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Ola Overkill

Real/full name:
Ola Ersfjord
31 (born Jun 22nd, 1991)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Stockholm)


As Ola Ersfjord:
Guitars (2006-2008)

2007 Ritual Carnage (Demo) Guitars
2008 Evil Dead (Demo) Guitars


Guitars (2008-2011)

2009 Tromaniak (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Songwriting
2010 Night of the Chicken Dead (Single) Guitars, Bass, Songwriting
2010 Rated R for Radiation! Guitars, Bass, Songwriting

Night Viper

As Ola Ersfjord:

2017 Exterminator Percussion, Keyboards


As Ola Ersfjord:

2016 The Cursed Travails of the Demeter (EP) Keyboards

Cardinal Maniac

2020 Demo 2020 (Demo) Mixing, Mastering (as "Ola Ersfjord")

Dread Sovereign

2013 Pray to the Devil in Man (EP) Recording (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2014 All Hell's Martyrs Engineering (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2017 For Doom the Bell Tolls Recording, Mixing
2021 Alchemical Warfare Mixing (as "Ola Ejsford")


2022 Azael, Chapter II: Mother's Egregore (EP) Mixing, Reamping


2019 Hellion Battalion (Demo) Recording (track 1), Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")


2016 Good Luck Recording, Producer (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2018 On Thin Ice Recording, Producer, Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")


2018 California Son (Single) Mixing (track 1) (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2018 Lucifer II Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")


2013 MMXIII (Demo) Mixing, Recording
2015 Below the Hengiform (EP) Recording, Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")

Morbus Chron

2010 Creepy Creeping Creeps (EP) Engineering, Producer (as "Ola Ersfjord (Ola Overkill)")


2017 Winds (Single) Recording, Producing, Mixing
2017 Time (Single) Recording, Producing, Mixing
2017 Raft of the World Recording, Producing, Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2018 Surrender (Single) Recording, Producing, Mixing
2020 Under the Moonlight Sky (Single) Recording, Mixing, Producer
2020 Here on My Own (Single) Recording, Mixing, Producer
2020 Crimson Past (Single) Recording, Mixing, Producer
2020 High Tides - Distant Skies Mixing, Producer, Recording (Additional) (as "Ola Ersfjord")

Night Viper

2017 Summon the Dead (Single) Mixing, Mastering, Recording (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2017 Exterminator Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")


2019 Welcome to Paradise Engineering (as "Ola Ersfjord")


2016 Gods to the Godless (Live album) Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2018 Exile Amongst the Ruins Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")

Sordid Flesh

2013 Torturer Engineering, Recording, Producer, Mixing, Mastering (as "Ola Steingrim Ersfjord")


2017 Masticatione Mortuorum In Tvmulis (Single) Recording, Mastering, Engineering, Producer, Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2017 The Black VVitch of Highgate Hill (Single) Mastering, Engineering, Producer, Mixing, Recording (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2017 Consecration of Lilith (EP) Mastering, Engineering, Producer, Mixing, Recording (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2022 Consecration of Lilith (EP) Recording (as "Ola Ersfjord")


2015 The Death & Rebirth of... (Single) Drum Recording (track 2), Mixing (track 2) (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2015 The Children of the Night Recording, Engineering, Producer, Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2016 Melancholia (EP) Recording, Engineering, Producer, Mixing (tracks 1, 4) (as "Ola Ersfjord")
2016 Devilock / Death Comes Ripping (Single) Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2009 Tromaniak (Demo) Producer, Mixing
2010 Rated R for Radiation! Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2014 Codex Perfida (Demo) Engineering, Producer
2016 The Cursed Travails of the Demeter (EP) Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")


2014 Flesh Assimilation Mixing (as "Ola Ersfjord")
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