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Pat E.

Real/full name:
Pat E.
Place of origin:

Embalming Theatre

Bass (1995-present)

2000 Even Shakespeare Fed the Worms / Piles Left to Rot (Split) Bass (as "M. Balm")
2001 FxExNxGx / Cardinal Pad O. Phile (Split) Bass (as "Sr. Almoa T. D. Ead")
2001 Catapult for Steaming Cadavers / Ignorance (Split) Bass (as "Jack-Pierce D.")
2002 Theatre of the Macabre (Demo) Bass
2002 I Can Smell That They Are Dead (Demo) Bass (as "Gustavo di Garramba de los Hueros Muchas")
2003 Rags to Riches / The Island of Dr. Meat (Split) Bass (as "Cow-Yun-Fat")
2003 Web-Cam in My Coffin / Suicidal Bombers (Split) Bass
2003 F. F. Roy / Daddy Raped My Girlfriends (Split) Bass (as "A. M. Puta Ting")
2003 Sewn Shut / Embalming Theatre (Split) Bass (as "G. Reedy")
2003 Sweet Chainsaw Melodies Bass, Vocals (backing) (as "Rub Bish")
2004 Embalming Theatre / Jigsore / Dysmorfic / Kadaverficker (Split) Bass (as "E.T.")
2004 Death Metal Karaoke / My Flesh Creeps at Insects (Split) Bass (as "M. U.")
2004 Hormones from the Dead (EP) Bass
2004 Sex Drugs Grindcore / You Eat What I Have Raped (Split) Bass (as "Celia Blanco")
2005 Split-Organ (Split) Bass (as "Mr. J. Ambon")
2005 Exquisite Cadaveric Hormon Cocktails (Compilation) Bass
2005 Electric Torture in Her Cunt / Eyes Clotted with Dreams (Split) Bass (as "Harry")
2005 The World Is a Stage... for Murder! Bass (as "E. Mong")
2006 Jane Saw Me (Compilation) Bass
2006 Victims (Split) Bass (as "Miss Ery")
2006 Buried / Furtive Dissection (Split) Bass (as "Steve Zissou")
2006 Wrong Choice / Gay for Christopher Reeve (Split) Bass (as "Charlon Therize")
2007 D-Composition (Split) Bass (as "Stella")
2008 Split-Personality (Split) Bass (as "F. Ulda")
2009 The Roomrate Includes a Rotten Roommate / Terrible Human (Split) Bass (as "B. Apparent")
2010 Unamused Rancid Flesh Guitars (as "B. Rain")
2010 Hospitalized (Split) Bass (as "Han A. Solo")
2011 Tramontata Luce / Conservation (Split) Bass (as "Tash Crest")
2012 Plastic Whores 2011 / The Assimilation of an Inhuman Beast (Split) Bass (as "Cell Phons")
2012 Beat Mum to Death (Split) Bass (as "Miss O.Gamist")
2012 Eat Her Eyes / Kill the Monster Before It Eats the Kids (Split) Bass (as "Wade St.Ealth")
2012 Buried with Friends (Split) Bass (as "Hackl Schorsch")
2013 Absence of Mercy / Untitled (Split) Bass (as "Cyril Anka")
2013 Mommy Died - Mummified / Hellnoise (Split) Bass (as "Dex Terity")
2013 Infectious (EP) Bass (as "Renia T. Noc")
2014 United in Putrid Harmony / Untitled (Split) Bass (as "Reven Stogers")
2014 No Grind for Old Men (EP) Bass
2015 Sadisticannibal (EP) Bass
2015 Hand Grenade Baptism (EP) Bass (as "Derin St. Ruktor")
2016 Re-Animated Tomb Contents (Live at Sedel) (Live album) Bass
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