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Philthy Animal

Philthy Animal

Real/full name:
Philip John Taylor
61 (born Sep 21st, 1954)
Nov 12th, 2015
Died of:
Liver failure
Place of birth:
United Kingdom (Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England)


Philthy Animal was the first of the two members of Motörhead to die in 2015, making him the second deceased member of the band (following Würzel four years earlier). Lemmy died a month after him.


Drums (2007)

Filthy Phil

1989 Naughty Old Santa's Christmas Classics (Collaboration) Unknown


As Phil Taylor:
Drums (1984-1985)


Drums (1975-1984, 1987-1992)

1977 England (Single) Drums
1977 Motörhead / City Kids (Single) Drums
1977 Motörhead Drums
1978 Louie Louie / Tear Ya Down (Single) Drums
1979 Overkill / Too Late, Too Late (Single) Drums
1979 Overkill Drums
1979 No Class / Like a Nightmare (Single) Drums
1979 Bomber Drums
1979 Bomber / Over the Top (Single) Drums
1979 On Parole Drums (tracks 1-8)
1980 The Golden Years (Live EP) (EP) Drums
1980 Ace of Spades / Dirty Love (Single) Drums
1980 Ace of Spades Drums
1980 Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (EP) Drums
1981 Great Pleasure (Split) Drums
1981 Stay Clean (Split) Drums (track 1)
1981 The Train Kept a-Rollin' (Single) Drums
1981 No Sleep 'til Hammersmith (Live album) Drums
1981 Motorhead / Over the Top (Single) Drums
1982 Live in Toronto (Video) Drums
1982 Heavy Metal '82 (Split) Drums
1982 Go to Hell / Iron Fist (Single) Drums
1982 Iron Fist / Remember Me I'm Gone (Single) Drums
1982 Iron Fist Drums
1982 Schallfolie Mai 82 (Single) Drums
1982 Stand by Your Man (Split) Drums (as "Phil Taylor")
1983 Beer Drinkers (Compilation) Drums (tracks 1-8, 10)
1983 What's Words Worth (Live album) Drums
1983 I Got Mine / Turn You Round Again (Single) Drums
1983 Another Perfect Day Drums
1983 Shine / Hoochie Coochie Man (Single) Drums
1984 Deaf Not Blind (Video) Drums
1984 Killed by Death / Under the Knife (Single) Drums
1984 No Remorse (Compilation) Drums
1985 Anthology (Compilation) Drums
1987 Eat the Rich (Single) Drums
1987 Rock 'n' Roll / Cradle to the Grave (Single) Drums
1987 The Collection (Compilation) Drums
1987 Rock 'n' Roll Drums
1988 Live in Athens (Single) Drums
1988 Nö Sleep at All (Live album) Drums
1989 Blitzkreig on Birmingham '77 (Live album) Drums
1990 Bomber / Ace of Spades (Compilation) Drums
1990 Lock Up Your Daughters (Live album) Drums
1990 The One to Sing the Blues (Single) Drums
1991 The One to Sing the Blues ("No Sleep 'til Spain" Tour, 1991) (Single) Drums
1991 Everything Louder than Everything Else (Video) Drums
1991 Operation Rock & Roll (Split video) Drums
1991 1916 Drums (as "Philthy")
1991 Live 1983 (Live album) Drums
1991 The Better Late than Never Fan Club Flexi (Single) Interview
1992 Jailbait (Live album) Drums
1992 '92 Tour EP (EP) Drums (tracks 3, 4)
1992 The Singles Collection: The Bronze Years 1978-1984 (Compilation) Drums
1993 The Best of Motörhead (Compilation) Drums
1993 Ace of Spades - The CCN Remix 1993 (Single) Drums
1994 The Best Of - II (Compilation) Drums
1994 Live at Brixton (Live album) Drums (as "Philthy")
1997 Best (Compilation) Drums
1997 King Biscuit Flower Hour (Live album) Drums
2000 The Best Of (Compilation) Drums
2005 BBC Live & In-Session (Live album) Drums (on tracks 1-12, CD 1; 1-5, CD 2)
2010 Icon (Compilation) Drums
2010 You'll Get Yours - The Best of Motörhead (Compilation) Drums
2010 Aces Up My Sleeve - The Collection (Compilation) Drums
2019 Overkill / Bomber (Single) Drums
2020 Ace of Spades (Single) Drums (track 1)
2020 Iron Horse / Born to Lose (Split) Drums
2021 Live to Win (Split) Drums (track 9)
2021 Train Kept a Rollin' (Split) Drums (track 1)
2021 Everything Louder Forever (Compilation) Drums
2021 Everything Louder Forever (Compilation) Drums
(show all)


Drums (1985-1986)

The Web of Spider

Drums (2005-2008)


Drums (1985)


1986 The Birthday Party (Video) Drums (track 17)
1992 March ör Die Drums (track 5)

Ozzy Osbourne

2005 Prince of Darkness (Compilation) Drums (disc 3, track 10)


As Phil Taylor:

1982 Stand by Your Man (Split) Drums
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