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Real/full name:
Tuomas Pentikäinen
37 (born 1986)
Place of birth:
Finland (Jyväskylä)

Funerary Bell

As Invoker of the Shadows:
Vocals (2007-present), All instruments (2019-2021)

2007 Heksakosioi Heksekonta Heks (Demo) Everything
2009 The Second Manifestation (EP) Vocals, Drums, Guitars
2011 The Coven Vocals, Drums, Guitars
2013 Horrific TransCosmic Overture (EP) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Drums
2015 Graveyard Séance (EP) Keyboards, Vocals
2018 Undead Revelations Vocals, Drums, Guitars

Insulter's Altar

As Invoker of the Shadows:
Bass (2020-present)

2022 Faustian Monarchy (EP) Bass


As Invoker of the Shadows:
Drums (2019-present)


Drums, Keyboards, Vocals (2010-2021), Vocals (2010-present)

2010 Demo I (Demo) Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
2011 The Greatest Sacrifice (EP) Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
2020 Ceremony of Darkness (EP) Drums, Keyboards, Vocals



2006 Utgard Drums
2008 Thrones and Dominions Drums, Synths, Guitars (acoustic)



2004 The Beginning... (Demo) Guitars

Blood Red Fog

Keyboards (2007-2019), Drums (2008-2019)

2007 Wandering Towards... (Split) Synths
2009 Blood Red Fog / Funerary Bell (Split) Drums
2010 Because It's Wrong (Split) Drums
2012 Death Cult II (EP) Drums
2015 Beyond the Mirror of Worlds (Split) Drums
2018 Thanatotic Supremacy Drums, Vocals (additional)
2019 Eternal Black Metal (Split) Drums
2020 Fields of Sorrow Drums

Charnel Winds

Drums (2004-2010)

2004 Stigma Prior Nefastvm (Demo) Drums
2011 Der Teufelsbund Drums, Vocals (backing)

Cosmic Church

Drums, Keyboards (2008-2011)

2009 Arcana Dei - Trilogia (Compilation) Drums
2009 Arcana Dei I - Pimeyden valo (EP) Drums
2009 Arcana Dei II - Tuliset siivet (EP) Drums
2009 Arcana Dei III - Totuuden portit (EP) Drums
2010 Absoluutin lävistämä Drums
2011 Blood Red Fog / Cosmic Church (Split) Drums
2012 Syysauringon vihkimys (Demo) Drums

Fallen Icons





As A. Sathan:
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums


As T.P.:
Drums (2004-2006)

2005 Demo (Demo) Drums
2008 To Rest the Last Time in Our Filth (EP) Drums


2017 Necroveneto (EP) Drums

Funerary Bell

As Invoker of the Shadows:

2009 The Second Manifestation (EP) Intro

Insulter's Altar

As Invoker of the Shadows:

2019 Devastating the Original Sin (Demo) Vocals on tracks 2 & 6

Saturnian Mist

2010 Promo 2010 (Demo) Drums
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