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Paul Romano

Paul Romano

Real/full name:
Paul A. Romano
Place of birth:
United States (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Paul Romano is an artist and designer living and working in Philadelphia. He grew up in the very same city and studied at the University of the Arts and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He works as a professional artist since the early 90s and in the music industry since 2000.

A Life Once Lost

2005 Hunter Art direction, Artwork, Design
2007 Iron Gag Artwork, Design, Art direction

Across Tundras

2004 Divides (EP) Artwork

Agoraphobic Nosebleed

2001 Ssp. . .Sp. .Split (Split) Design (as "Paul A. Romano")


2005 Empires Art direction, Artwork, Design, (as "Paul A. Romano")
2007 Animal Artwork, Design


2012 Yellow & Green Artwork


2006 Earthworm (EP) Artwork, Art direction, Design (as "Paul A. Romano")
2007 Katapult Artwork, Art direction, design

Dead to Fall

2004 Villainy & Virtue Artwork, Design
2006 The Phoenix Throne Art direction, Artwork, Design
2008 Are You Serious? Art direction, Artwork, Design


2001 Behind the Mourner's Veil (EP) Design, Photography


2001 Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars Live (Live album) Photography, Design (as "Paul A. Romano")
2005 Legacy of Dissolution (Compilation) Artwork


2000 Messiah (EP) Artwork

Hate Eternal

2005 I, Monarch Design, Art direction, Artwork
2006 The Perilous Fight (Video) Artwork, Cover art, Art direction, Design
2008 Fury & Flames Artwork, Design, Art direction
2011 Phoenix Amongst the Ashes Cover art, Art direction, Design


2007 Summon in Thunder Artwork, Design, Art direction

John Frum

2017 A Stirring in the Noos Layout, Logo


2006 When Worlds Collide Art direction, Artwork, Design (as "Paul A. Romano")


2002 Remission Artwork
2004 Leviathan Artwork, Design (as "Paul A. Romano")
2005 Mastodon / American Heritage (Split) Artwork (as "P. Romano")
2006 Call of the Mastodon (Compilation) Art direction, Artwork, Design
2006 The Workhorse Chronicles: The Early Years 2000-2005 (Video) Artwork, Design
2006 Crystal Skull (Single) Artwork
2006 Capillarian Crest (Single) Artwork
2006 Blood Mountain Art Direction, Artwork & Design
2006 The Wolf Is Loose (Single) Artwork
2009 Divinations (Single) Artwork, Design
2009 Oblivion (Single) Artwork, Design
2009 Crack the Skye Art direction, Artwork, Design (as "Paul A. Romano")
2021 Hushed and Grim Art direction, Artwork, Design
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2003 Helvete Artwork, Design

Pharaoh Overlord

2003 #2 Artwork, Design (as "Paul A. Romano")


2006 What Have We Become Design, Art direction, Artwork


2005 Croatoan Art direction, Artwork, Design

The Red Chord

2005 Clients Art direction, Artwork, Design
2007 Prey for Eyes Artwork, Design

The Silver

2021 Ward of Roses Artwork, Layout

Through the Eyes of the Dead

2005 Bloodlust Artwork (as "Paul A. Romano")
2007 Malice Design, Artwork, Art direction
2010 Skepsis Art direction, Design, Artwork


2005 Ascendancy Artwork, Design
2006 The Crusade Design, Art direction, Artwork
2008 Shogun Artwork, Design


2005 Memento Mori Artwork, Design
2008 Folie Circulaire Cover art
2010 Dualitas Design, Art direction, Artwork
2016 Grief Relic Cover art
2021 Verloren Cover art
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