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Para Bellum

Para Bellum

Real/full name:
Dmitriy Popov
49 (born Jun 30th, 1972)
Place of origin:
Russia (St. Petersburg)


Brother of Abysslooker.


Owner of Hungry AK-47 Productions.

Editor of Sotsirh Susii 'zine ("Jesus Christ" backwards in Russian). In the 90s, two issues were published in Russian (under the name "Сотсирх Сусии"); in 2019, the zine was revived in English.


Bass, Vocals (1998-present)

1998 Saturn Sector Bass (as "Black Angel Para Bellum")
1998 Promo '98 (Demo) Bass (as "Black Angel Para Bellum")
2001 Grave of the Light (EP) Bass (as "Black Angel Para Bellum")
2002 Saturn Sector Vocals (track 13)
2002 Fucking Fullmoon Foundation Vocals, Lyrics
2004 Bottomless Armageddon Bass, Vocals
2004 Desecrated by Satan's Lust / Sun Is Setting in the North - Total (Split) Vocals
2004 Mortifera / Blackdeath (Split) Vocals, Lyrics
2004 Satan macht frei Vocals
2005 Horna / Blackdeath (Split) Vocals
2005 Totentanz II / Portrait in Scars (Split) Vocals
2007 Fanatical (Demo) Vocals
2008 Vortex Vocals
2009 Chronicles of Hellish Circles (Compilation) Bass (track 7), Vocals
2010 Katharsis: Kalte Lieder aus der Hölle Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
2011 Jesus Wept (EP) Bass, Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 1-3, 5)
2013 Φόβος (Phobos) Bass, Vocals (as "Colonel Para Bellum")
2014 Satanas ∴ Retro ∴ Vade (EP) Bass, Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 1, 2) (as "Colonel Para Bellum")
2015 Gift Bass, Lyrics, Vocals (as "Colonel Para Bellum")
2016 Totentanz (Compilation) Lyrics (tracks 3, 6-8), Vocals
2018 Chronicles of Hellish Circles II (Compilation) Bass, Vocals (as "Colonel Para Bellum")
2018 Mein Inferno (Compilation) Bass (tracks 1, 2, 6-11), Vocals (tracks 3-11)
2019 Phantasmhassgorie Vocals, Bass, Lyrics (as "Colonel Para Bellum")
(show all)


As He-Who-Is-Encased-in-Armor:
Bass (1996-present)

1996 Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn (Demo) Bass
2006 Es ist kalt hier (Unaussprechlichen Kulten) (Split) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass (tracks 1-8), Bass, Vocals (tracks 9-12)
2012 XXI Century Sessions (Compilation) Conductor (tracks 2-5), Effects
2018 Hallucinations in the Colour Out of Space Bass
2020 Hallucinations at the Mountains of Madness Bass, Effects (as "Colonel Para Bellum")

Cthulhu Biomechanical

Vocals, Bass, Keyboards (2001-present)

Nuclear Cthulhu

As He-Who-Is-Encased-in-Armor:
Bass, Vocals, Shofar (2015-present)

2016 Desecration Bass, Vocals, Shofar, Lyrics
2017 Demonic Laughter (Single) Bass, Vocals, Shofar

Ordo ad Chao

As The Black Colonel:
Vocals (2019-present)

2020 Fear the Invisible Lyrics, Vocals


Guitars (1990-1991)

Black Draugwath


1995 Dwellers of the Cursed Forest (Demo) Keyboards
1996 Apocalyptic Songs (Demo) Bass
1998 Evanescence / The Bottomless Armageddon (Split) Bass (as "Black Angel Para Bellum")
2004 Apocalyptic Songs (Compilation) Bass
2013 The True Bottomless Armageddon Bass


Guitars (1991-1992)


Keyboards, Effects (1993)


As Bilröst:
Bass (2016-present)


1998 Behold the Apocalypse (Demo) Intro


As Colonel Para Bellum:

2018 Там? Где! Vocals (additional)

Black Draugwath

1995 Promo 1995 (Demo) Recording
1995 Dwellers of the Cursed Forest (Demo) Recording
1996 Apocalyptic Songs (Demo) Cover photo
2013 The True Bottomless Armageddon Lyrics (track 5)


2002 Saturn Sector Lyrics (track 13)
2004 Desecrated by Satan's Lust / Sun Is Setting in the North - Total (Split) Lyrics
2004 Satan macht frei Lyrics
2005 Horna / Blackdeath (Split) Lyrics
2005 Totentanz II / Portrait in Scars (Split) Lyrics
2007 Fanatical (Demo) Lyrics (except track 6)
2013 Φόβος (Phobos) Lyrics
2013 Fanatical (Demo) Cover photo
2018 Chronicles of Hellish Circles II (Compilation) Layout (as "Colonel Para Bellum")
2019 Phantasmhassgorie Layout

Nuclear Cthulhu

2017 Demonic Laughter (Single) Cover photo (as "Col. Para Bellum")
2020 Demonic Laughter (Single) Photography, Layout (as "P. B.")


1997 Hate to the Light of Life (Demo) Cover photo
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