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Oscar Holleman

Oscar Holleman

Real/full name:
Oscar Holleman
Place of birth:


Holleman is a Dutch producer, mixing engineer and owner of the studio RS 29, located in Waalwijk, Netherlands.


Oscar was one of the guitarists on Bodine's 1992 5-song demo recording. It's unclear whether he was a full-time band member, or a session musician for Bodine.


Guitars (1983-1987, 1990)

1983 Demo. (Demo) Guitars
1984 Prisoners of the Night / On the Run (Single) Guitars
1984 Vengeance Guitars
1986 We Have Ways to Make You Rock Guitars
1986 May Heaven Strike Me Down / I'll Come Running (Single) Guitars
1986 Only the Wind (EP) Guitars
1987 Looks of a Winner / Engines (Single) Guitars


2000 The Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator Guitars [2nd] (track 4)
2004 Universal Migrator Part I & II (Compilation) Guitar solo [2nd] (CD2 track 3)

Ian Parry

1993 Symphony of Dreams Percussion (track 9), Guitars (tracks 1-8, 10), All instruments (track 4)


1991 Lost Remembrance (EP) Producer, Engineering
1991 Dehumanized (Demo) Producer, Engineering (as "Oscar")
1993 Engraved in Black Engineering

After Forever

2000 Follow in the Cry / Silence from Afar (Single) Recording, Producer (Choirs), Mixing
2000 Prison of Desire Mixing
2001 Decipher Producer (additional), Mixing
2002 Emphasis / Who Wants to Live Forever (Single) Producer (additional)
2002 Monolith of Doubt (Single) Producer (additional), Mixing
2006 Mea Culpa (Compilation) Engineering (choir, CD1 tracks 1-6), Mixing (CD1)


1992 Bowel Mutilation (Demo) Producer, Mixing
2011 Necromantic Love Songs (Compilation) Producer, Mixing (tracks 7-11)

Arjen Anthony Lucassen

1993 Pools of Sorrow ~ Waves of Joy Assistant producer, Engineering, Mixing


1988 Murder in the 1st Degree (Demo) Producer


2001 The Metal Opera Engineering (additional)
2002 The Metal Opera Pt. II Engineering (additional)


1995 Sail Away to Avalon (Single) Producer, Mixing
1995 The Final Experiment Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1996 The Stranger from Within (Single) Mixing, Producer
1996 Actual Fantasy Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1998 Into the Electric Castle (A Space Opera) Mixing
2000 The Universal Migrator Part I: The Dream Sequencer Mixing
2000 The Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator Mixing
2000 Temple of the Cat (Acoustic Version) (Single) Mixing (tracks 2, 3), Producer (track 3)
2000 Ayreonauts Only (Split) Mixing (tracks 1-3, 9), Producer (track 9)
2004 Actual Fantasy - Revisited Engineering (as "O. Holleman")
2004 Universal Migrator Part I & II (Compilation) Mixing
2008 Timeline (Compilation) Producer (CD1 tracks 1-6), Mixing (CD1 tracks 1-6, 11, 12; CD2 tracks 1-9)
2016 Actual Fantasy Revisited + 1996 Version (Compilation) Engineering, Mixing, Producer
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1993 All Life Will End (Demo) Producer


1999 Eye of Time (EP) Mastering, Mixing

Compos Mentis

1994 Creation Undone (Demo) Producer, Engineering

Dead End

1993 Wartime in Eden (EP) Recording


1990 Living on Ground Zero (Demo) Producer
1991 Into the Labyrinth (Demo) Producer


1995 Watching the Dawn Mixing, Producer, Engineering

Diablo Blvd

2009 The Greater God Mastering, Mixing

Double Diamond

1992 Behind Your Eyes (Demo) Recording


1994 Erase Engineering, Producer (tracks 9, 10) (reissue)
1994 Fear (EP) Producer, Engineering
1995 Black Winter Day / Fear (Split) Producer, Engineering
1996 Soul Survivor Producer, Engineering
1996 Freedom (Single) Producer
1998 Chapter 13 Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2005 The Ultimate Collection Part 3 - Soul Survivor & Chapter 13 + Bonus (Compilation) Producer, Engineering

Guilt Machine

2009 On This Perfect Day Recording (drums)


1998 A Time and a Place for Everything Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1998 Madelene (EP) Mixing, Producer


1999 Lay All Your Love on Me (Single) Mixing
1999 Metal Jukebox Mixing

Ian Parry

1993 Symphony of Dreams Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1994 Artistic Licence Recording, Mixing
1995 Thru' the Looking Glass Recording, Mixing


1996 Walpurgis - Sabbath of Lust Engineering, Mixing

Lemur Voice

1996 Insights Engineering, Mixing

Lost in Misery

1993 Tragic Romance (Demo) Recording
1997 Carousel of Memories Producer


1992 The Well (Demo) Engineering
2020 Maior Quam Vita - The Bidi Years 1991-1994 (Compilation) Engineering (tracks 1 to 5)


1996 By Time Alone Mixing
1997 At the Mountains of Madness (Single) Mixing


2000 Architecture of the Imagination Mixing, Engineering


1993 Winds of the Fall (Demo) Producer, Engineering
1995 Exalted Journey (EP) Engineering, Producer


2012 Warhorse Mastering, Mixing

Sacramental Sachem

2001 Anxiety (EP) Producer

Salem's Lot

1993 Borders of Horror (Demo) Recording, Mixing

Silicon Head

1997 Bash Mixing (technician)

Star One

2002 Space Metal Mastering
2010 Victims of the Modern Age Recording

The Gathering

1996 Adrenaline / Leaves (Single) Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing


1994 The Last of the Fallen Heroes Recording (tracks 2, 7 & 10-12), Engineering (tracks 2, 7 & 10-12), Mixing (tracks 2, 7 & 10-12)
1997 Back from Flight 19 Mixing, Producer


1995 Monochrome Mixing, Engineering

Within Temptation

1997 Enter Mixing
2000 Mother Earth Songwriting (tracks 6, 10), Mixing, Mastering, Producer
2001 Our Farewell (Single) Producer, Mixing, Recording
2001 Ice Queen (EP) Recording, Mixing, Producer
2002 Mother Earth (Video) Engineering ("Mother Earth" music video), Producer ("Mother Earth" music video)


2007 Surreal Mixing
2007 My Chrysalis (Single) Mixing
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