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Olaf Reitmeier

Olaf Reitmeier

Real/full name:
Olaf Reitmeier
Place of birth:
Germany (Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony)

Amanda Somerville

Bass, Vocals (backing)


Guitars (acoustic) (2011-2017)

2011 Alloy Guitars (acoustic)

Virgo (Matos/Paeth)

Bass (2001-?)


2003 Days of Rising Doom Guitars (acoustic) (CD1 tracks 2, 11)


2003 The Phantom Agony Guitars (acoustic)
2007 The Divine Conspiracy Guitars (acoustic) (track 4), Vocals (baritone) (track 10)
2009 Design Your Universe Vocals (additional)

Infinity Overture

2009 Kingdom of Utopia Bass (tracks 1, 5-10)


2003 Epica Bass (acoustic) (track 11)


2004 Fables & Dreams Vocals (backing), Bass
2006 The Edge of Infinity Vocals (choirs) (track 7)


2011 Chryseus Guitars (acoustic), Bass (additional)

Rhapsody of Fire

2010 The Frozen Tears of Angels Guitars (acoustic)
2010 The Cold Embrace of Fear: A Dark Romantic Symphony (EP) Guitars (acoustic)
2011 From Chaos to Eternity Guitars (classical, acoustic), Bass (acoustic)

After Forever

2005 Remagine Engineering (orchestra)
2006 Mea Culpa (Compilation) Recording (orchestra, CD2 tracks 11-17)


2003 Days of Rising Doom Engineering


2000 Eurasia Producer, Engineering


2007 Lost in Space (Part 1) (EP) Engineering (additional)
2007 Lost in Space (Part 2) (EP) Engineering (additional)
2008 The Scarecrow Engineering (additional)
2010 Angel of Babylon Engineering (additional)
2010 The Wicked Symphony Engineering (additional)
2013 The Mystery of Time (A Rock Epic) Recording (additional) (as "Ole Reitmeier")
2016 Ghostlights Engineering (additional)
2019 Moonglow Engineering (additional) (as "Ole Reitmeier")


2008 Downburst Recording (drums, vocals)

Destination's Calling

2012 End of Time Engineering (drums)

Dol Ammad

2004 Star Tales Recording (drums), Producer (drums)


2005 Superheroes (EP) Engineering
2006 Rocket Ride Engineering
2008 Tinnitus Sanctus Engineering (additional)
2010 Superheroes / Rocket Ride (Compilation) Engineering
2011 Age of the Joker Recording
2014 Space Police (Defenders of the Crown) Engineering (as "Ole Reitmeier")
2017 Monuments (Compilation) Engineering


2003 The Phantom Agony Additional editing, Engineering
2003 The Phantom Agony (Single) Recording, Engineering, Editing
2004 Feint (Single) Recording, Recording (additional), Engineering, Editing (additional)
2004 Cry for the Moon (Single) Engineering
2005 Consign to Oblivion Producer, Engineering
2005 Solitary Ground (Single) Engineering, Producer
2005 The Score - An Epic Journey Engineering, Producer
2005 Quietus (Silent Reverie) (Single) Engineering, Recording, Producer (tracks 1, 3)
2007 The Divine Conspiracy Engineering, Editing
2008 Chasing the Dragon (Single) Engineering
2009 The Classical Conspiracy - Live in Miskolc, Hungary (Live album) Editing
2009 Design Your Universe Editing, Engineering
2012 Storm the Sorrow (Single) Engineering
2012 Requiem for the Indifferent Engineering, Editing, Producer (vocal lines)
2012 Requiem for the Indifferent ~Instrumental~ Engineering, Editing
2016 Consign to Oblivion (The Orchestral Edition) Engineering, Producer
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2003 Legends from Now and Nevermore Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Gun Barrel

2001 Power-Dive Producer, Engineering, Mixing


2006 One Cold Winter's Night (Live album) Recording
2006 One Cold Winter's Night (Video) Recording
2007 Ghost Opera Engineering
2012 Silverthorn Engineering
2015 Haven Engineering (additional)
2018 The Shadow Theory Engineering (additional), Editing (additional)

Luca Turilli

2002 Demonheart (EP) Engineering
2002 Prophet of the Last Eclipse Engineering


2004 Fables & Dreams Engineering, Editing
2006 The Edge of Infinity Engineering, Editing
2009 New Shores Engineering, Editing


2011 Quarterpast Engineering

Mob Rules

2000 Temple of Two Suns Editing
2002 Lord of Madness (Single) Engineering (2), Mixing (2)
2002 Hollowed Be Thy Name Engineering


2006 Obscure (EP) Mixing (as "Olaf Reitmaier")


2017 The Storyteller Mastering
2021 Egomania Mastering


2016 Artifacts Engineering, Mastering


2011 Chryseus Mixing, Mastering

Rhapsody of Fire

2002 Power of the Dragonflame Engineering
2004 The Dark Secret (EP) Editing
2006 Triumph or Agony Engineering
2010 The Frozen Tears of Angels Engineering, Editing
2011 From Chaos to Eternity Engineering, Editing


2008 Voice from the Silence Mastering (tracks 12, 13)

The Armada

2003 Rage of the Armada Mastering (tracks 2-7, 9-13)


2011 Alloy Engineering (sound)


2016 Force of Luna Mixing, Mastering
2019 Enigma Fire Mixing, Mastering, Arrangements (additional), Programming


2016 Cube of Infinity Mixing, Mastering
2023 To the End of All Known (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2023 Future Times (Single) Mastering, Mixing
2023 The Phoenix Died (Remember) (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2023 Silence (Single) Mastering, Mixing
2023 Fate of the Atlanteans (Single) Mastering, Mixing
2023 Everfrost Mixing, Mastering
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