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Real/full name:
信隆文 (Nobu Takafumi)
54 (born Oct 11th, 1966)
Place of origin:
Japan (Osaka)


Nov is a lecturer in the music department of MI Japan. He also trains young singers.


Vocals, Lyrics (1998-2003, 2010-present)

2000 Violent Vocals, Lyrics
2000 Die Hard (EP) Lyrics, Vocals
2001 Davi Vocals, Lyrics
2011 Mythology Lyrics, Vocals
2015 Melt Vocals, Lyrics
2016 Juggernaut Vocals, Lyrics
2017 Leviathan Vocals, Lyrics
2018 Darker than Black Vocals, Lyrics
2020 Godspeed Vocals, Lyrics


Vocals (2008-present)

2009 この世の地獄物語 Vocals
2009 地獄の亀甲縛り (Single) Vocals
2009 地獄の吊り天井 (Single) Vocals
2010 地獄の三角木馬 (Single) Vocals
2010 旋律の地獄遊戯 Vocals
2012 天空の地獄絵巻 Vocals
2013 地獄カルテット -LIVE in ASIA- 地獄のアジア紀行 (Video) Vocals
2014 地獄の斬曲剣 Vocals


Vocals (1989-2017)

1990 Care Killed the Cat (Demo) Vocals
1990 Human Griefman Lyrics, Vocals
1990 Fatalism (Single) Lyrics, Vocals
1990 Gasp for Breath (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
1990 Magma (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
1991 Peace of My Life (Single) Lyrics, Vocals
1991 Bakujuu Boudou (Video) Vocals
1991 Be Afraid (Single) Lyrics, Vocals
1991 Aionism Lyrics, Vocals
1992 Plasmatic Mania (Live album) Vocals
1992 Film Plasmatic Mania (Video) Vocals
1992 愛音 ~Aion~ (Single) Lyrics, Vocals
1992 Aion Vocals, Lyrics
1992 聖†愛音 ~St. Aion~ (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
1993 Zetto Vocals, Lyrics
1994 Missing (Single) Vocals
1994 Absolute Lyrics, Vocals
1995 Freak-out Lyrics, Vocals
1997 Mithras Vocals, Lyrics
1998 Eve Lyrics, Vocals
1999 Judge of Death Line Vocals, Lyrics
1999 Manners of Kill and Wound Vocals, Lyrics
1999 Ceremony of Cross Out Lyrics, Vocals
2000 Magnitude Vocals, Lyrics
2003 Sister Lyrics, Vocals
2009 Records (Video) Vocals
2010 Black Heart (Single) Lyrics, Vocals
2011 Threatened Species Mania (Live album) Vocals
2012 Nine Bells Vocals
(show all)

Mein Kampf

Vocals (2007)


Vocals (?-1988)

1987 Looking Forward Everybody!! (Demo) Vocals
1987 Come from Behind Vocals



1988 N.O.V (EP) Vocals


2001 Animetal Marathon IV Vocals (19)

Cross Hard

2005 Eclipse from East (EP) Vocals (backing)

Satoshi Katada

2006 Blue Streak Vocals (track 4)


2010 Crying Stars - Stand Proud! Vocals (Tracks 1, 2)

Yasumitsu Shimizu

2016 Burning Spirit (EP) Vocals (track 1)


2009 この世の地獄物語 Lyrics
2009 地獄の亀甲縛り (Single) Lyrics
2009 地獄の吊り天井 (Single) Lyrics
2010 地獄の三角木馬 (Single) Lyrics
2010 旋律の地獄遊戯 Lyrics
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