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P.C. Odio

Real/full name:
Paolo Cerretini
Place of origin:


Guitars (2017-present)

Funeral of God

Programming (2010-present), Guitars, Bass (2010-2012), Guitars (lead) (2012-present)

2012 Funeral of God (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Programming
2016 ...of Doom & Despair (Demo) Guitars (lead), Programming
2016 Walking Amongst the Graves (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Programming

In League with Satan

Bass, Guitars

2008 In League with Satan Bass, Guitars, Vocals
2010 NekroAlkoholik Abominations with Satan (Split) Bass, Guitars
2011 Black Mass into the Church of Rats (EP) Bass, Guitars
2013 Seven Spittings on the Face of Madonna (Split) Bass, Guitars


Bass, Guitars, Programming

2003 Brutalmageddon (Split) Drum programming, Guitars, Bass
2005 Hacked, Split Then Quartered (Split) Bass, Guitars, Drum Programming (as "P.C.")
2014 Necrosplattered Anal Vomit Fistfuck (Split) Bass, Guitars, Programming
2015 Decay Is Just the Beginning (EP) Bass, Guitars, Programming

Red Bible Black

Guitars, Bass, Drums Programing

2011 Red Bible Black (Demo) Bass, Guitars, Drum programming
2015 Red Bible Black / Blliigghhtted (Split) Guitars, Bass, Drums Programing
2017 Allah Is Satan's Toy (EP) Guitars, Bass
2017 Shitskin Baby Back Ribs for Satan (Split) Guitars, Bass


All instruments (2016-present)

2017 Nil Sine Satanas, Fatality for Evil All instruments, Programming
2018 Food for Moloch All instruments
2018 Unholy Split (Split) All instruments

The Worst

Guitars, Drum programming, Bass

2004 Terrore livello I° (Demo) Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming
2010 Livello II - Nessuna speranza (EP) Everything (as "PC Odio")


As Paolo Cerretini:

Drain of Impurity

As Paolo C. "Odio":

2003 Brutalmageddon (Split) Drum programming


2018 Not a Black Metal Band (EP) Everything (tracks 1 & 13)
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