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Real/full name:
Cyril Mendre
43 (born Mar 22nd, 1974)
Place of origin:
France (Nimes)


Owner of Drakkar Productions.


Vocals, Guitars, Bass (1995-2015)

1997 Evanescence (Demo) All instruments
1998 A Dying Out Ecstasy (Demo) Bass, Vocals (as "Sir Noctu")
1998 Evanescence / The Bottomless Armageddon (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths (as "Sir Noctu")
1999 Infected by Rats (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1999 The Awakening of the Dormant Fiancée (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1999 A Cave Full of Bats (EP) Vocals, Bass
1999 Under the Reign of Terror and Tyranny (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
1999 French / Southern Black Metal War (Split) Bass, Vocals
1999 Pourriture et vermine (Demo) Vocals
2000 The Awakening of the Dormant Fiancée Promo (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2001 Dead Insecta Sequestration (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2001 Promo 2001 (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2001 Darkness Enfold the Sky / Black Slaughterization (Split) Vocals
2002 Evoking Grâce and Splendour (EP) Vocals [Astral Chants], Bass [Ethereal Bass]
2002 A Cave Full of Bats (Compilation) Vocals, Bass (A), Vocals (B)
2002 Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre Vocals [Astral Chants And Lamentations], Bass [Ethereal 5 Strings], Lyrics [Poetry]
2007 Delhÿs-cätess (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2008 Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis Vocals, Bass
2010 Archaenae Perfectii - L'Arche arcane des parfaits Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2017 Aetherra Vocals, Guitars, Bass
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As Noktu Geiistmort:
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums (2001-present)

2003 Complainte d'une agonie céleste (EP) Vocals, Bass, Guitars
2004 Mortifera / Blackdeath (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Music, Lyrics (tracks 2, 3)
2004 Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2010 Maledictiih Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Songwriting
2013 Mortifera / Be Persecuted (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2013 Bleüu de morte Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2014 IV: Sanctii Tristhess Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
2015 Alhena's Tears (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lyrics, Drums

Genocide Kommando

As Kommander Noktu:
Guitars, Bass, Vocals (2002-?)

2002 Black Metal Supremacy Vocals, Guitars, Bass


Vocals, Guitars (1994-1995)

1995 Promo Tape 95 (Demo) Vocals, Bass (as "Noctu")


As Noktu Geiistmortt:


Guitars (2001)


2010 La nuit m'a enseigné... (Demo) Vocals (Tracks 1, 3), Bass (Track 2)

Peste Noire

2003 Phalènes et pestilence - salvatrice averse (Demo) Bass
2007 Mors Orbis Terrarum (Compilation) Bass (T2, track 1-3)
2012 Les Démos (Compilation) Bass (CD 2, track 1)


2001 Welcome All Hell Fuckers (EP) Cover art


2001 War! Speed and Power Lyrics (track 1) (as "Sir. K. Noktu")

Corpus Christii

2002 Master of... (EP) Lyrics (as "Kommander Noktu")


2004 Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera Cover art (as "Noktu Geiistmortt")

Satanic Warmaster

2004 ...of the Night (EP) Lyrics (track 2) (as "Noktu (as ''Sir Noktu Geiistmortt'')")
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