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Real/full name:
Per Fredrik Åsly
33 (born Dec 21st, 1986)
Place of origin:
Norway (Sandefjord)


PelleK is known for his prolific YouTube channel, where he performs numerous on-request cover songs.


Has a four-octave vocal range (D2 - C6).


Vocals, Keyboards (2007-present)

2010 My Demons (EP) Vocals
2012 Bag of Tricks Vocals, Keyboards, Bass (track 2)
2013 Ocean of Opportunity Vocals (lead, backing), Orchestration
2013 Christmas with Pellek Vocals, Piano, Bass (as "Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly")
2014 Covers Vol. 1 (Compilation) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
2014 Covers Vol. 2 (Compilation) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
2014 Covers Vol. 7 (Compilation) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
2014 Covers Vol. 8 (Compilation) Vocals
2014 Covers Vol. 9 (Compilation) Vocals
2014 Covers Vol. 10 (Compilation) Vocals
2014 Covers Vol. 11 (Compilation) Vocals
2014 Covers Vol. 12 (Compilation) Vocals
2014 Cloud Dancers Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Piano (as "Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly")
2015 Covers Vol. 13 (Compilation) Vocals
2016 A Marvelous Method of Reclusion Vocals, Piano, Programming (as "Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly")
2017 Covers Vol. 28 (Compilation) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
2017 Covers Vol. 29 (Compilation) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
2018 Covers Vol. 30 (Compilation) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Guitars
2018 Absolute Steel Vocals
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Damnation Angels

Vocals (lead) (2010-2015)

2012 Bringer of Light Vocals (lead)
2015 The Valiant Fire Vocals (lead)

Fraser Edwards


2016 I Am God Vocals

Nibiru Ordeal

Vocals (additional) (2015)


Vocals (2013-2016)

2014 The Phantonauts Vocals (as "Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly")

The Anabasis

Vocals (2010-?)

2011 Back from Being Gone Vocals


Vocals (2016)


2017 Land of Light Vocals (lead) (track 5)

Edge of Attack

As Pellek:

2013 Edge of Attack Vocals (on "Set the World Aflame")


2015 The 80s Meet Metal (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 2,3)

Nibiru Ordeal

2015 Spacebeast (EP) Vocals


2011 Swedish Hitz Goes Metal (Compilation) Vocals (track 2)
2012 Welcome to the Theater Vocals (lead) (Track 6) (as "Per Fredrik Åsly")


2012 Bag of Tricks Recording
2013 Ocean of Opportunity Harmonica recording, Miscellaneous drums and SFX recording
2014 Cloud Dancers Recording (as "Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly")
2016 A Marvelous Method of Reclusion Recording (as "Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly")
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