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Patrik Jerksten

Patrik Jerksten

Real/full name:
Anders Patrik Jerksten
49 (born Jul 19th, 1974)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Gothenburg, Västra Götaland)


Patrik Jerksten is a professional sound engineer, working extensively at Sweden's Studio Fredman owned by Fredrik Nordström, who invited him to join Dream Evil after the departure of drummer Snowy Shaw in 2006.


The band Passenger was a relatively short-lived collaboration between Niclas Engelin and Anders Fridén. They released one, self-titled, album in 2003.

Crawl Back to Zero


The Fifth Sun


2004 The Hunger to Survive Percussion, Drums

Dream Evil

As Pat Power:
Drums (2006-2019)

2006 United (Split) Drums
2006 United Drums
2008 Gold Medal in Metal (Alive & Archive) (Video) Drums
2010 In the Night Drums
2017 Six Drums

Flesh of Sights

As Patrik Jerkstone:

1993 Sights (Demo) Guitars


Drums (1995-2004)

Transport League

As Patrik Sten:

2000 Satanic Panic Percussion, Drums (as "Patrik J Sten")

Cipher System

As Patrik J-Sten:

2004 Central Tunnel 8 Vocals (track 8)

Dimmu Borgir

2023 Inspiratio Profanus (Compilation) Guitars (lead) (track 2)

Dream Evil

As Patrik J.:

2002 DragonSlayer Vocals (choirs)
2004 The Book of Heavy Metal Vocals (choir) (tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10)


1997 Two Feet Stand Vocals (tracks 1, 2)


As Patrik J.:

2005 Born II Rock Drums (track 1)
2007 Memories in Black Vocals (backing) (track 4)


As Patrik J. Sten:

2005 Descent into Chaos Guitars (lead) (track 2), Guitars (harmony) (track 5), Vocals (backing), Samples
2010 Vengeance Descending (Compilation) Guitars (lead) (disc 2, track 2), Guitars (harmony) (disc 2, track 5), Vocals (backing), Samples

The Haunted

As Patrik J. Sten:

2003 One Kill Wonder Vocals (additional) (track 5)

Arch Enemy

2007 Rise of the Tyrant Engineering
2007 Revolution Begins (EP) Recording


2007 Breed Mixing

Buried Dreams

2002 Necrosphere Engineering, Mixing (as "Patrick J.")


2005 Stygian Mixing (as "Patrik J. Sten")

Cipher System

2004 Central Tunnel 8 Mixing, Producer, Engineering (as "Patrik J-Sten")


2004 Fire Ant Moving Co. Recording (as "Patrik J. Sten")

Cypher Seer

2007 Awakening Day Mixing (as "Patrik J. Sten")

Dark Tranquillity

2002 Damage Done Engineering (as "Patrik J. Sten")

Dimension F3H

2003 Reaping the World Winds Mixing (as "Patrik J. Sten")

Dimmu Borgir

2003 Death Cult Armageddon Engineering (assistant) (as "Patrik Sten")
2007 In Sorte Diaboli Engineering, Producer (as "Patrik J")


2002 Holy War (The Dragonland Chronicles Part II) Engineering, Recording, Mixing
2006 Astronomy Mixing, Producer, Engineering (as "Patrik J.")


2005 Black Wings of Destiny Recording (additional) (as "Patrik J.")

Dream Evil

2003 Evilized Engineering (assistant) (as "Patrik J.")
2004 The Book of Heavy Metal Engineering (assistant) (as "Patrik J.")
2006 United Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Patrik J Stone")
2008 Gold Medal in Metal (Alive & Archive) (Video) Mixing (as "Patrik J.")

Eclipse Eternal

2008 Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond the Species Mixing (as "Patrick J. Sten")

Eternal Oath

2005 Wither Engineering, Mixing (as "Patrik Sten")


2003 Recreation Day Mixing


2005 Forged by Fire Mixing (as "Patrik J. Sten")
2006 Allegiance Mixing (assistant) (as "Patrik J. Sten")


1997 Two Feet Stand Lyrics (track 2)
1999 Soulburner Arrangements (vocals)


2005 10 Steps to Hell Mixing (as "Patrik")


2004 Volume One Producer, Engineering
2005 Born II Rock Producer, Engineering (as "Patrik J.")
2007 Memories in Black Engineering, Producer (as "Patrik J.")


2002 Deus Diabolus Inversus Engineering (as "Patrik J")

I Killed the Prom Queen

2006 Music for the Recently Deceased Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Patrik J Sten")

Lost Dreams

2008 End of Time Mixing (as "Patrik J. Sten")


2003 Mindcrimes Mixing
2006 UNSU Mixing, Recording Assistant

Machinae Supremacy

2006 Redeemer Mixing (as "Patrik J")

Madder Mortem

2006 Desiderata Mixing (as "Patrick J. Sten")


2007 Some Kind of Hate Mixing (as "Patrik J Sten")


2003 Sweet Vengeance Engineering (assistant) (as "Patrik J. Sten")
2005 Descent into Chaos Mixing, Engineering, Editing, Producer (as "Patrik J. Sten")
2010 Vengeance Descending (Compilation) Engineering (assistant) (disc 1), Producer, Engineering, Mixing (disc 2) (as "Patrik J. Sten")


2007 No Way Back (EP) Mixing (as "Patrik")
2008 N Mixing (tracks 13-15) (as "Patrik")
2008 N Mixing (tracks 13, 14) (as "Patrik")

Old Man's Child

2003 In Defiance of Existence Mixing, Engineering (as "Patrik J.")
2005 Vermin Recording, Mixing (as "Patrik J. Sten")

One Without

2005 Lonely Moments (Demo) Producer, Mixing (as "Patrik J. Sten")

Pagan's Mind

2002 Celestial Entrance Editing (as "Patrik J. Steen")
2005 Enigmatic: Calling Mixing (as "Patrik J. Steen")


2005 Return in Bloodred Engineering (as "Patrik J Sten")
2007 Lupus Dei Mixing (as "Patrik J Sten")

Red Harvest

2004 Internal Punishment Programs Mixing (as "Patrik J. Sten")


2007 Eraser Mixing (as "Patrik J Sten")


2003 Sumerian Daemons Engineering (as "Patrik J.")


2002 Suicide by My Side Recording (as "Patrik J. Sten")


2004 Yellow Acid Rain Mixing (as "Patrick J.")


2002 Natural Born Chaos Engineering (as "Patrik J. Sten")
2003 Figure Number Five Songwriting (track 7), Engineering (vocals, bass), Co-producer (vocals, bass), Mixing, Additional Pro Tools (as "Patrick J. Sten")
2003 Figure Number Five / Natural Born Chaos (Compilation) Engineering (vocals, bass), Co-producer (vocals, bass), Mixing, Additional Pro Tools, Songwriting (track 7) (as "Patrick J. Sten")

Spiritual Beggars

2005 Demons Mixing (assistant)


2004 Unlimited Engineering (drums), Mixing (as "Patrik J. Sten")

Tad Morose

2003 Modus Vivendi Mixing (as "Patrik Sten")

Tellus Terror

2014 EZ Life DV8 Engineering (drums - click corrections) (as "Pat Power")

The Crown

2003 Possessed 13 Engineering, Mixing (as "Patrick J. Sten")

The Fifth Sun

2004 The Hunger to Survive Producer, Engineering (as "Patrik J Sten")

The Haunted

2003 One Kill Wonder Engineering (as "Patrik J. Sten")
2004 Revolver Producer, Engineering (as "Patrik J. Sten")

The Storyteller

2003 Tales of a Holy Quest Engineering, mixing (as "Patrik J. Steen")


2002 Pervertigo Mixing, Recording


2006 Onwards Mixing (as "Patrik J.")


2006 The Black Flame Engineering (as "Patrik J.")


2008 Not in Vain Mixing


2006 Disintegrate Mixing, Producer (as "Patrik J.")
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