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Real/full name:
Matthew Carr
39 (born Dec 6th, 1982)
Place of birth:
United States (Chicago, Illinois)


Putrid has been a freelance illustrator since 2003. He started out drawing skateboard graphics and t-shirts for Anti-Hero, Consolidated, Black Tooth & Creature. He moved on to do art for horror/gore/death metal bands.

A 'zine/book about Putrid's art called Putrid Goreart has been published.

He was featured in the VHS collector documentary ...


2012 Strange Rites Cover art (as "Putrid Matt")

Acid Witch

2008 Witchtanic Hellucinations Artwork (tray)
2010 Midnight Mass (EP) Cover art (To Magic, Sex and Gore version)
2010 Stoned Logo


2009 Shreds of Putrefaction (EP) Cover art
2013 Anatomia / Necrovorous (Split) Artwork


2010 Awakened by Gore (Compilation) Artwork (additional)

Bear Mace

2017 Butchering the Colossus Cover art (as "Putrid Gore")


2011 Bones Artwork
2013 Sons of Sleaze Artwork
2019 Diseased Artwork (as "Matt "Putrid" Carr")

Cardiac Arrest

2006 Morgue Mutilations Cover art
2008 Cadaverous Presence Cover art
2010 Haven for the Insane Cover art
2012 Vortex of Violence Cover art
2014 And Death Shall Set You Free Artwork

Carnal Ghoul

2013 The Grotesque Vault (EP) Cover art (as "Putrid Matt")

Church of Disgust

2016 Veneration of Filth Cover art (as "Putrid Matt")


2010 Sacrifice to Evil Spirit (Compilation) Artwork
2012 Sacrifice to Evil Spirit (Compilation) Artwork
2012 Sacrifice to Evil Spirit (Compilation) Artwork
2012 Sacrifice to Evil Spirit (Compilation) Artwork


2012 Dare to Enter, Die to Leave (Split) Cover art

Druid Lord

2010 Hymns for the Wicked Cover art
2018 Grotesque Offerings Logo (inner)

Embrace of Thorns

2009 Atonement Ritual Back cover artwork

Endless Chaos

2014 Rejected Atrocity (EP) Artwork (as "Putrid Matt")
2017 Paths to Contentment Artwork (as "Putrid Matt")


2016 Lifeless Allurement (EP) Artwork


2009 Creaturegore Disc art


2006 Bringing Back the Bloodshed Artwork (as "Matthew Carr")


2013 Humanity's Dirge (Compilation) Artwork

Grave Length

2021 The Unknown Terror (EP) Logo (as "Putrid Matt")


2013 Reduced to Slime (Demo) Cover art


2011 The Altar of Sculpted Skulls (EP) Cover art (as "Matt 'Putrid' Carr")
2013 The Sea Grave Cover art, Artwork
2018 Back to the Mausoleum (EP) Cover art
2019 Hold Back the Dawn Cover art

Hooded Menace

2008 Fulfill the Curse Cover art concept, Cover art, Logo
2010 Never Cross the Dead Cover art (drawn), Logo, Artwork (additional)
2010 Hooded Menace / Coffins (Split) Logo
2011 Hooded Menace / Ilsa (Split) Logo
2011 Asphyx / Hooded Menace (Split) Logo
2012 Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes (Split) Logo
2012 Effigies of Evil Logo
2014 Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze (EP) Logo
2018 Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed Logo (as "Matt Carr")


2011 Homemade Horror (Demo) Artwork


2008 Live Total Zombie Gore Holocaust! (Live album) Artwork (as "Matthew "Putrid" Carr")
2010 Defiling the Stage (Video) Cover art

Intellect Devourer

2020 Demons of the Skull Logo, Cover art (as "Matt 'Putrid' Carr")


2014 In Commvnio Tenebrae (Split) Cover art (as "Matt "Putrid Art"")


2012 Breakin' Down / Shock Troopers (Split) Cover art
2013 Devil's Breath Cover art


2018 Nécrovortex Artwork (as "Putrid Matt")
2021 Abysse mortifère Cover art (as "Putrid Matt")

Rancid Flesh

2012 Pathological Zombie Carnage Artwork, Design (as "Matthew "Putrid" Carr")


2009 Dreadful Pleasures Cover art
2010 The Terror Threshold Artwork

Slaughter Strike

2011 Winter's Agony (Demo) Artwork

Sons of Famine

2013 Alcohol and Razor Blades (Demo) Cover art (as "Putrid Matt")

Sucking Void

2012 Scavenger (Demo) Artwork


2017 Anatomia / Surgikill (Split) Artwork
2018 Surgikill / Offal (Split) Artwork (insert)
2018 Embodiment of Sin and Obscenity / Blade Violent (Split) Artwork


2022 L'inizio di un incubo Artwork (as "Matt "Putrid" Carr")

Traffic Death

2017 Dead End Artwork

Twist Ending

2015 Demo 2014 (Demo) Cover art


2013 Søm til din ligkiste (EP) Artwork (back cover)


2014 Bleedin' Dublin (Live album) Cover art


2012 Vengeance Is My Name Artwork (as "Matt Putrid")
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