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Phil Campbell

Phil Campbell

Real/full name:
Philip Anthony Campbell
62 (born May 7th, 1961)
Place of birth:
United Kingdom (Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan, Wales)


Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons features Phil's three sons and singer Joel Peters.

Panda Party

Guitars (2014-present)

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

Guitars (2016-present)


Guitars (1974-?)

Mass Mental

Guitars (2016)


Guitars (1983-2015)

1984 Killed by Death / Under the Knife (Single) Guitars
1984 No Remorse (Compilation) Guitars (on "Snaggletooth", "Steal Your Face", "Locomotive", "Killed by Death")
1986 Deaf Forever (Single) Guitars
1986 The Birthday Party (Video) Guitars
1986 Orgasmatron Guitars
1987 Rock 'n' Roll / Cradle to the Grave (Single) Guitars
1987 Eat the Rich (Single) Guitars
1987 The Collection (Compilation) Guitars
1987 Rock 'n' Roll Guitars
1988 Live in Athens (Single) Guitars
1988 Sounds Waves 1 (Split) Guitars
1988 Nö Sleep at All (Live album) Guitars
1990 The Birthday Party (Live album) Guitars
1990 The One to Sing the Blues (Single) Guitars
1991 The One to Sing the Blues ("No Sleep 'til Spain" Tour, 1991) (Single) Guitars
1991 Everything Louder than Everything Else (Video) Guitars
1991 Operation Rock & Roll (Split video) Guitars
1991 1916 Guitars (as "Wizzö")
1991 The Better Late than Never Fan Club Flexi (Single) Interview
1992 Hellraiser (Single) Guitars
1992 March ör Die Guitars (as "Zööm")
1992 '92 Tour EP (EP) Guitars
1992 The Singles Collection: The Bronze Years 1978-1984 (Compilation) Guitars (on 16-19)
1993 Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me (Single) Guitars
1993 The Best of Motörhead (Compilation) Guitars
1993 Bastards Guitars (lead, acoustic)
1994 Born to Raise Hell (Single) Guitars
1994 The Best Of - II (Compilation) Guitars
1994 Live at Brixton (Live album) Guitars
1995 Sacrifice Guitars
1996 Hump on Your Back / Snakebite (Split) Guitars
1996 Overnight Sensation Guitars
1998 Snake Bite Love Guitars
1999 Everything Louder than Everyone Else (Live album) Guitars, Vocals (backing) (as "Philip Campbell")
2000 We Are Motörhead Songwriting, Guitars, Vocals (backing) (as "Philip Campbell")
2000 God Save the Queen / One More Fucking Time (Single) Guitars
2000 The Best Of (Compilation) Guitars
2001 25 & Alive - Boneshaker (Video) Guitars
2002 Shut Your Mouth (Single) Guitars
2002 Hammered Vocals (backing), Songwriting, Guitars (as "Philip Campbell")
2003 Live at Brixton Academy (Live album) Guitars
2004 Inferno Songwriting, Guitars, Vocals (backing) (as "Philip Campbell")
2005 Stage Fright (Video) Guitars
2005 Whorehouse Blues / Killers (Single) Guitars
2005 BBC Live & In-Session (Live album) Guitars (tracks 6-9, CD 2)
2006 Ramones / Devil I Know (Single) Guitars
2006 Kiss of Death Songwriting, Guitars (as "Philip Campbell")
2006 God Was Never on Your Side (Single) Guitars
2007 Overkill / Tie Your Mother Down (Single) Guitars
2007 Better Motörhead than Dead: Live at Hammersmith (Live album) Guitars
2008 Motörizer Guitars (as "Philip Campbell")
2010 Get Back In Line / Ace of Spades (acoustic version) (Single) Guitars
2010 Icon (Compilation) Guitars
2010 You'll Get Yours - The Best of Motörhead (Compilation) Guitars
2010 Aces Up My Sleeve - The Collection (Compilation) Guitars
2010 The Wörld Is Yours Guitars (as "Philip Campbell")
2011 The Game (Single) Guitars
2011 The Wörld Is Ours - Vol. 1: Everywhere Further than Everyplace Else (Live album) Guitars
2012 The Wörld Is Ours - Vol. 2: Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else (Live album) Guitars
2013 Aftershock Guitars (as "Philip Campbell")
2015 Electricity (Single) Guitars
2015 Thunder & Lightning / Electricity (Single) Guitars
2015 Bad Magic Guitars, Piano (track 13)
2016 Overkill (Exclusive Version) (Single) Guitars
2016 Clean Your Clock (Live album) Guitars
2017 Under Cöver (Compilation) Guitars
2018 Get Back in Line (Single) Guitars
2018 Heroes (Single) Guitars
2019 Rockaway Beach (Single) Guitars
2020 Ace of Spades (Single) Guitars (track 2)
2021 Live to Win (Split) Guitars
2021 Louder than Noise... Live in Berlin (Live album) Guitars
2021 The Löst Tapes Vol. 1 (Live in Madrid 1995) (Live album) Guitars
2021 Everything Louder Forever (Compilation) Guitars
2021 Hellraiser (Split) Guitars (as "Phil "Wizzo" Campbell")
2021 The Löst Tapes Vol. 2 (Live in Norwich 1998) (Live album) Guitars
2022 The Löst Tapes Vol. 3 (Live in Malmö 2000) (Live album) Guitars
2022 The Löst Tapes Vol. 4 (Live in Heilbronn 1984) (Live album) Guitars
2023 We Play Rock 'n' Roll (Live at Montreux Jazz Festival '07) (Live album) Guitars
(show all)

Persian Risk

Guitars (1979-1984)

1981 Calling for You (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
1983 Ridin' High (Single) Guitars

Phil Campbell's All Starr Band




Stoned Soul Party



2013 Anthems (EP) Guitars (lead) (track 2)
2016 For All Kings Guitars (lead) (track 6, disc 2)

Biff Byford

2019 School of Hard Knocks / Welcome to the Show (Single) Guitars (track 1)
2020 School of Hard Knocks Guitars (track 2)


2019 From the Grave (EP) Guitars (track 1)
2020 In the Beginning Guitars (track 4)

Crucified Barbara

2009 'Til Death Do Us Party Guitars (lead) (track 6)


2016 Strong and Proud - 30 Years of Rock and Metal (Video) Guitars (DVD1 track 9)


1989 Nowhere to Hide advance tape (Demo) Guitars (lead) (tracks A2-A3), Vocals (backing) (track A3)
1989 Nowhere to Hide Guitars (lead) (tracks A3 [3] & B4 [9]), Vocals (backing) (track B4 [9])


2012 Sin and Bones Guitars (lead) (track 7)


2008 Legacy Guitars (lead) (tracks 5-6), Guitars (track 11)
2023 WTFortyfive? Guitars (track 12)


2018 Minus Guitars (track 1)


2010 Bomber (Single) Guitars (track 1)
2011 Sounds of Violence Guitars (track 11)

Orange Goblin

2018 The Wolf Bites Back Guitar solos (tracks 2, 10)

Ozzy Osbourne

2005 Prince of Darkness (Compilation) Guitars (disc 3, track 10)

Persian Risk

2014 Who Am I? Guitars


2019 The Eagle Has Landed 40 (Live) (Live album) Guitars (747 (Strangers in the Night))


2021 Sepulquarta Guitars (track 15)


2003 Live at Brixton Academy (Live album) Producer
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