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Peter "Peavy" Wagner

Peter "Peavy" Wagner

Real/full name:
Peter Wagner
57 (born Dec 22nd, 1964)
Place of birth:
Germany (Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia)


Refuge are named after a Rage EP/song, and they perform songs from that era of the band.


Bass, Vocals (2007-?)

2008 Hellbassbeaters Bass, Vocals

Lingua Mortis Orchestra

Vocals (lead), Bass (2013-present)

2013 Cleansed by Fire (Single) Vocals (lead), Bass
2013 LMO Vocals (lead), Bass


Vocals, Bass (1986-present)

1986 Reign of Fear Bass, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals
1987 Execution Guaranteed Vocals, Bass, Guitars (acoustic)
1988 Perfect Man Bass, Vocals
1989 Invisible Horizons (EP) Vocals, Bass, Vocals (backing)
1989 Secrets in a Weird World Vocals, Bass, Vocals (backing)
1990 Reflections of a Shadow Bass (4 & 5 string), Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead), Guitars (acoustic)
1991 Extended Power (EP) Vocals, Bass
1992 Trapped! Vocals, Bass
1992 Beyond the Wall (EP) Vocals, Bass, Guitars (acoustic)
1993 The Missing Link (Demo) Vocals, Bass
1993 Power of Metal (Split video) Vocals, Bass
1993 The Missing Link (EP) Vocals, Bass
1993 The Missing Link Bass, Vocals
1994 The Video Link (Video) Vocals, Bass
1994 Power of Metal (Split) Vocals, Bass
1994 Refuge (EP) Bass, Vocals
1994 10 Years in Rage: The Anniversary Album Vocals, Bass
1995 Black in Mind Tambourine, Vocals, Bass
1995 The Crawling Chaos (Single) Bass, Vocals
1996 End of All Days Demo (Demo) Vocals, Bass
1996 Lingua Mortis Vocals, Bass (as "Peavy")
1996 End of All Days Vocals, Bass
1996 Higher than the Sky (EP) Vocals, Bass
1997 Live from the Vault (EP) Vocals, Bass
1998 From the Cradle to the Grave (Single) Vocals, Bass
1998 XIII Bass, Vocals
1998 The Best from the Noise Years (Compilation) Vocals, Bass (all tracks)
1998 In Vain (EP) Bass, Vocals
1998 In Vain - Rage in Acoustic (EP) Bass, Vocals
1999 Ghosts Demo (Demo) Vocals, Bass
1999 Ghosts Vocals, Bass
2001 Welcome to the Other Side Vocals, Bass
2001 Best Of - All G.U.N. Years (Compilation) Vocals, Bass (all tracks)
2001 Metal Meets Classic Live Plus All G.U.N. Bonustracks (Video) Vocals, Bass (Disc 1 - DVD side)
2002 Unity Vocals, Bass
2002 The Dark Side (Compilation) Vocals, Bass
2003 Soundchaser Demo (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2003 Soundchaser Bass, Vocals
2004 From the Cradle to the Stage: 20th Anniversary (Live album) Vocals, Bass
2004 From the Cradle to the Stage: 20th Anniversary (Video) Vocals, Bass
2006 Speak of the Dead Vocals, Bass, Lyrics, Songwriting (tracks 10, 11, 13-15)
2006 Full Moon (Single) Vocals, Bass
2007 Full Moon in St. Petersburg (Video) Vocals, Bass
2008 Carved in Stone Vocals, Bass
2009 Gib dich nie auf (EP) Vocals, Bass
2010 Into the Light / Purified (Single) Vocals, Bass
2010 Strings to a Web Vocals, Bass
2012 21 Vocals, Bass
2014 The Soundchaser Archives (Compilation) Vocals, Bass
2016 My Way (EP) Vocals, Bass
2016 The Devil Strikes Again / Second to None (Split) Vocals, Bass
2016 The Devil Strikes Again Vocals, Bass
2017 Blackened Karma (Single) Vocals, Bass
2017 Seasons of the Black Vocals, Bass
2019 Let Them Rest in Peace (Single) Vocals, Bass
2019 True (Single) Vocals, Bass
2019 Chasing the Twilight Zone (Single) Vocals, Bass
2020 Wings of Rage Bass, Vocals (as "Peavy Wagner")
2020 The Price of War 2.0 (Single) Vocals, Bass
2020 Live in Poland - February 16th 2016 Warsaw (Live album) Vocals, Bass
2021 Virginity (Single) Bass, Vocals
2021 Monetary Gods (Single) Vocals, Bass
2021 Resurrection Day Vocals, Bass
2021 Arrogance and Ignorance (Single) Bass, Vocals
2022 The Age of Reason (Zardonic remix) (Single) Vocals, Bass
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Vocals (lead), Bass (2014-present)

2018 Solitary Men Vocals (lead), Bass


Bass, Vocals (1983-1985)

1984 Demo 2 (Demo) Vocals, Bass
1984 Demo 1 (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1985 Demo '85 (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1985 Prayers of Steel Guitars (acoustic), Vocals, Bass
1985 Depraved to Black (EP) Bass, Vocals

Der Riß


Mekong Delta

Vocals (1985-1987)

X-Mas Project

Vocals (1985, 1995)

1986 X-Mas Project Vocals (tracks 1, 6) (as "Peavy")

Axel Rudi Pell

1996 Black Moon Pyramid Bass (track 2)


2021 Escape the Silence (Single) Vocals
2021 Wall of Skulls Vocals (track 4)

Casus Belli

1998 Promo One (Demo) Vocals (lead) (tracks 4, 5)


1991 Words of Paranoid (Demo) Vocals (lead) (track 4)


2014 13th Room Vocals (track 3)


2006 El lado oscuro Vocals (lead) (track 12) (as "Peavy Wagner")
2007 The Dark Side Vocals (lead) (track 6)
2012 Memento Mori Vocals (track 13)
2016 Chronicles of Aravan Vocals (track 11)


2005 Inventor of Evil Vocals (additional) (track 3)
2009 The Curse of the Antichrist - Live in Agony (Live album) Vocals (additional) (CD 1 - 5)
2010 A Savage Symphony - The History of Annihilation (Live album) Vocals (additional) (track 6)

Emerald Sun

As Peavy Wagner:

2018 Under the Curse of Silence Vocals (lead) (track 4)

GB Arts

2000 The Lake Vocals (tracks 8, 10)


2017 Maskhovers (EP) Vocals (track 4)

Mob Rules

2002 Hollowed Be Thy Name Vocals (additional) (track 6)
2014 Timekeeper (20th Anniversary Box) (Compilation) Vocals (CD2 track 8) (as "Peavy Wagner")

Nuclear Blast Allstars

2007 Into the Light Vocals (lead) (track 2), Vocals (backing) (track 5)


2015 Level Complete Vocals (track 6)


As Peter Wagner:

2000 Evilution Part II - Back to Attack Vocals (choirs)


1994 Live in der Zeche Carl (Video) Bass, Vocals


As Peavy Wagner:

2015 The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime Vocals (backing) (track 2)

The Arrow

2008 Lady Nite Vocals (track 6)

Victor Smolski

As Peavy Wagner:

2000 The Heretic Bass, Vocals, Narration
2004 Majesty & Passion Bass (track 10)

Mekong Delta

1987 Mekong Delta Lyrics (as "Jake Jenkins")
1988 The Music of Erich Zann Lyrics (as "Jake Jenkins")
1988 The Gnom (EP) Lyrics (as "Jake Jenkins")

Mind Odyssey

2009 Time to Change It Lyrics (track 9) (as "Peavy Wagner")


1987 Execution Guaranteed Producer
1992 Trapped! Co-Producer
1992 Beyond the Wall (EP) Producer
1993 The Missing Link Cover-concept
1995 Black in Mind Producer, Arrangements (as "Peavy Wagner")
1995 The Crawling Chaos (Single) Producer
1996 End of All Days Demo (Demo) Producer
1996 Lingua Mortis Producer (as "Peavy Wagner")
1996 End of All Days Producer, Songwriting, Lyrics
1996 Higher than the Sky (EP) Producer
1997 Live from the Vault (EP) Producer
1999 Ghosts Producer
2001 Welcome to the Other Side Lyrics (as "P. Wagner")
2002 Unity Lyrics
2003 Soundchaser Demo (Demo) Producer
2003 Soundchaser Producer, Lyrics
2006 Speak of the Dead Producer
2006 Full Moon (Single) Producer
2007 Full Moon in St. Petersburg (Video) Producer
2008 Carved in Stone Producer
2009 Gib dich nie auf (EP) Producer (tracks 1-3, 5)
2014 The Soundchaser Archives (Compilation) Producer
2016 My Way (EP) Executive producer
2016 The Devil Strikes Again / Second to None (Split) Executive producer, Songwriting, Lyrics
2016 The Devil Strikes Again Executive producer
2017 Seasons of the Black Producer, Executive producer
2019 Let Them Rest in Peace (Single) Executive producer
2019 True (Single) Executive producer
2019 Chasing the Twilight Zone (Single) Executive producer
2020 Wings of Rage Executive producer (as "Peavy Wagner")
2021 Virginity (Single) Executive producer
2021 Monetary Gods (Single) Executive producer
2021 Resurrection Day Executive producer (as "Peavy Wagner")
2021 Arrogance and Ignorance (Single) Executive producer
(show all)


2010 Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie (Video) Interviewee (DVD1) (as "Peavy Wagner")
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