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Raúl E. González Huenulef

Raúl E. González Huenulef

Real/full name:
Raúl E. González Huenulef
Place of birth:
Chile (Valdivia, Los Ríos)

Inhuman Entity

Vocals (2016-present)

2017 Kingdom of False Divinity (EP) Vocals
2021 Inhuman Entity (EP) Vocals (as "Raúl González H.")

Magnvs Psyche


Dentro del Kaos

2018 Maxdemian (EP) Artwork, Layout, Logo

Inhuman Entity

2017 Kingdom of False Divinity (EP) Layout, Logo
2021 Inhuman Entity (EP) Logo, Layout (as "Raúl González H.")

Parasitic Ejaculation

2012 Sickening Conduct (EP) Logo (as "Raúl González Huenulef")
2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Logo (as "Raúl González Huenulef")
2013 Rationing the Sacred Human Remains Logo (band) (as "Raúl González Huenulef")
2014 Four Formidable Forms (Split) Logo (Parasitic Ejaculation) (as "Raúl González Huenulef")
2015 Echoes of Depravity Logo (as "Raúl González Huenulef")
2016 Intracellular Impious Metamorphosis (Split) Logo (Parasitic Ejaculation) (as "Raúl González Huenulef")
2017 Isolation Logo (as "Raúl González Huenulef")
2019 Cannons of Gore Soaked, Blood Drenched, Parasitic Sickness (Split) Logo (Parasitic Ejaculation)

Pulmonary Fibrosis

2018 Disposal of Parts (Split) Artwork, Layout (as "Raul González Huenulef")


2018 Hacia lo oculto (Demo) Cover art, Logo, Layout


2016 Death Rides Tonight (Demo) Cover drawing, Logo (details)

Visceral Decay

2011 Out Bowels (Demo) Logo (as "Raúl Huenulef")
2012 Obsessive Pathology to Eliminate the Scum Human Race Logo (as "Raúl Huenulef")
2015 Implosion Psychosis Logo (as "Raúl Huenulef")
2015 Putrefaction of Spermal Decay (Split) Logo (Visceral Decay) (as "Raúl Huenulef")
2018 Sutured Bleeding Wounds (Split) Logo (Visceral Decay) (as "Raúl Huenulef")
2018 Consumed by an Abomination (EP) Logo (as "Raúl Huenulef")
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