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Nikolay Vengrzhanovich

Real/full name:
Николай Венгржанович
Place of origin:

Forces United

Vocals (2015-present)

2015 Forces United - IV Vocals (backing) (tracks 1, 3, 9)
2016 Power Subunit Vocals (backing) (track 2)
2017 Egorov Vocals (backing) (track 4) (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2017 Мавзолей (Рок-опера) Vocals (choirs) (as Братья Ордена света) (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2017 Forces United - VI Vocals (track 6), Vocals (backing) (track 4) (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2018 VII Vocals (backing) (tracks 1, 5) (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2018 Детям Guitars (track 10), Vocals (backing) (tracks 4, 14) (as "Н. Венгржанович")
2020 Gold Vocals (CD2 track 12) (as "Николай Венгржанович")

Human Device

As Николай Венгржанович:

2008 Бескрайние поля сознания Vocals (clean, track 4)

Meaning Beside

As Николай Венгржанович:

2009 The Reaping Vocals (backing)

Рогатые Трупоеды

As Nikolai Vengrzhanovich:

2014 Забодаю и съем Vocals (children choir) (track 4)

Третий Рим

As Н. Венгржанович:

2013 О другой стороне Vocals (track 10)


2017 The New Sun (EP) Recording (vocals) (as "LightTemple Studio")


2004 Под пристальным прицелом Engineering
2006 100 миль по прямой Engineering (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2007 Параллельные миры, часть первая Producer
2007 With Honor to Live (EP) Engineering
2007 With Honor to Live Engineering, Recording
2008 Russian Roulette Producer (as "Niklas Vengrzhanovich")

Arida Vortex

2015 The Illustrated Man Recording (vocals)
2016 Wild Beast Show Recording (vocals)


2015 Грани Recording (guitars), Mixing, Mastering (as "Николай Венгржанович")


2016 ...Shade upon Your Grave (Single) Engineering


2013 Сто ночей Recording (as "Николай Венгржанович")

Ease of Disgust

2009 The Shell (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Producer (as "Nicolay Vengrzhanovich")
2014 Black Flame Recording

Forces United

2015 Forces United - II (EP) Engineering
2015 Forces United - III (EP) Engineering
2015 Forces United - IV Engineering
2016 Power Subunit Engineering, Mixing (tracks 1, 3-8, 10)
2017 Forces United - V (EP) Mastering, Engineering, Mixing (tracks 3-7)
2017 Egorov Engineering, Mixing, Mastering (as "Н. Венгржанович")
2017 Мавзолей (Рок-опера) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2017 Forces United - VI Engineering, Mixing (tracks 1-11, 14), Mastering (tracks 1-11, 14) (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2018 Симфония Холстинина Engineering (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2018 VII Engineering, Mixing, Mastering (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2018 Andy Vortex Engineering, Mastering (as "Н. Венгржанович")
2018 Детям Engineering, Mastering (as "Н. Венгржанович")
2019 Egorov 2 - Любить дракона Engineering, Mastering (as "Н. Венгржанович")
2020 Gold Engineering (as "Николай Венгржанович")
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Human Device

2008 Бескрайние поля сознания Engineering (as "Николай Венгржанович")


2010 Your Fear Is Our Inhabitancy (Demo) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering (as "Nikolay V.")


2009 Династия посвящённых - Дети Савонаролы Engineering, Mastering (as "Н. Венгржанович")
2016 Дым. Крепости. Волк Recording (tracks 2, 4, 7) (as "Николай Венгржанович")

Meaning Beside

2009 The Reaping Engineering (as "Николай Венгржанович")


2015 The Unholy Masquerade Engineering

Nova Art

2009 Follow Yourself Recording


2016 Voices (Single) Recording, Mixing
2017 Road to Glory Mixing, Mastering
2019 Wonderland (EP) Mixing, Mastering


2011 1079 Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Seducer's Embrace

2019 Solidarity Mixing, mastering

Ugly Deadman

2017 Toxic Legacy Recording (drums)


2010 Pentadrama (EP) Mastering
2010 Svartedauen (Single) Mastering

Дом Ветров

2008 От земли Mixing (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2011 Китобой Recording, Mixing (as "Николай Венгржанович")

Псы Войны

2016 Вне проигрыша Mixing, Mastering (as "Николай Венгржанович")

Рогатые Трупоеды

2008 The Kvlt and Troo and Eevil and Grimm and Nekro (EP) Engineering, Mixing (tracks 1-4), Mastering (as "Nikolai Vengrzhanovich")
2009 Circvs ov Sins: Enter the Vices Engineering, Mixing, Mastering (as "Nikolai Vengrzhanovich")
2014 Забодаю и съем Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Lyrics (tracks 3, 7) (as "Nikolai Vengrzhanovich")
2015 Отруби лихую голову (EP) Mixing, Mastering (as "Nikolai Vengrzhanovich")
2018 Eclectopsy Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


2009 Шаман Recording (drums) (as "Николай Венгржанович")

Третий Рим

2009 Лихолетье безмолвия Mixing, Mastering (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2011 Движение вперёд Mixing, Mastering (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2013 О другой стороне Mixing, Mastering (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2014 В начале Mixing (as "Николай Венгржанович")
2016 В каждом из нас Mixing, Mastering
2017 Безимени Mixing, Mastering (as "Николай Венгржанович")
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