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Pat O'Brien

Pat O'Brien

Real/full name:
Patrick Q. O'Brien
55 (born Dec 15th, 1965)
Place of origin:
United States (Hebron, Kentucky)


Born in northern Kentucky, Pat graduated from Conner High School in Hebron, Kentucky in 1983. He currently resides in Florida and is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. He owns a collection of guns including a Spas 12, an AK-74, and various tactical assault rifles. He has writing credits on some of Cannibal Corpse's more complicated songs, including "Hatchet to the Head", ...


On December 10th, 2018, Pat O'Brien was arrested after the burglary of a house and the assault on a responding deputy. According to reports, he broke into a home and attacked one of the occupants after he was told to leave. When police officers arrived, he charged one of them with a knife and was subsequently tased and taken into custody.

The day after, several weapons were found in his house, ...

Cannibal Corpse

Guitars (lead) (1997-2020)

1998 Gallery of Suicide Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 4, 7, 9)
1999 Bloodthirst Songwriting (tracks 2, 5, 8), Guitars
2000 Sacrifice / Confessions (EP) Guitars
2000 Live Cannibalism (Live album) Guitars
2000 Live Cannibalism (Video) Guitars
2002 Gore Obsessed Songwriting (tracks 2, 6, 8), Guitars
2003 Worm Infested (EP) Guitars, Songwriting (track 1)
2003 15 Year Killing Spree (Compilation) Guitars (lead)
2004 The Wretched Spawn Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 1, 2, 4, 9)
2004 Metal Blade Records: 20th Anniversary Party (Split) Guitars
2006 Sounds of the Underground Tour 2006: Live & Rare (Split) Guitars (rhythm)
2006 Kill Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 2, 6, 10, 13)
2009 Evisceration Plague Songwriting (tracks 3, 7), Guitars
2011 Global Evisceration (Live album) Guitars
2011 Global Evisceration (Video) Guitars
2012 Torture Songwriting (tracks 1, 5, 7, 12), Guitars
2013 Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal (Compilation) Guitars (lead)
2013 Torturing and Eviscerating Live (Live album) Guitars
2013 Make Them Suffer (Live) (Single) Guitars
2014 A Skeletal Domain Songwriting (tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 12), Guitars
2017 Red Before Black Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 2, 4, 5, 7)
2018 Red Before Black (Single) Guitars
(show all)



1992 Ceremony (Demo) Guitars
1992 Demo #2 (Demo) Guitars
1993 The Days Before the Death (EP) Guitars


Guitars (1986)

Deus Vult

Guitars (1989)


Guitars (1994-1996)

1996 In Memory (EP) Guitars
1996 The Politics of Ecstasy Guitars
2009 Manifesto of Nevermore (Compilation) Guitars (tracks 9-12)


Guitars (1996-1997)


Guitars (2011)

Jeff Loomis

2008 Zero Order Phase Guitars (lead) (track 6)


2008 Prevail Guitars (lead) (track 10)


1995 Your Favorite God (EP) Guitars (on bonus track)


2020 Black (EP) Guitars (lead) (track 4)

Spawn of Possession

2006 Noctambulant Guitars (lead) (track 4)
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