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Real/full name:
Osman Ramadanović
33 (born Apr 25th, 1990)
Place of birth:
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Sarajevo)


Illustrator and graphic designer under the name Ainul Iblis.




As Crna Smrt:
Drums (2013-2015, 2021-present)

2014 Na krilima osvete (Demo) Drums (as "Osman Ramadanović")

Black Paralysis


Cave Ritual

Drums (?-2014, 2020-present), Vocals (2020-present)

2012 Cave Ritual (Demo) Drums
2013 Carved Cross / Cave Ritual (Split) Drums
2013 Cave Ritual / Folteraar (Split) Vocals, Drums
2014 Cave Ritual / Deathcircle (Split) Drums
2014 Her Black Fullmoon Shines / Remains of Something Once Called Life (Split) Drums
2017 Cave Ritual (Compilation) Drums, Vocals (tracks 3, 4)



2012 In These Depths of Madness We Proclaim Thy Name (Demo) All instruments
2014 Cave Ritual / Deathcircle (Split) Unknown
2014 The Current of Deceit (Demo) Unknown
2017 Unfair Relief (Demo) Unknown
2022 Feast upon the World of Illusions Everything

Demonik Torture

As Grand Magus Proximus:
All instruments

2022 Hellfukk (Demo) All instruments


As Gustav:

2017 In Torment I Die (Demo) Guitars, Drums
2021 .​.​.​of Sovereign Blood & Lycanthropic Pride (EP) Everything (as "Gustavo the Dogman of Sarajevo")
2022 Alcoholic Fury & Madness (Total Death) Everything


As Iblis:

2021 Empires of the Night (Demo) Drums (as "Ainul Iblis")


Everything (2022-present)

2022 March of the Storm (EP) Everything


As OR:
Vocals, Drums

2023 Sarajevski Odisej Vocals, Drums


As Odron:
Vocals (2022-present)


As War Priest unto the Blackest of Legions:
Drums, Keyboards

2022 Neither Above nor Below (EP) Drums, Keyboards

Night's Majesty

As .:Iblis:.:

2021 Ceremonial Whispers (EP) Vocals

Nigrum Ignis Circuli

Vocals, Drums (2012-present)

2012 Nigrum Ignis Circuli (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2012 Black Magick (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2014 Ritual of Sabbath Pt. III - עולם (Demo) Drums
2021 Contra Mundum (Demo) Vocals, Drums


Vocals, Drums

2012 Collusion of Slumbering Evil (Split) Vocals, Drums
2014 Our Body, His Temple (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2019 Sepulchral Silence of Satan (Split) Vocals, Drums


As O:
Vocals, All instruments

Old Cult

As A Spiteful Spirit:
Vocals, All instruments

Pavor Nokturnus

As PN:




As Iblis:
Drums (2022-present)

2022 The Path Beyond Death Drums

Radar Implant

Vocals, Noise (2013-present)

Shadow Dungeon

As The Leper King:
Vocals, All instruments (2016-2019, 2019-present)

2017 Amorphous Dreams of Past and Fire (EP) Songwriting, All instruments (as "Shadow Dungeon")
2018 The Return of the Leper King All instruments
2020 For the Coming New Age of Darkness (Compilation) All instruments
2020 A Crypt of Mysteriis All instruments
2022 Gæstgerýne Songwriting, Vocals, Lyrics, All instruments
2022 Visions of Ancient Horror (EP) Vocals, All instruments
2023 Silent Thunder / Shadow Dungeon (Split) Everything (as "TLK")

Silva Nigra

As Crna Smrt:
Vocals (2022-present)


As Iblis:
Drums (2020-present)

2021 Cruelty & Necrospection Drums

Sulphuric Night

All instruments, Vocals (2013-present)

2013 Rehearsal Demo (Demo) Unknown
2014 Endless Night (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2014 Of Infinite Cold Wanderings... (Split) Drums, Vocals
2015 Scorpio Acuelum (Demo) Drums
2019 Forever Cursed Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2020 Death Slumbers Amidst the Ruins (Split) Guitars, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
2021 Sulphuric Night / Borda's Rope (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2023 Black Metal Tyranny (EP) Vocals, Lyrics, All instruments, Songwriting

Vampyric Winter

As Grief Kommando:
Vocals, Bass (2022-present)

2023 My Last Vampyric Winter Among These Ruins Lyrics, Bass, All instruments on track 7, Vocals


Drums (2020-present)


As Iblis:
All instruments

2021 Schändung des Heiligen Geistes (EP) All instruments

Black Turmoil

As Djinn:
All instruments, Vocals

2014 Hidden Dagger / Black Turmoil (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2015 Kingdom of Shit and Piss (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2015 Coven of Dysphoria / Black Turmoil (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2018 Óraculum / Black Turmoil (Split) All instruments, Vocals

Capricorn Silhouette

As Odron:
Vocals (2005-2008)


As Os.:
Drums, Vocals

2013 MMXIII (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2016 Grave Desecration (Demo) Drums, Vocals (as "Osman")


As EvilTiger Osman:
Vocals (2010-?)


As Odron:
Vocals, Drums (2011-?)

2011 Awakening of the Dead (Demo) Lyrics, Drums, Songwriting, Vocals
2011 Helvete (Single) Drums


As Aske:
Drums (2011-?)

2012 Metal Warrior (Demo) Drums


As Osa:
Vocals (2008-2009)


Everything (2019)

Nekro Tomb

As Odron:
Vocals (2010-2011)

2011 Smrt vam dolazi (Demo) Lyrics, Vocals (as "Sadomatik Rites")


As Odron:


As Odron:
Vocals (2008-2012)

2008 Zavjet dalekom snu Vocals

Orchestra of Dark

Drums (2018-?)

Rituali Satanas

Drums, Vocals (2012-2013)

2012 Night of the Sacrifice (Demo) Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
2012 Live Desekration (Demo) Drums


As O:
Guitars, Keyboards, Beats

Void Prayer

Drums (2014-2022), Vocals (2019-2022)

2014 Void Prayer (Demo) Drums
2017 Stillbirth from the Psychotic Void Drums
2019 L'appel du vide (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2019 Nefarious Spirit / Void Prayer (Split) Drums, Lyrics (as "O")
2020 The Grandiose Return to the Void Drums, Vocals (as "Revenant O.")
2020 Relics of the Storm (EP) Vocals, Songwriting, Drums (as ":Revenant O:")
2021 An Ode to Diónysos (Single) Drums, Vocals (as "Revenant O.")
2021 Nidernes / Void Prayer (Split) Drums, Vocals (as "Revenant O.")


As Werewolf of Doom:
Vocals (2011-2013), Drums (2011-2012), All instruments (2012-2013)

2011 We Must Secure the Destruction to This World (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2011 Black Metal Hate (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2012 Satanic Revelations of Khaos (Split) Keyboards, Vocals, Drums, Lyrics, Bass, Guitars
2012 Path of Sorrow (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2012 Black Rituals (EP) Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals
2012 Profanum Vulgaris / Wolfdoom (Split) All instruments
2012 Winter Depression Rehersal (Demo) Lyrics, Drums, Vocals


As Vrede:

2013 Behold the Veil of Necrotic Madness (Demo) Drums


2018 Kad se slika iskrivi dovoljno Vocals (additional)
2020 Nikada nije kasno da propadneš (EP) Drums, Vocals (additional)
2022 Lice čovjeka koji je rekao Ne Vocals (additional), Drums (as "O.R.")

Revenant Marquis

2023 All the Pleasures of Heaven Guitars on track 7, Bass, Drums


As Iblis:

2020 Kudlaakh​ / ​Solipsism (Split) Drums


2020 Navia (Zadah jalovog svijeta) Vocals (additional) (track 6)


2021 Mysterii Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2020 Intercontinental Death Conspiracy (Split) Artwork, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2023 Das Heer aus dem Dunkel (EP) Cover art (as "Ainul Iblis")


2019 Wieki minione (Demo) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2015 Dius bauáins (Demo) Artwork


2022 Tomb of a Dark Past (Compilation) Artwork, Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2020 Arazubak Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 The Haunted Spawn of Torment Border art (as "Ainul Iblis")


2021 Caustic Apparitions Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Albtraum (EP) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2015 Sve se raspada Logo, Layout
2018 Kad se slika iskrivi dovoljno Layout
2020 Nikada nije kasno da propadneš (EP) Layout
2022 Lice čovjeka koji je rekao Ne Border design (as "Ainul Iblis")
2023 Lice čovjeka koji je rekao Ne Layout, Illustrations (as "Ainul Iblis")

Avernus Gate

2023 Poetry of Leathered Wings (EP) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Avræ Lvnæ

2023 Ntdd Strl Artwork, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Bethexuhl Anxalthan

2020 In Darkness We Blaze (Demo) Cover art (as "Ainul Iblis")
2023 Bethexuhl Anxalthan Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")

Black Cilice

2019 Transfixion of Spirits Inner illustration (as "Ainul Iblis")

Black Draugwath

2022 The Draugwath Legacy (Compilation) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 The True Bottomless Armageddon Cover art (as "Ainul Iblis")

Black Stench

2020 Seven Spears of Necromancy (Compilation) Cover art (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Moonchants to Eternus Border design (as "Ainul Iblis")


2019 Verzamelwerken van den boze (Compilation) Logo

Borda's Rope

2022 Reawakened Within the Cold Cerulean Depths (Demo) Artwork, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Broken Spirit

2018 Demo Collection 2012-2017 (Compilation) Artwork, Layout

Carrion Bloom

2022 Sacraments of Pestilence (EP) Layout, Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Carved Cross

2018 The Yawning Abyss of Perdition Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2020 Carved Cross Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2016 Sodomize (EP) Logo

Celestial Sword

2021 Klanen / ​Μνήμα​ / Celestial Sword / The Oracle (Split) Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 What Sin Hath Twisted (Split) Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Faceless Spectre / Celestial Sword (Split) Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Dawn of the Crimson Moon Cover art, Illustrations (as "Ainul Iblis")


2020 Cetus Layout, Inside illustration (as "Ainul Iblis")

Coffin Breath

2021 The Tenebrous Mist (Demo) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Commander Agares

2021 Legions of Descending Twilight Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Desaevio Logo (as "Ainuliblis")

Dark Endless

2023 Totenreich Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")


2020 Darkness (Compilation) Artwork, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Death Vomit

2017 Death Vomit (Demo) Front cover, Layout
2018 Death Vomit (Demo) Front cover


2023 Kollektion - Unfiltered Hauntings (Compilation) Logo, Artwork

Diminishing Spirit

2021 Demo I (Demo) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Dobhar Chú

2020 Dobhar Chú / Myśliwy (Split) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Drug Darkness

2020 Drug Darkness / Black Paralysis (Split) Artwork, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2018 Demo 2012 (Demo) Layout
2019 Nox Odium de Profundum (Demo) Layout, Front cover illustration (as "Ainul Iblis")

Ergot de Seigle

2022 Demo II (Demo) Sigil (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Dans les for​ê​ts d'ergot Artwork (additional), Sigil (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Desolation Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2021 Celestial Sword / Erzfeynd (Split) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Erzfeynd / Rraaumm (Split) Frame drawing (as "Ainul Iblis")

Esoteric Ritual

2022 Possessed Artwork, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Forbidden Tomb

2021 Forbidden Tomb / Nansarunai (Split) Borderwork (as "Ainul Iblis")

Funeral Fullmoon

2021 Revelation of Evil Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Geist of Ouachita

2023 Black Feudal Savagery (Split) Logo
2023 Imprisoned in the Graven Wood Logo, Artwork, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Masturbation of the Undead (Demo) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2020 FCK God - Staring into Darkness (EP) Artwork, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Grausamkeit / Grabschänder (Split) Layout, alternative logo, hand-writing (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Summoning of Lethal Spirits / Von den Sternen (Split) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Der alles vernichtende Blitz (Demo) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2019 Demo I: Malignant Channelings (Demo) Logo (as "AI")
2019 Demo II: Deviant Masque of the Wraith (Demo) Logo (as "AI")
2020 Illness unto the Womb of Spirit Artwork, Layout, Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Grógaldr / Äkth Gánahëth (Split) Artwork, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2023 Grundhyrde / Verflucht CS (Split) Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Fehunðyrdauðr Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 March of the Storm (EP) Artwork, Logo


2022 The Dark Majesty Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2011 Awakening of the Dead (Demo) Artwork (as "Odron")


2020 Pact II (Demo) Front cover illustration (as "Ainul Iblis")


2023 Wanderer of Fiery Planes Logo, Border (as "Ainul Iblis")


2021 Imperior (Demo) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2016 The Flaming Death Cover art


2023 Sarajevski Odisej Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Kiira / Svartsejd (Split) Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")


2021 Klanen / Ceremonial Crypt Desecration (Split) Border (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 U kamenom grobu (EP) Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Kroz polja Slavije (EP) Artwork, Photography (as "Ainul Iblis")

Lamp of Murmuur

2021 Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror (Split) Border drawing (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Remnants of a Bewildered Ache (Compilation) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Submission and Slavery Cover art, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Chasing the Path of the Hidden Master (Demo) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Cursed Deambulations of the Nocturnal Entities (Demo) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Luminous Transfixion

2022 Elevation Within the Mists of Naaltrah (Demo) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Victory Fires Ablaze Under the Banner of Lucifer Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")
2023 Triumphant Fall of the Malignant Christ Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Obskurité Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Morbid Romance

2020 Morbid Romance (Demo) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")
2020 Morbid Romance (Demo) Border (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 MMXXI (Demo) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 The Plagued Years (Compilation) Artwork, Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Within (Compilation) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Les années de peste (Compilation) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 The Forlorn King (Demo) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2021 Murmurio Noturno / Reflections of Steel (Split) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2019 Reaping Light from the Northstar (Demo) Layout
2019 Nächtlich Layout, Artwork
2021 Satanas Solum Initium Est Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Nekro Tomb

2011 Smrt vam dolazi (Demo) Mixing, Artwork, Producer (as "Sadomatik Rites")


2018 Vengeance, Herald of My Despite (Demo) Logo, Booklet illustration
2021 Nidernes / Void Prayer (Split) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Beyond the Gleam of Nightsky Border (as "Ainul Iblis")

Night Fighter

2020 Unholy Sepulchre Layout, Design (as "Ainul Iblis")

Night's Majesty

2021 Ceremonial Whispers (EP) Layout, Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Nocturnal Prayer

2022 Mutilation on the Bed of Winter Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Nocturnal Tyrant

2021 Drowned in Eternal Desolation Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2021 From the Dark Past Borderwork (as "Ainul Iblis")

Obsidian Dawn

2019 Echoes of a New Dawn (EP) Logo, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Old Nick

2020 Curse of the Lock Master / Witch of the Northern Vill (Compilation) Front cover illustration (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Orden Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Order of Darkness

2016 Untitled (Demo) Artwork, Logo


2020 The Carpathian Plague (Split) Front cover illustration (as "Ainul Iblis")


2019 The Cryptic Winds of Black Divinity Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Pöwer A.D.

2022 Reclaim the Might (EP) Artwork, Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Redenção Pelas Chamas

2022 Rehearsal Tape (Demo) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes

2017 Detritivorous Kamigami (Demo) LP labels design (as "Ainul Iblis")

Revenant Marquis

2021 Revenant Marquis​ / ​Lamp of Murmuur (Split) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Anti​-​Universal Compassion / Orphans (Compilation) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Anti​-​Universal Compassion / Orphans (Compilation) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Milk Teeth Typography, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Milk Teeth Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Polterngeyst Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Ritual Cairn

2020 Demo MMXX (Demo) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Rituali Satanas

2012 Night of the Sacrifice (Demo) Artwork (as "Odron")

Sacrilegious Crown

2019 Chenosi Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Sanguine Relic

2018 Voëmmr / Sanguine Relic (Split) Front cover illustration


2022 Svartr sól Border design (as "Ainul Iblis")


2015 Rehearsal I (Demo) Logo

Shadow Dungeon

2017 Amorphous Dreams of Past and Fire (EP) Artwork, Photography (as "Shadow Dungeon")
2022 Gæstgerýne Border design (as "The Leper King")
2022 Visions of Ancient Horror (EP) Mixing, Mastering, Artwork (as "TLK")
2023 Silent Thunder / Shadow Dungeon (Split) Inside illustrations, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2012 Mračna strana svjetlosti (EP) Design (tape) (as "Odron")

Silent Thunder

2021 Usurping the Hall of Might and Splendour (Demo) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Thousand Hammers (Demo) Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Gates of Pestilence and Deceit (EP) Artwork (as "TLK")

Silva Nigra

2022 Silva Nigra / Antikrist (Split) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2013 Het laatste oordeel (EP) Artwork

Spectral Corruption

2022 Requiem Layout, Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")

Spider God

2021 Den Inre Borgen / The Interior Castle (EP) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Storm Legion

2023 The Eye of the Prophet Layout, Typography, Sigils (as "Ainul Iblis")


2021 Velike zvijeri Logo, Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Thy Dark Luminary

2022 The Gates to the Lifeless Grey Cover art (as "Ainul Iblis")

Thy Heart, Thine Kingdom

2023 In the Garden of Somer II (EP) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")

Trono Além Morte

2017 Revelações nas Chamas (Demo) Logo, Artwork


2022 Nachtherrscher Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2020 Dirges for the Void Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Submerge (EP) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2022 Medievalgeist Cover art (as "Ainul Iblis")


2021 Corrupted Spells of Perpetual Suffering (Split) Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Howls of Infinite Horror Border Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")


2020 Torturous Omens of Blood and Candlewax Border, Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")
2020 Torturous Omens of Blood and Candlewax Logo, Border (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 Vermilion Apparitions Frozen in Chimera Twilight Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")

Verminous Knight

2022 Malignant Descent Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2021 Tremebunda calígine regionalista (Demo) Layout, Inner illustration (as "Ainul Iblis")

Void Prayer

2017 Stillbirth from the Psychotic Void Artwork
2019 Nefarious Spirit / Void Prayer (Split) Artwork, Layout (as "O")
2020 The Grandiose Return to the Void Artwork, Layout (as "Revenant O.")
2020 Relics of the Storm (EP) Artwork, Layout (as ":Revenant O:")
2021 An Ode to Diónysos (Single) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2019 U vječnoj magli života (Demo) Logo, Artwork, Illustration


2019 Darkness Calleth upon Us (Split) Photography, Layout

Wampyric Rites

2019 Demo II (Demo) Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")
2020 Spectral Shadows of the Forgotten Castle (Split) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2020 Demo IV (Demo) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Demo II (Demo) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 The Eternal Melancholy of the Wampyre Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 The Drowning Void (Split) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 The Astounding Proliferation of Rites (Split) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")
2022 The Wolves Howl to the Moon Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")

Witches Moon

2020 An Olde Goat's Game of Stars Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2021 The Star over Gehenna (Demo) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2012 Satanic Revelations of Khaos (Split) Cover art (as "Werewolf of Doom")
2012 Profanum Vulgaris / Wolfdoom (Split) Artwork (as "Werewolf of Doom")
2012 Winter Depression Rehersal (Demo) Artwork (as "Werewolf of Doom")


2020 Dark Expressionism Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2023 Drakendoder (EP) Cover art (as "Ainul Iblis")


2021 Honan Bleydh (EP) Sigil & border design (as "Ainul Iblis")


2023 Saeculum Mysticum (Split) Layout (as "Ainul Iblis")


2017 Vječnost truleži Logo, Typography
2018 Živi varvarizam u najcrnjem krugu (Live at Dark Circle Festival V) (Live album) Artwork, Layout
2020 Pakao (Single) Logo
2020 Navia (Zadah jalovog svijeta) Layout, Logo, Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")
2021 Pod balkanskim noćnim nebom (EP) Logo (as "Ainul Iblis")


2019 Vreemdeling / Zygmythkaupt (Split) Logo (Zygmythkaupt)

Волчий Источник

2019 Ремиссия духа Layout, Artwork (as "Ainul Iblis")
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