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Ole Alexander Myrholt

Ole Alexander Myrholt

Real/full name:
Ole Alexander Myrholt
42 (born 1978)
Place of origin:
Norway (Trondheim)


Now based in Mosj√łen, Nordland County.

Contact: [email protected]


Descriptions of unlisted bands:

- Armageddon Bound and Triple Six were pre-Those Left Behind bands that later became Those Left Behind.

- Violent X was a black/thrash metal band.

- The Whipcords was a rock/psychadelic project that disbanded before releasing any material, although some was recorded.

- Loot the Louvre was an electronic project and some of the material was later ...


As Ole A. Myrholt:

2005 Birthmachine (Demo) Vocals

Diabolical Breed

As Marquis De Enfer:

2000 Dark Alliance (Demo) Drums
2002 Compendium Infernus (Demo) Drums
2004 Compendium Infernus Drums

Enslavement of Beauty

Vocals (1995-present)

1998 Devilry and Temptation (Demo) Vocals
1999 Traces o' Red Vocals
2001 Megalomania Vocals, Samples
2007 Mere Contemplations Vocals, Samples
2009 The Perdition (EP) Vocals


All instruments (1992-present)

2017 Kysten (Single) All instruments
2017 Mikrokosmos (Single) All instruments
2017 Svovel/ Velsignelse (Single) All instruments
2017 The Poe Sessions All instruments
2017 Ved Yggdrasils tredje rot (Single) All instruments
2017 Med samme naal, under samme maane All instruments
2018 Moerketid (EP) All instruments
2018 Nordlandsfanden All instruments

Those Left Behind

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums

2011 Horror Classics and Other Tributes to the Darkside Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2015 Residing in a Pile of Maggots (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2015 The Corpse Vanishes (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2015 Skullfucked With a Chainsaw Strap-On (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2015 Tomb Service (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2016 Salem, 1692 (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2016 Faith Moves Nothing (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2016 Ballista (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2016 La Maschera Del Demonio (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2016 Residing in a Pile of Maggots Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2016 44. Caliber (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
(show all)

Armageddon Bound

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums


As Yaz Zhora:

Gaia Epicus

As Ole A. Myrholt:
Drums (2005-2008)

2007 Victory Drums
2008 Damnation Drums



2012 Hellhaven Vocals

Loot the Louvre!


The Whipcords

Drums, Guitars, Vocals


As S. O. Tremor:
Vocals, Guitars, Drums

2006 This Is Primitive Hate Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2008 The Lipsynced with Satan (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Drums

Triple Six

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums

Violent X


Gaia Epicus

As Ole A. Myrholt:
Drums (2009)

Oceans of Time

2016 Trust Vocals (track 10)

Enslavement of Beauty

1998 Devilry and Temptation (Demo) Lyrics, Photography, Layout (as "O.A. Myrholt")
1999 Traces o' Red Lyrics
2001 Megalomania Lyrics
2007 Mere Contemplations Lyrics, Recording (vocals), Engineering (vocals), Mixing (vocals on tracks 7-10), Mastering (tracks 7-10)
2009 The Perdition (EP) Lyrics, Engineering (vocals)

Gaia Epicus

2007 Victory Photography (as "Ole")


2012 Hellhaven Lyrics


2006 This Is Primitive Hate Songwriting, Engineering (vocals, guitars, bass, piano), Mixing (as "S. O. Tremor")
2008 The Lipsynced with Satan (EP) Engineering, Mixing
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