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Pasi Koskinen

Pasi Koskinen

Real/full name:
Pasi Antero Koskinen
50 (born 1972)
Place of birth:
Finland (Helsinki, Uusimaa)


Was married to Natalie Koskinen (née Safrosskin).


As Ruoja:
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (1996-2012, 2016-present)

1998 Helvetissä on syntisen taivas (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2001 Itse Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Lyrics
2003 Kuolema Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2004 Tyhjyys Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2004 Ilon juhla (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2005 Joulu-single 2005 (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2006 Äpäre Vocals, Guitars
2006 Sika (Single) Guitars, Vocals
2007 Kalmanto Vocals, Guitars
2007 Tulppaani (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2009 Noitumaa Vocals, Guitars, Jew's Harp (as "Itse Ruoja Suruntuoja")
2011 Murhat Vocals
2017 Lupaus Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
(show all)


Vocals (2018-present)

Datura Nemesis

Vocals, Guitars (2013-present)


Vocals (lead) (1995-2004)

1996 Elegy Vocals
1997 My Kantele (EP) Vocals, Songwriting (track 2)
1999 Divinity / Northern Lights (Single) Vocals
1999 Tuonela Lyrics (tracks 1-9), Vocals
2001 Alone (Single) Vocals
2001 Am Universum Vocals, Lyrics
2003 Day of Your Beliefs (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2003 Far from the Sun Vocals, Lyrics
2003 Evil Inside (Single) Lyrics, Vocals


Vocals (2005-?)

2006 Spaceball (Single) Vocals
2006 Hellroad Caravan Vocals, Lyrics (track 1-5, 7-10) (as "Pasi")
2006 Under the Sign of the Wolf (Split) Vocals (as "Pasi")

Shape of Despair

Vocals (2001-2010)

2001 Angels of Distress Vocals (as "P.K.")
2004 Illusion's Play Vocals
2005 Shape of Despair (Compilation) Vocals (track 1)
2010 Written in My Scars (EP) Vocals, Lyrics

St. Mucus

Vocals, Guitars (1992-1994)

1994 Evacuate the Bowels (EP) Vocals, Guitars

To Separate the Flesh from the Bones

As Herr Arschstein:
Vocals, Guitars (2002-?)

2004 For Those About to Rot (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2004 Utopia Sadistica Guitars, Vocals


Vocals (2010)


2013 Womb of Lilithu Vocals (backing) (additional), Vocals (track 8)


2009 Vuoroveri Vocals (backing) (track 1)

The Black League

2005 A Place Called Bad Vocals (backing) (tracks 2, 4)


2007 Kalmanto Producer, Music, Lyrics, Cover art (painting) (as "Ruoja")
2009 Noitumaa Producer (as "Itse Ruoja Suruntuoja")
2017 Lupaus Cover art


1999 Tuonela Lyrics (translation)

Shape of Despair

2015 Monotony Fields Lyrics (track 8)

St. Mucus

1995 Natural Mutation Lyrics (tracks 4, 9, 14), Songwriting (track 14)
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