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Pelle Saether

Pelle Saether

Real/full name:
Per-Olof Uno Michael Saether
57 (born Oct 27th, 1961)
Place of origin:
Sweden (Surahammar)

Grand Design


Mourning Sign

1996 Multiverse Vocals (clean)

The Bereaved

2004 Darkened Silhouette Vocals (clean) (track 3)

8 Foot Sativa

2004 Breed the Pain Producer
2007 Poison of Ages Producer, Mixing, Engineering


1994 Divine Orphan (Demo) Producer


2004 Pristine in Bondage Engineering, Mixing


2003 Cell 666 Producer (as "Pelle "Da Rose" Saether")
2005 Devilution Producer (as "Pelle "Da Rose" Saether")


2002 Perpetual Twilight Recording, Mixing, Engineering (as "P-O Saether")
2003 Far from Heaven Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2005 The Inquisition Engineering, Recording, Mixing
2006 The Final Requiem Recording, Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2011 Aftermath Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2014 Where Dreams Are Forgotten Engineering, Recording, Producer, Mixing
2019 End of All Hope Mixing

Carnal Forge

1998 Who's Gonna Burn Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2000 Firedemon Producer, Mixing, Recording, Engineering (as "Pelle "Liket" Saether")
2001 Please... Die! Engineering
2003 The More You Suffer Engineering
2004 Aren't You Dead Yet? Engineering


2008 Incompleteness in Absence Mixing, Mastering


2009 Infinite Stargaze Recording, Co-producer
2011 Out from the Cold Recording, Co-producer
2013 Frozen Paradise Recording, Co-producer


2002 Repent Engineering

Corporation 187

2000 Subliminal Fear Recording, Mixing
2002 Perfection in Pain Recording

Cryonic Temple

2002 Chapter I Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2003 Blood, Guts & Glory Producer, Engineering
2005 In Thy Power Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2008 Immortal Recording, Mixing, Producer
2018 Deliverance Producer


2010 The Urban Tribe (Single) Co-producer, Mixing
2010 Crime Scene Mixing, Co-producer

Diablo Swing Orchestra

2006 The Butcher's Ballroom Producer, Mixing, Engineering


2001 Synergy Producer
2002 A Thousand Deaths Producer, Engineering (as "P.O. Saether")
2008 The Gallery of Bleeding Art Engineering (as "P. O. Saether")


2005 Arcane Rain Fell Producer, Engineering

Ebony Tears

1999 A Handful of Nothing Producer
2001 Evil as Hell Producer, Engineering

Eternal Gray

2010 Your Gods, My Enemies Mixing, Engineering


2000 Undeceived Mixing


2002 Soulskinner Engineering, Mixing
2004 Made of Flesh Engineering, Mixing
2007 Structures of Death Mixing, Mastering

Frantic Amber

2015 Burning Insight Recording, Mixing


2009 Equal in the Eyes of Death Producer, Mixing, Mastering (as "P.O. Saether")


2008 End of My Road (EP) Mixing
2008 Chapter II: Aftermath Mixing

In Thy Dreams

1997 Stream of Dispraised Souls (EP) Producer
1999 The Gate of Pleasure Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Pelle "Sea Lion" Saether")
2001 Highest Beauty Mixing


2002 Built to Destroy Mixing


2003 Break Out Engineering (as "P-O Saether")


2013 Cyanide Christ Engineering (additional), Mixing (as "Saether")

Locomotive Breath

1997 Train of Events Mixing, Co-producer
2002 Heavy Machinery Engineering, Producer

Madder Mortem

2001 All Flesh Is Grass Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2002 Deadlands Engineering, Producer, Mixing


2000 Havets vargar Engineering (as "Pelle")
2003 Dödsfärd Recording, Mixing, Producer (as "Pelle Säther")
2005 Vredens tid Recording, Mixing, Producer (as "Pelle Säther")
2006 Urminnes hävd - The Forest Sessions (EP) Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "Pelle Säther")
2007 Vargstenen Producer, Recording, Mixing
2009 Nattväsen Recording, Mixing, Producer
2013 Legions of the North Producer, Recording (drums), Mixing
2015 Månegarm Recording, Producer, Mixing


1994 Dreaming Ice Engineering, Remixing, Producer, Mixing

Mourning Sign

1993 Alienor (EP) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1994 Mourning Sign Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1996 Multiverse Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2016 Last Chamber / Alienor (Compilation) Producer tracks 5-8, Mixing tracks 5-8, Engineering tracks 5-8


1999 Mater of All Evil Engineering, Mixing (as "Pelle "Take It Again" Saether")
2001 Black as Pitch Engineering (as "Pelle "Corleone Vai" Saether")


2001 Wielding the Scythe Engineering, Mixing


2002 Sweatshops Producer
2004 Das Kapital Producer, Recording, Mixing
2006 As God Kills Producer, Recording, Mixing

Nox Aurea

2010 Ascending in Triumph Mixing, Producer

October Tide

1999 Grey Dawn Engineering, Mixing


2011 Angelmaker Mixing
2011 The Angelmaker's Daughter Producer


2000 The Beginning (Demo) Engineering, Mixing

Requiem Laus

2008 The Eternal Plague Mixing, Mastering

Rising Faith

2003 The Arrival Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Pelle Säther")


1994 No Cause for Celebration Engineering, Mixing (as "Saether")


2005 The Second Incision Co-producer, Engineering, Mixing


2004 Wrapped in Plastic Producer, Mixing


2006 Violent Ambitions Mixing, Engineering
2012 To the Death Producer, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering


2013 Dermal Harvest Mixing, Engineering, Mastering


2004 Spectral Recording, Engineering, Producer, Mixing


1996 240.25 Actual Reality Engineering


2007 My Dividing Line Engineering, Producer

Steel Attack

1999 Where Mankind Fails Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "P.O. Saether")
2001 Fall into Madness Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "P.O. Saether")
2003 Predator of the Empire Producer, Recording, Mixing

Terror 2000

2000 Slaughterhouse Supremacy Mixing, Producer, Recording

The Bereaved

2004 Darkened Silhouette Recording, Producer, Mixing
2009 Daylight Deception Recording (drums, rhythm guitars, bass)

The Cold Existence

2009 Sombre Gates Producer (as "Pelle Seather")

The Fading

2009 In Sin We'll Find Salvation Producer, Engineering

The Storyteller

2005 Underworld Producer, engineering


1999 With Sardonic Wrath (EP) Mixing, Engineering
2001 Neither of Gods Mixing, Engineering
2003 Godhate Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Per-Olof Saether")


2014 Unable to Tame Mixing, Engineering


2019 World of Chaos Recording


2011 Legions of Bastards Producer


2001 Reality Producer, Mixing
2002 Buried Alive Recording, Mixing
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