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Pablo the Elephant

Real/full name:
Павел Антонов / Pavel Antonov
Place of origin:


2009 In the Ruins Artwork, Cover art
2010 Dark Authority Artwork, Cover art
2011 Walpurgis Night (Video) Design, Cover art
2012 Mystic Artwork, Cover art
2015 From Black Abyss Cover art, Artwork


2011 Escaping from Yourself Layout, Artwork, Design
2014 Evaluation Machines Cover art, Design


1997 Water Cover art, Layout (reissue)

Deviant Syndrome

2011 Inflicted Deviations Design, Cover art, Layout


2007 Cry for Me (EP) Artwork, Logo
2012 Not like Before (Compilation) Artwork, Logo
2013 Maybe One Day (Compilation) Artwork, Logo
2015 Deadline Pressure (Single) Logo (as "Pablo Antonov")
2015 An Angel with No Home (EP) Artwork, Logo (as "Pablo Antonov")
2015 Grey Anguish Logo, Artwork (as "Pablo Antonov")
2015 Paradise (EP) Artwork (as "Pablo Antonov")
2015 Pride & Hate (EP) Artwork
2015 Metal on Loud! (EP) Logo (as "Pablo Antonov")
2016 The Hate Inside (Single) Artwork (as "Pablo Antonov")
2016 Currency of Life (Single) Artwork (as "Pablo Antonov")
2016 Planetary Cancer Artwork, Logo
2017 We Are the Voice (Single) Artwork, Logo (as "Pablo Antonov")
2017 Loss Artwork, Logo (as "Pablo Antonov")
2017 Pieces of Heart (Single) Artwork, Logo (as "Pablo Antonov")
2018 Never Again (EP) Cover art
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2005 Runaway - Simple Thing (Single) Artwork, Design
2006 Divine Revolution Artwork


2017 Come Alive (Single) Cover art
2018 It's Too Late (Single) Cover art
2018 Feel (Single) Cover art
2018 Svetlaya (EP) Cover art
2018 Faded Glory (Single) Cover art
2018 Vote for Love (EP) Cover art
2019 Destitute Souls Artwork (as "Pablo Antonov")
2019 You Are Not Alone (Single) Editing (logo)


2005 Try (EP) Artwork (as "Pablo")
2005 Border of Misty Times Artwork, Design


2016 Линия крови Artwork (as "Pavel Antonov")

Manic Depression

2010 Impending Collapse Cover art, Layout, Design


2009 Lemur of the Nine Cover art, Design, Logo

Slice of Sorrow

2017 Execution Artwork


2009 Die Fighting Artwork


2012 Manifest of Refusal Design
2016 Tectonic Artwork


2018 HellVue (Compilation) Cover art

The Lust

2005 My Dear Emptiness Artwork, Layout, Design
2006 Membrane Artwork
2011 Nebula (Single) Cover art
2012 Where Should I Go (Single) Artwork
2013 Out of the Flesh (EP) Cover art
2014 Not for Real (EP) Logo
2016 My Pieces (Single) Cover art (as "Pablo Antonov")
2016 Quest of a Sign (EP) Artwork, Logo
2016 Don't Be Afraid (Single) Cover art, Logo
2017 The Black Dahlia Poem Artwork, Logo
2017 I Almost Loved You (Single) Logo (as "Pablo the Elephant Antonov")
2017 In Death Embrace (EP) Cover art
2017 Lorelei Ether Piano Instrumentals (EP) Logo (as "Pablo "Elephant" Antonov")
2017 Faster (Single) Logo
2017 Nail in My Wound (Single) Logo
2017 What a Disorder (Single) Logo
2018 Монстр (Single) Artwork (as "Pablo Antonov")
2018 Karmalove EP (EP) Logo (as "Pablo Antonov")
2018 Karmalove Logo (as "Pablo Antonov")
2018 I'm Your New Religion (EP) Logo (as "Pablo Antonov")
2018 Run (EP) Logo (as "Pablo Antonov")
2018 Wings of Butterfly (Single) Artwork, Logo
2018 You Got Me (Compilation) Artwork, Logo
2018 Dear Diary (EP) Cover art (as "Pablo Antonov")
2018 Brighter Than the Sun (Single) Logo
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The Sign of Ampersand

2018 Hide Me, Night (EP) Cover art
2019 Vampiric Elegy (Single) Cover art (as "ART s KILL")

The Suicider

2010 Death Surround Cover art
2016 Try to Do It Right (Single) Cover art
2017 Never Alive Artwork (as "Павел Антонов")


2010 Lands of Njord Artwork


2017 Noosfear Cover art


2013 Деталь Artwork (as "Pavel "Pablo the Elephant" Antonov")
2015 Эндоскопия (EP) Artwork

Северные Врата

2003 Правь Artwork, Design (as "Pasha "Pablo the Elephant" Antonov")
2005 Равновесие Cover art, Design, Layout (as "Pasha "Pablo the Elephant" Antonov")
2008 Волот Cover art

Театр Теней

2008 Театр теней Artwork, Design
2008 Capoeira Booklet concept
2016 Кино Design
2017 Sax (EP) Cover art
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