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Paul Chain

Paul Chain

Real/full name:
Paolo Catena
61 (born Jun 27th, 1962)
Place of birth:
Italy (Ancona, Marche)


Paul Chain is NOT dead; his alias is, as it was stated. Paul is now going under Paolo Catena, his real name.

The pseudonym Paul Chain was an English translation of his name.

Founder of Day Records and New LM Records.

1977-1984 Death SS
1979-1984 Paul Chain Group
1984-1987 Paul Chain Violet Theatre

P.C. Translate

As Paul Cat:
Everything (2004-2007), Guitars, Vocals (2007-present)

Paolo Catena

As Paolo Catena:
All instruments (2012-present)


Organ (1986-1988)

Death SS

Guitars, Organ, Vocals (1977-1984)

1982 Demo II (Demo) Guitars
1983 Evil Metal (EP) Guitars, Vocals (lead) (track 3)
1987 The Story of Death SS 1977-1984 (Compilation) Guitars (lead), Organ, Vocals (lead) (track 9), Vocals (backing)
1988 The Story of Death SS Vol. 2 (Demo) Guitars, Organ, Vocals
2004 The Horned God of the Witches (Compilation) Guitars, Organ, Vocals
2017 The Horned God of the Witches (Demo) Guitars (as "Paul Chain, The Death")

Lola Sprint and The Cat

Unknown (2010-?)

Paul Cat for Ambientalism

As Paul Cat:
All instruments (2009-2012)

Paul Chain

Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (1987-2003)

1987 King of the Dream / Welcome (Split) Guitars, Vocals (lead)
1988 Ash (EP) Guitars, Vocals (lead), Organ, Electronic Instruments
1989 Life and Death Bass (track 2), Guitars, Organ, Vocals (lead) (tracks 1-5)
1989 Violet Art of Improvisation Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
1989 Mirror (Single) Guitars, Vocals (lead), Organ, Bass Pedal
1990 Opera Decima - The World of the End All instruments, Vocals
1991 Whited Sepulchres Bass (track 1), Guitars, Vocals, Organ, Synth, Special effects (tracks 2-5)
1991 Les temps du grand frère (Single) Guitars, keyboards, vocals
1992 Live 1 (Live album) Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
1993 Live 3 (Live album) Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
1993 In Concert (Live album) Guitars, Vocals (lead)
1993 Live 4 (Live album) Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
1993 Sangue / Fammi Sorridere (Split) Guitars
1994 Dies Irae All instruments
1994 Relative Tapes Vol. 5 (Compilation) Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
1995 Alkahest Guitars, Organ (on all intros & track 3), Vocals (lead) (tracks 1-5)
1996 Yellow Acid (Single) Guitars, Vocals
1997 Emisphere All instruments
1998 Paul Chain Experimental Information / Fucktotum (Split) Guitars, Vocals
1999 Official Live Bootleg (Live album) Vocals (backing) on tracks 1.1-1.3 & 2.1-2.5, Guitars, Echo Tape and Special Effects, Vocals (lead) on tracks 1.2 and 2.2-2.4
2000 Solitude Man (Single) All instruments, Vocals
2000 Full Moon Improvisation / Window to Hell (Split) Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
2001 Master of All Times Bass keyboard, Hammond organ, Keyboards, Vocals
2001 Sign from Space Bass, Keyboards, Synths, Vocals (lead)
2001 Sanctuary Heve (Single) Guitars, Vocals (lead), Organ, All instruments on track 2
2002 Park of Reason Bass, Vocals (lead), All instruments (tracks 1-2, 4, 8), Synths, Guitars
2002 Paul Chain Experimental Information / Container 47 (Split) Keyboards
2002 Johar / Paul Chain (Split) Guitars, Organ, Mellotron, Violin, Vocals
2003 Cosmic Wind Bass, Keyboards, Synths, Vocals (lead)
2004 Unreleased Vol. 1 (Compilation) Keyboards (tracks 1, 8), Special effects (tracks 10, 11), Guitars (tracks 2-7), Drum programming (track 11), Bass (tracks 4, 6), Vocals (tracks 1, 4, 6-8), All instruments (tracks 12, 13), Organ (track 9)
2016 Live a Cattolica 5.8.1988 (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
2020 Bloodwing / Nibiru Dawn (Collaboration) Guitars, Spoken Vocals (on track B)
2021 Is Dead Volume 1 (Compilation) All instruments
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Paul Chain - The Improvisor

Unknown (1999-2003)

Paul Chain Experimental Information

Unknown (2001-2003)

Paul Chain Group

Vocals, Guitars (1979-1984)

Paul Chain Violet Theatre

Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards (1984-1987)

1984 Detaching from Satan (EP) Songwriting, Vocals (lead) (tracks 1-3), Bass (track 4), Guitars, Organ, Vocals (backing)
1986 In the Darkness Vocals (lead) (tracks 1-4, 8), Guitars
1986 Highway to Hell (EP) Guitars, Keyboards, Organ, Synths, Vocals
1987 Opera 4th Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (lead), Effects
2011 Vivid Eyes in the Dark (Compilation) Guitars, vocals

Steve Sylvester

Guitars (1993-1996)

1993 Free Man Guitars
1994 Free Man - Live + Clip (Video) Guitars
1996 Broken Soul (Single) Guitars
1998 Mad Messiah Guitars (tracks 1, 4, 5, 9), Keyboards (track 6)
1998 Love Has Torn Me Apart (Single) Guitars (track 1)


1992 Expectoraction of Blood (Demo) Keyboards, Effects


1989 Hoka Hey Keyboards (track 7)


1992 Sarkoma (Demo) Keyboards (tracks 1, 4)


1997 Lærvarium Guitars (lead) (track 9)


1998 Sand'Son Guitars (tracks 2, 4 & 7)

Alexander Scardavian

2002 Strange Here? Mixing, Mastering, Producer

Black Magick

1996 Illusion (Single) Producer


1996 In Myself Producer

Crystal Tears

1997 In a Winter Fairytale (EP) Producer, Recording, Mixing

Death SS

1987 The Story of Death SS 1977-1984 (Compilation) Producer
1992 The Story of Death SS 1977-1984 (Compilation) Liner notes


1996 Violentherapy (EP) Producer


1996 Demo 95-96 (Demo) Engineering


1992 Expectoraction of Blood (Demo) Producer


1987 Condition of Death (Demo) Producer
1989 The Cataclysm (EP) Producer
1991 Psychopathic Intentions (EP) Producer
1994 Friends Recording, Engineering, Mixing
1995 World of Illusions (EP) Recording, Mixing
1995 Time Goes By (EP) Recording, Mixing
1996 September Engineering, Producer


2001 Holy Quest Producer


1996 Insider Mixing

Loosin 'o' Frequencies

2000 Regeneration (EP) Engineering, Producer

Lumen Moritur

1999 White Damsel (Demo) Producer, Recording, Mixing

Paul Chain

1989 Life and Death Producer
1989 Violet Art of Improvisation Producer, Cover art
1990 Opera Decima - The World of the End Producer
1991 Whited Sepulchres Cover concept, Producer (as "P. Chain")
1991 Les temps du grand frère (Single) Producer
1994 Dies Irae Cover art (concept), Engineering, Producer
1995 Alkahest Photography, Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1997 Emisphere Engineering, Mixing, Producer, Cover art
1997 Mirror (Compilation) Remastering
1999 Official Live Bootleg (Live album) Producer
2000 Solitude Man (Single) Engineering, Producer
2001 Master of All Times Cover art (concept), Engineering, Mastering, Producer
2001 Sanctuary Heve (Single) Engineering, Producer
2002 Park of Reason Art direction, Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
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Paul Chain Violet Theatre

1984 Detaching from Satan (EP) Producer
1987 Opera 4th Producer

Run After To

1988 Run After To (EP) Producer


1992 Sarkoma (Demo) Producer


1997 Lærvarium Engineering, Mixing, Producer, Songwriting (track 9)

Steve Sylvester

1993 Free Man Co-producer (tracks 2-4, 7)
1998 Mad Messiah Co-producer, Engineering
1998 Love Has Torn Me Apart (Single) Engineering, Producer


1997 Fobia (EP) Producer


1988 Back from the Ruins Executive producer


1998 Sand'Son Producer

White Lilith

1997 Latent Oneiric Thought Artistic producer
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