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Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

Real/full name:
John Michael Osbourne
74 (born Dec 3rd, 1948)
Place of birth:
United Kingdom (Birmingham, West Midlands, England)


One of the founding fathers of heavy metal, Ozzy Osbourne helped birth the genre as a founding member of Black Sabbath. After leaving Sabbath in the late '70s, he went on to form a hugely successful solo band, which has continued in one form or another ever since.

Ozzy enjoyed megastar status due to an MTV docu-sitcom starring himself and his family called "The Osbournes". Ozzy and his wife ...


Ozzy Osbourne has made many guest vocal appearances for acts including Rob Zombie's solo project ("Iron Head" from "The Sinister Urge" album), Black Label Society, Iommi, and Air Pavilion.

Ozzy performed uncredited backing vocals on Gary Moore's "The Law of the Jungle" (on the album "Victims of the Future"). He also did lead vocals on the song "Led Clones" and backing vocals on "Speak for ...

Ozzy Osbourne

Vocals (1980-present)

1980 Crazy Train (Single) Vocals
1980 Blizzard of Ozz Songwriting (tracks 1-3, 5-9), Vocals (lead, harmony)
1981 Mr. Crowley (Single) Vocals
1981 Over the Mountain (Single) Vocals
1981 Tonight (Single) Vocals
1981 Live Mr. Crowley (Single) Vocals
1981 Heavy Metal Express (Split) Vocals
1981 Flying High Again (Single) Vocals
1981 Diary of a Madman Vocals (lead & backing), Songwriting (tracks 1-8)
1982 Revelation (Mother Earth) (Single) Vocals
1982 Symptom of the Universe (Single) Vocals
1982 Speak of the Devil (Live album) Vocals
1982 Paranoid (Single) Vocals
1983 Iron Man (Live) (Single) Vocals
1983 Bark at the Moon (Single) Vocals
1983 Bark at the Moon Songwriting, Vocals (lead), Lyrics
1983 So Tired (Single) Vocals
1984 Bark at the Moon (Video) Vocals
1984 Four Super Rocks (Split) Vocals
1984 Metal Fusion (Split) Vocals
1984 Heavy Metal Killers (Split) Vocals
1984 Prime Cuts - Heavy Metal (Split video) Vocals
1984 Prince of Darkness (Single) Vocals
1986 Shot in the Dark (Single) Vocals
1986 The Ultimate Live Ozzy (Single) Vocals
1986 The Ultimate Ozzy (Video) Vocals
1986 The Ultimate Sin Songwriting (tracks 1-9), Vocals
1986 The Ultimate Sin (Single) Vocals
1987 Crazy Train (Single) Vocals
1987 Tribute: Randy Rhoads (Live album) Vocals
1988 Back to Ozz (Single) Vocals
1988 Crazy Babies (Single) Vocals
1988 No Rest for the Wicked Vocals
1988 Miracle Man (Single) Vocals
1990 Speak of the Devil (Video) Vocals
1990 Just Say Ozzy (Live album) Vocals
1991 No More Tears (Single) Vocals
1991 No More Tears Vocals
1992 Mr. Tinkertrain (Single) Vocals
1992 Mama I'm Coming Home (Single) Vocals
1993 Changes (Single) Vocals
1993 Live & Loud (Live album) Vocals
1993 Live & Loud (Video) Vocals
1995 Ozzmosis Demos (Demo) Vocals
1995 4 from Ozzmosis (Single) Vocals
1995 The Ballads of Ozz (Single) Vocals
1995 Perry Mason (Single) Vocals
1995 I Just Want You (Single) Vocals
1995 Ozzmosis Vocals
1996 See You on the Other Side (Single) Vocals
1996 Walk on Water (Single) Vocals
1997 Back on Earth (Single) Vocals
2001 Gets Me Through (Single) Vocals
2001 Down to Earth Vocals
2002 Live at Budokan (Live album) Vocals
2002 Live at Budokan (Video) Vocals
2002 Dreamer (Single) Vocals
2005 Mississippi Queen (Single) Vocals
2005 Under Cover Vocals
2005 In My Life (Single) Vocals
2007 Black Rain Vocals, Harmonica
2007 Not Going Away (Single) Vocals
2007 Black Rain (Single) Vocals
2010 Let Me Hear You Scream (Single) Vocals
2010 iTunes Festival: London 2010 (EP) Vocals
2010 Life Won't Wait (Single) Vocals
2010 Scream Vocals
2010 How? (Single) Vocals
2011 Let It Die (Single) Vocals
2012 Ozzy Live (Live album) Vocals
2012 Believer: Live (Single) Vocals
2019 Under the Graveyard (Single) Vocals
2019 Straight to Hell (Single) Vocals
2020 Ordinary Man (Single) Vocals
2020 Ordinary Man Vocals, Harmonica (track 6)
2021 Hellraiser (Split) Vocals
2022 Patient Number 9 Harmonica (track 10), Vocals
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Vocals (1968)

Black Sabbath

Vocals (1969-1977, 1978-1979, 1997-2006, 2011-2017)

1970 Evil Woman (Single) Vocals
1970 The Wizard (Single) Vocals, Harmonica
1970 Black Sabbath Songwriting (tracks 1-4, 6), Vocals, Harmonica (track 2)
1970 Paranoid (Single) Vocals, Harmonica
1970 Paranoid / Rat Salad / Wight Is Wight (Split) Vocals
1970 Club-Sonderauflage (Compilation) Vocals
1970 Paranoid Lyrics (track 8), Songwriting, Vocals
1971 Paranoid (EP) Vocals
1971 The Best Of (Compilation) Vocals
1971 Sweet Leaf (Single) Vocals
1971 Children of the Grave (Single) Vocals
1971 Master of Reality Vocals, Songwriting (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6-9)
1971 Iron Man (Single) Vocals
1972 Wicked World (Single) Vocals
1972 Tomorrow's Dream (Single) Vocals
1972 Paranoid '72 (Single) Vocals
1972 Snowblind (EP) Vocals
1972 Attention! Black Sabbath (Compilation) Vocals
1972 Black Sabbath Vol. 4 Vocals, Songwriting
1973 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Changes (Single) Vocals
1973 Changes (Single) Vocals
1973 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Looking for Today / Sabbra Cadabra (EP) Vocals
1973 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Synthesizer (tracks 5, 6), Vocals, "Hands" (track 7)
1974 Pop Giants: Volume 9 (Compilation) Vocals
1975 Attention! Black Sabbath Volume 2 (Compilation) Vocals
1975 Reflection (Compilation) Vocals
1975 Sabotage Vocals
1975 We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll (Compilation) Vocals
1976 It's Alright (Single) Vocals
1976 Back Street Kids (Single) Vocals
1976 Gypsy (Single) Vocals
1976 Paranoia (Compilation) Vocals
1976 Star Gold (Compilation) Vocals
1976 Am I Going Insane / Hole in the Sky (Single) Vocals
1976 Technical Ecstasy Vocals
1977 Paranoid / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Single) Vocals
1977 Greatest Hits (Compilation) Vocals
1978 Hard Road (Single) Vocals
1978 Never Say Die (Single) Vocals
1978 Rock Heavies (Compilation) Vocals
1978 Never Say Die! Vocals (lead)
1980 Never Say Die - Live in Concert! (Video) Vocals
1980 Living Legends (Split) Vocals (track A4)
1980 Live at Last (Live album) Vocals
1983 The Best: The Ultimate in Heavy Metal (Compilation) Vocals
1984 Heavy Metal (Split) Vocals
1985 The Collector Series - The Collection (Compilation) Vocals
1989 Smoke on the Water (Split) Vocals
1990 Black Sabbath / Judas Priest (Split) Vocals (track 1)
1990 Rock Giants (Compilation) Vocals
1991 The Black Sabbath Story Volume I: 1970-1978 (Video) Vocals
1991 The Ultimate in Heavy Metal (Split) Vocals
1991 The Black Sabbath Story (Compilation) Vocals
1991 Backtrackin' (Compilation) Vocals
1991 The Ozzy Osbourne Years (Compilation) Vocals
1992 The Black Sabbath Story Volume II: 1978-1992 (Video) Vocals
1992 Iron Man (Compilation) Vocals
1993 The Gallery (Compilation) Vocals
1994 Iron Man (Compilation) Vocals
1996 Ozzy Osbourne Best Tracks (Compilation) Vocals
1996 The Sabbath Collection (Compilation) Vocals
1998 Reunion (Live album) Vocals
1998 Psycho Man (Single) Vocals
1999 The Last Supper (Video) Vocals
1999 Black Mass (EP) Vocals
2000 The Collection (Compilation) Vocals
2000 The Best of Black Sabbath (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 1.1-16, 2.1-13)
2002 Past Lives (Live album) Vocals
2002 Symptom of the Universe (Compilation) Vocals
2006 Greatest Hits 1970–1978 (Compilation) Harmonica, Vocals
2009 Black Sabbath's Greatest Hits (Compilation) Vocals
2010 Frantic / Paranoid (Split) Vocals
2013 God Is Dead? (Single) Vocals
2013 13 Vocals, Harmonica (track 7)
2013 Live... Gathered in Their Masses (Live album) Vocals
2014 Age of Reason (Single) Vocals
2016 The End (EP) Vocals
2016 The Ultimate Collection (Compilation) Vocals
2017 The End - 4 February 2017 Birmingham (Live album) Vocals
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Blizzard of Ozz

Vocals (1977-1978, 1979-1980)

Music Machine

Vocals (1967-1968)

Rare Breed

Vocals (1968)

Bill Ward

1990 Ward One: Along the Way Vocals (tracks 3, 7)

Black Label Society

2003 Stillborn (Single) Vocals
2003 The Blessed Hellride Vocals (backing) (track 3)
2005 Mafia Vocals (track 5)
2005 Kings of Damnation - Era '98-'04 (Compilation) Vocals


2000 Iommi Vocals, Arrangements (track 9)


1992 March ör Die Vocals (track 5)
2003 Hellraiser - Best of the Epic Years (Compilation) Vocals (track 3)


1980 Stoking Up the Fires of Hell (Single) Vocals (backing) (track 2)

Black Sabbath

1972 Black Sabbath Vol. 4 Cover model
1995 Between Heaven & Hell: 1970-1983 (Compilation) Executive producer

Ozzy Osbourne

1980 Crazy Train (Single) Producer
1980 Blizzard of Ozz Producer (as "Osbourne")
1981 Tonight (Single) Producer
1981 Mr. Crowley (Single) Producer
1981 Over the Mountain (Single) Producer
1981 Heavy Metal Express (Split) Producer (track 4)
1981 Flying High Again (Single) Producer
1981 Diary of a Madman Producer
1983 Bark at the Moon (Single) Producer
1983 Bark at the Moon Producer (as "Osbourne")
1983 So Tired (Single) Producer
1984 Heavy Metal Killers (Split) Producer (tracks A2 & B6)
1984 Metal Fusion (Split) Producer (tracks A2 & B1)
1987 Crazy Train (Single) Executive producer
1987 Tribute: Randy Rhoads (Live album) Executive producer
1991 Mama I'm Coming Home (Single) Producer (track 4)
1991 No More Tears Executive producer
1997 The Ozzman Cometh (Split) Producer
2002 Live at Budokan (Live album) Producer
2002 Live at Budokan (Video) Producer
2007 Black Rain Producer
2007 Not Going Away (Single) Producer
2007 Black Rain (Single) Producer
2010 Let Me Hear You Scream (Single) Producer
2010 Life Won't Wait (Single) Producer
2010 Scream Producer
2011 Diary of a Madman Producer
2011 Let It Die (Single) Producer
2011 Diary of a Madman Producer
2011 Diary of a Madman Producer
2012 Ozzy Live (Live album) Producer
2012 Believer: Live (Single) Producer
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