vocals
2010 No Sleep 'til Athens (Live album) Vocals
2010 Ashes to Ashes (Video) Vocals
2010 Don't Fear the Reaper (EP) Vocals
2012 Dancing in the Temple of the Mad Queen Bee (Single) Vocals
2012 Psalms for the Dead Vocals
(show all)

Graven Image

Guitars, Vocals (1986-?)

Last Chapter

Vocals (1995-1998)


Vocals (1988)

1988 Mirror of Sorrow (Demo) Vocals

Solitude Aeturnus

Vocals (1988-?)

1989 Demo 1989 (Demo) Vocals
1991 Into the Depths of Sorrow Vocals, Keyboards
1992 Beyond the Crimson Horizon Vocals, Keyboards
1993 Promo (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards
1994 Through the Darkest Hour Vocals
1994 Days of Doom (Video) Keyboards, Vocals
1996 The New Wave of American True Metal (Split) Vocals
1996 Downfall Vocals, Piano (tracks 1, 8)
1998 Through the Darkest Hour / Downfall (Compilation) Vocals
1998 Adagio Vocals (lead), Guitars (tracks 6, 11), Bass (tracks 6, 11)
2006 Alone Vocals, Keyboards
2007 Hour of Despair (Video) Vocals
2011 In Times of Solitude (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 8, 9)
(show all)

The Holy

Guitars (1983-1985)




2008 As the Light Does the Shadow Vocals (track 5)

Last Chapter

1997 The Living Waters Vocals (all tracks)


As Rob Lowe:

1999 Inner Demons (A 3 Act Noise Opera) Vocals (track 10)


2005 Rise of the Phantom Vocals (additional) (track 12)

Solitude Aeturnus

2006 Alone Cover concept, Lyrics
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