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Real/full name:
Felipe Diez III
41 (born Jul 11th, 1980)
Place of origin:


Mastermind of Encryptor and SorrowStorm, also was the leader of the Christian metal scene in Panama. He wasn't Christian until he was 13 years old, when he started to suffer from bullying from his classmates, which led him to a deep depression, and in high school, was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive personality, along with some troubles he had with alcohol. Also diagnosed as a ...


Was the owner of Sewersound Records and Dysmorphic Records.

When he moved to the USA, he left the leadership of the Christian metal scene to a member of Nocturnal Faith.

On November 26th of 2010, via SorrowStorm's Myspace, he announced his retirement as a musician. Despite this, he has still been invited as a guest vocalist by other christian death metal bands.


As Ogrustorm:
All instruments, Vocals (2000-2010, 2021-present)

2002 Caverns of Grief All instruments, Vocals
2003 Funeral Oath (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2008 Onward All instruments, Vocals
2021 Epoch of Exile (EP) All instruments, Vocals


As Ogrvst:
All instruments, Vocals (1999-2010)

2001 Drowning in Flesh Vocals, Lyrics, All instruments
2003 Sermon Decay All instruments, Vocals


As Felipe Diez:

2009 Patterns of Decay (Split) Vocals
2010 The Ominous Mind Vocals, Lyrics

Northern Ash

As Felipe Diez:

2008 The Age of Irrationality Vocals
2010 ...for Thine Is the Kingdom Vocals


Vocals, Drums

2008 Human Depravity Vocals
2008 4-Way Noise Explosion (Split) Vocals
2009 Resident Apostasy Vocals, Drums
2009 Inherited Corruption (Split) Vocals, Drums
2010 Grindocalypse (EP) Drums, Vocals

Abated Mass of Flesh

As Felipe Diez:

2013 Brutal Death (EP) Vocals (track 4)

Eternal Mystery

2008 The Ultimate Death Sentence Vocals (tracks 17, 18, 19), Lyrics (track 17) (as "Ogrvst")
2010 Flesh Separation Vocals (on track 12) (as "Felipe Diez")

Nocturnal Faith

As Ogrvst:

2004 Emblem of Glory (EP) Vocals (tracks 2, 4)


2005 Cryptic Works (Compilation) Producer (as "Ogrvst")
2006 Encryption (1999-2006) (Compilation) Producer (as "Ogrvst")


2010 The Ominous Mind Recording (as "Felipe Diez")


2009 Resident Apostasy Cover concept


2002 Caverns of Grief Engineering, Mixing, Mastering (as "Ogrustorm")
2003 Funeral Oath (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering (additional) (as "Ogrustorm")
2004 Collected Works (Split) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering (tracks 1-11)
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