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Nino Laurenne

Nino Laurenne

Real/full name:
Nino Laurenne
Place of birth:
Finland (Helsinki, Uusimaa)


Married to Netta Laurenne.


As Riffi Raffi:
Guitars (2009-present)

2009 Jurahevin kuninkaat (Single) Guitars
2009 Viimeinen mammutti (Single) Guitars
2009 Jurahevin kuninkaat Guitars
2010 Kurajuhlat (Single) Guitars
2010 Hirmuliskojen pikkujoululevy (EP) Guitars
2011 Räyh! (Single) Guitars
2011 Räyh! Guitars
2011 Räyhällistä Joulua Guitars
2012 La goma de mascar de Sofi (Single) Guitars
2012 Heavysaurios Guitars
2012 Kadonneen louhikäärmeen arvoitus Guitars
2013 Vihreä vallankumous Guitars
2013 Heavysaurios al rescate Guitars
2014 Aarrejahti (Single) Guitars
2015 Juranoid (Single) Guitars
2015 Soittakaa Juranoid! Guitars
2016 La revolución verde Guitars
2017 Mikä minusta tulee isona? Guitars
2019 Llamada Jurásica! (EP) Guitars
2019 Bändikouluun! Guitars
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Guitars (2000-2011, 2013-present)

2001 Demo (Demo) Guitars
2002 Virus (Single) Guitars
2002 Thunderstone Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2004 The Burning Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2005 Tool of the Devil (Single) Guitars
2005 Tools of Destruction Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2007 10.000 Ways (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2007 Forevermore / Face in the Mirror (Single) Guitars
2007 Evolution 4.0 Guitars
2009 I Almighty (Single) Guitars
2009 Dirt Metal Guitars
2016 Apocalypse Again Guitars, Vocals (backing)
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Vocals, Guitars

1990 Epoch of Insanity (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics (Tracks 1 & 4)
1991 Spaced Out (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
1992 The Truth Vocals (lead), Guitars
1994 Total Vocals, Guitars, Vocals (backing)
1996 Mind Alive Vocals, Guitars


Guitars (2017)

2017 The Anniversary Song (Single) Guitars

Ari Koivunen

2007 Fuel for the Fire Guitars (rhythm)

Battle Beast

2011 Show Me How to Die (Single) Vocals (backing)
2011 Steel Vocals (backing)

Black Sun

2017 The Puppeteer Guitars (solos)


2004 Human Device Vocals (laughter) (track 3)


2006 The Winter Wake Guitars (lead) (track 1, 2nd lead)


2010 Hirmuliskojen yö Guitars (track 15) (as "Nino ''Vino-Dino'' Laurenne")
2019 Bändikouluun! Guitars (solo) (track 10)


2021 The Reckoning Guitars (rhythm), Guitars (solo) (track 6)

Stoner Kings

2006 Fuck the World Vocals (backing)


2009 Dirt Metal Vocals (backing)


2008 Tracedawn Guitars (lead) (track 3)


2020 Nature Strikes Back Guitars (lead) (track 3)


2016 Visions of the Blind Recording (drums)


2003 Invitation Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2004 Divinity Recording (drums)
2006 The Fallen Empire Recording
2007 Divine Invitation (Compilation) Recording (tracks 1, 4, 6, 8, 9), Mixing (tracks 1, 4, 6, 8, 9)


2002 Other Flesh (Single) Recording
2004 Wound Creations Mixing (as "Nino "lemmen konduktööri" Laurenne")


2006 House of Sleep (Single) Engineering
2006 Eclipse Recording
2006 The Smoke (Single) Engineering

Ari Koivunen

2007 Fuel for the Fire Producer
2008 Becoming Producer, Recording
2008 Tears Keep Falling (Single) Producer, Recording

Battle Beast

2011 Steel Mixing, Producer, Engineering


2012 Emerge Mixing

Black Sun

2020 Silent Enemy (EP) Mixing (tracks 1,4-7)


2003 Demo 2003 (Demo) Recording
2005 On My Side (EP) Recording


2016 The New Dawn Mixing


2004 Cycle of Zero Mixing


2004 Human Device Producer, Recording, Mixing

Drowned in Life

2002 Nothing Less than a Rockstar (Demo) Recording, Mixing


2003 For Giving - For Getting Producer, Mixing, Recording


2006 The Winter Wake Mixing
2007 The Scythe Engineering, Mixing
2012 Era Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing
2017 Secrets of the Magick Grimoire Mixing


2006 Dragonheads (EP) Mixing
2006 10th Anniversary Live (Video) Mixing (as "Nino "Sauna on valmis!" Laurenne")
2007 Victory Songs Engineering, Mixing

Final Dawn

2004 Under the Bleeding Sky Engineering, Mixing


2007 Ur jordens djup Recording, Mixing
2010 Nifelvind Mixing, Engineering
2013 Blodsvept Engineering, Mixing
2020 Vredesvävd Mixing

Force Majeure

2002 Second Strike (Demo) Mastering, Recording, Mixing
2008 Frozen Chambers Mixing


2006 Triumph Mixing
2007 I Will Break You (Single) Mixing
2007 H8 Mixing


2000 Broken Dream (Demo) Engineering
2000 Endless War (Demo) Engineering, Recording
2002 Fight Against Time (Demo) Mixing, Recording, Engineering
2003 Promo 2003 (Demo) Recording, Engineering, Mixing
2004 Something to Remind (Demo) Recording, Engineering, Mixing
2006 Lost Beyond Retrieval Mixing, Recording, Engineering
2007 Promo 2007 (Demo) Mixing, Recording, Engineering
2008 Half-Life (Single) Mixing, Engineering
2008 A Change Through Destruction Recording, Mixing
2011 Corrupt to the Core Mixing, Producer, Engineering


2017 No Stars upon the Bridge Recording (drums)


2005 Sound over Matter Recording
2012 Gentle Anarchy (EP) Engineering, Mixing


2009 Jurahevin kuninkaat Mixing (as "Dino Saurenne")
2010 Hirmuliskojen yö Recording, Producer, Mixing (as "Dino Laurenne")
2010 Hirmuliskojen pikkujoululevy (EP) Mixing (as "Dino Saurenne")
2011 Räyh! Producer, Mixing
2011 Räyhällistä Joulua Recording, Mixing, Producer (as "Dino Saurenne")
2012 Heavysaurios Producer, Mixing
2012 Kadonneen louhikäärmeen arvoitus Producer
2013 Vihreä vallankumous Producer, Mixing, Recording, (as "Dino Saurenne")
2013 Heavysaurios al rescate Producer
2015 Soittakaa Juranoid! Recording, Mixing, Producer
2016 La revolución verde Producer, Mixing, Recording, (as "Dino Saurenne")
2017 Mikä minusta tulee isona? Recording, Producer, Mixing
2019 Bändikouluun! Producer, Recording, Mixing
(show all)


2004 Stained Editing, Recording, Engineering


2005 The Spirit of Ukko Mixing
2006 Reformation Recording, Mixing
2008 Of Sacrifice, Loss and Reward (Single) Recording, Producer
2008 The New Dark Age Producer, Producer, Recording
2010 Lustdriven Recording, Engineering


2002 Waiting for the Dawn Engineering
2002 Beginning (Single) Recording
2007 Serenity Engineering


2021 The Reckoning Producer, Songwriting


2008 Bite It like a Bulldog (Single) Producer
2008 Deadache Producer
2008 Deadache (Single) Producer
2016 Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy) Songwriting (track 1), Recording, Mixing, Producer

Lost Society

2013 Fast Loud Death Mixing, Producer, Recording
2014 Terror Hungry Producer
2016 Braindead Recording, Mixing, Producer

Machine Men

2005 Elegies Recording, Mixing

Misery Inc.

2003 Suicide Serenade (Demo) Recording, Mixing
2004 Yesterday's Grave Engineering (assistant), Mixing
2006 Random End Mixing


2015 Mournir Producer, Mixing


2008 Yli erämaan Mixing


2006 Scream (Single) Recording (vocals) (track 3)

Olympos Mons

2004 Conquistador Mixing (as "Nino "Veijo-Eveliina" Laurenne")

Omnium Gatherum

2002 Steal the Light (EP) Recording
2003 Spirits and August Light Recording, Mixing
2004 Years in Waste Recording, Mixing
2021 Origin Recording

Profane Omen

2002 Label of Black (EP) Recording, Mixing, Co-producer
2004 Adrenaline / Enemies (Single) Mixing, Recording

Raskasta Joulua

2006 Raskaampaa joulua Mixing, Recording


2003 Mask of Damnation Engineering, Mixing


2012 Masquerade Mastering, Mixing, Engineering


2014 ...of Conquest Mixing
2016 Lineage Engineering (bass, drums), Mixing

Silent Voices

2004 On the Wings of Rage (Single) Engineering, Mixing
2004 Infernal Engineering, Mixing
2006 Building Up the Apathy Mixing

Sonata Arctica

2007 Unia Recording (guitars)
2012 Stones Grow Her Name Recording (additional backing vocals) (tracks 1, 2, 5, 6), Recording (guitars)

Status Minor

2009 Dialog Mixing


2002 Thunderstone Producer, Engineering
2004 The Burning Producer, Recording
2005 Tool of the Devil (Single) Mixing, Recording
2005 Tools of Destruction Producer, Recording, Mixing
2007 10.000 Ways (Single) Mixing, Producer
2007 Forevermore / Face in the Mirror (Single) Producer
2007 Evolution 4.0 Producer, Recording
2009 Dirt Metal Producer, Recording, Mixing
2016 Apocalypse Again Producer, Art direction, Recording, Mixing

Thyestean Feast

2002 Cycles of Worldburn Recording, Mixing


2008 Tracedawn Producer, Recording


2002 Tomorrow Engineering

Twilight Guardians

2006 Sintrade Recording
2007 Ghost Reborn Recording (drums)


2001 Beyond Abilities Engineering (assistant)


2004 Wintersun Mixing
2012 Time I Producer (drums, bass)
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