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Pier Gonella

Pier Gonella

Real/full name:
Pierangelo Gonella
44 (born Mar 26th, 1977)
Place of origin:
Italy (Chiavari (Genoa), Ligury)



2003 Athlantis Guitars
2012 M.W.N.D. Guitars
2017 Chapter IV Guitars
2019 The Way to Rock 'n' Roll Guitars
2020 02.02.2020 Guitars


Guitars (2008-present)

2009 The Phoenix Guitars
2010 Last Desire Guitars
2011 Dangerous Diamonds Guitars
2013 On Fire Guitars
2014 Enfer [De la Bibliothèque Nationale] Guitars
2017 Wine of Heaven Guitars


Guitars (2007-present)

2009 Phylogenesis Guitars (as "Pier")
2010 Old Skull (Compilation) Guitars
2011 Idiosyncrasy Guitars, Songwriting (as "Mr. Pier")
2013 Hellive (Video) Guitars (as "Pier")
2014 The 7 Deadly Sins Guitars (as "Pier")
2016 Mondoscuro (Split) Guitars, Guitars (track 2)
2018 The Age of Dead Christ Guitars (as "Pier")
2019 Defragments of Insanity Guitars (as "Pier")
2020 Neraka (EP) Guitars


Guitars (2004-2005, 2015-present)

2004 Tears in Floods Bass (tracks 1-6, 9-11), Guitars
2015 Storm Guitars (tracks 1-11), Bass (track 6), Keyboards (tracks 4-7, 10), Drums (track 6)

Perseo Miranda

Guitars, Bass (2006-present)

2006 Evolution of the Spirit (EP) Guitars, Bass
2008 Parallel Dimensions (Single) Guitars, Bass
2009 Praise My Day Guitars, Bass
2010 A Silence That Screams Guitars, Bass
2011 Firmament / History (Single) Guitars, Bass
2011 Firmament Guitars, Bass
2012 Theatre Metal Guitars, Bass

Pier Gonella

Guitars (2019-present)


Guitars (2012-present)

2015 Too Heavy to Fly (Single) Guitars
2016 Too Heavy to Fly Guitars
2021 The Last in Black Guitars

Verde Lauro

Guitars, Bass

2015 Son animali al mondo Guitars, Bass
2020 6 Aprile Guitars, Bass

Wild Steel

Guitars (session)

Amazing Maze

As Peter Kilt:
Guitars (2007)

2007 Amazing Maze Guitars



2016 Orion Guitars


Guitars (2003-2008)

2005 Freeman Guitars
2007 6 Days to Nowhere Guitars

Synthphonia Suprema

Guitars (Guest)

Ancient Knights

2019 Camelot Guitars (rhythm) (track 5)


2017 Dominion of Pain (Single) Guitars (lead)
2020 Return (Single) Guitars
2020 Matryoshcada (Single) Guitars
2021 Divination (Single) Guitars
2021 Shamanic Path (Single) Guitars
2021 The Woman Who Fell to Earth (Single) Guitars

Cripple Bastards

2011 Frammenti di vita Guitars (tracks 1, 5, 9)


2012 A Legend to Believe In Guitars (lead) (track 8)


As Pier:

2011 The Return of the Ghost Guitars (additional) (track 4)

Gone in April

2011 We Are but Human Guitar solo (track 7)


2007 Draculea Guitars

Screaming Shadows

2011 Night Keeper Guitars (lead) (track 9)


2015 Swordwind Keyboard programming (track 6)

Synthphonia Suprema

2006 Synthphony 001 Guitars (rhythm)


2016 Legion Deathblood Guitars (track 1)

Vivaldi Metal Project

2016 The Four Seasons Guitars (lead, solo) (track 13)

Wild Steel

2006 Wild Steel Guitars, Bass


2012 M.W.N.D. Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2019 The Way to Rock 'n' Roll Mixing, Mastering
2020 02.02.2020 Recording, Mixing


2021 Divination (Single) Producer
2021 The Woman Who Fell to Earth (Single) Producer

Gallery of Senses

2013 Gallery of Senses (Demo) Mixing, Recording, Mastering

Lucid Dream

2016 Otherworldly Mastering, Mixing, Engineering


2009 The Phoenix Recording, Mixing
2010 Last Desire Recording, Mixing
2011 Dangerous Diamonds Recording, Mastering, Mixing
2013 On Fire Mixing, Recording, Mastering
2014 Enfer [De la Bibliothèque Nationale] Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2017 Wine of Heaven Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2014 The 7 Deadly Sins Mixing (as "Pier")


2003 Nera (Demo) Mastering


2004 Tears in Floods Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2015 Storm Recording, Mastering, Mixing

Perseo Miranda

2010 A Silence That Screams Engineering, Mixing


2015 Swordwind Producer, Mixing, Mastering

Story of Jade

2015 Loony Bin Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2005 No Man's Land (EP) Recording, Mixing
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