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Otto Luotonen

Otto Luotonen

Real/full name:
Otto Luotonen
52 (born May 8th, 1972)
Place of birth:
Finland (Helsinki, Uusimaa)

Força Macabra

As Oswaldo "Taurus" Extermínio:

1992 Para Agonia e Morte (Demo) Vocals
1993 Força Macabra / Corpus Christi (Split) Vocals (as "Oswaldo")
1994 Força Macabra / Homomilitia (Split) Vocals
1995 Nos Túmulos Abertos Vocals (as "Oswaldo")
1998 Força Macabra / Wind of Pain (Split) Vocals
2000 Meus Olhos Só Veem Dor... (EP) Vocals (as "Taurus")
2002 Caveira da Força Vocals
2004 A Raiz de Todo o Mal (edição metal) (Single) Vocals
2004 A Raiz de Todo o Mal (edição punk) (Single) Vocals
2005 Ao Vivo no Japão - 2001 (EP) Vocals
2008 Aqui É o Inferno Vocals (as "Taurus")
2019 Another Day in the Cruel World (Split) Vocals
2022 Retaliador / Força Macabra (Split) Vocals
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As Taurus Extermínio:
Vocals (2004-present)

2005 Rehearsal Studio Demo (Demo) Vocals (as "Taurus Exterminio")
2011 The Church of Isaac Vocals (as "Taurus Exterminio")


Drums (2010-present)

Malicious Death

As Taurus:
Drums (2019-present)


Drums (2011-present)

The Hirvi


2017 Don't Fuck with the Runners (Single) Drums
2017 Dying Time (Single) Drums
2018 Old School Killspree Drums
2022 Violence Stays in Fashion Drums

Anal Intruder


Bozo Brigade



Bass (?-2015)

2015 The Stand (EP) Bass
2015 The Guf / Tower of Bones (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2016 Tales from the Vault (EP) Bass




Drums, Vocals (2016-2019)

2017 Haudantaka Drums, Vocals
2018 Kuolonkierre Drums
2019 Cicutoxin / Necroslurg (Split) Drums

Pedro Anthares Group

As Taurus Extermínio:
Vocals (1997-2004)

2001 Jumalation Thrash Attack (Demo) Vocals (as "Taurus Exterminio")


Drums (1988-1992, 1998-2016)

1990 Surmatyö (EP) Drums (as "Otto")
1990 Ihmisiä kuolee (EP) Drums (as "Otto")
1991 Surman siipien havinaa Drums (as "Otto")
1992 The End of Evolution... ...Is Round the Corner (Split) Drums (as "Otto")
2000 Demo 2000 (Demo) Drums (as "Otto")
2002 Surmaa kännissä (EP) Drums (as "Otto")
2004 Chaosbreed / Rytmihäiriö (Split) Drums (as "Otto")
2005 Saatana on herra Drums (as "Otto")
2006 Seitsemän surman siunausliitto Drums (as "Otto")
2007 Sakara Tour: Cafe Tivoli, Rovaniemi (Split) Drums
2007 Sakara Tour: Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki (Split) Drums
2007 Sakara Tour: Sibeliustalo, Lahti (Split) Drums
2007 Sakara Tour: Lutakko, Jyväskylä (Split) Drums
2007 Sakara Tour: Club Teatria, Oulu (Split) Drums
2007 Sakara Tour: Työnkulma, Kuopio (Split) Drums
2007 Sakara Tour: Nosturi, Helsinki (Split) Drums
2007 Sakara Tour 2006 DVD (Split video) Drums
2008 Sarvet, sorkat, salatieteet Drums, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals
2010 Surmantuoja Drums, Vocals (backing)
2013 Viinahampaat (Single) Drums
2013 Todellisuuden mestari Drums
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Satanic Evil

As Necrosadist:
Drums, Vocals, Bass

1990 Curse of Pentagram (Demo) Vocals, Bass, Drums
2011 Drink from the Chalice / Curse of Pentagram (Split) Drums

Wind of Pain


1995 Wind of Pain / Sian Iho (Split) Drums (as "Otto")
1995 Money Drug / Wind of Pain (Split) Drums (as "Otto")
1996 State of Brutality (EP) Drums
1997 Wealthrevel (EP) Drums
1998 Força Macabra / Wind of Pain (Split) Drums (as "Otto")
1999 Worldmachine Drums (as "Otto")
1999 Mutilate Mankind 1995-1997 (Compilation) Drums (as "Otto")
2015 Warpain Explotion (Demo) Drums (as "Otto")


As Otto Tauros:

2004 Ties of Blood Vocals (track 14)
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