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Nikolay Simkin

Real/full name:
Николай Симкин
Place of origin:
Russia (Moscow)


2006 100 миль по прямой Design (as "Николай Симкин")

Blind Guardian

1988 Battalions of Fear Design (reissue) (as "Nikolay "Dr. Venom" Simkin")
1989 Follow the Blind Design (reissue) (as "Nikolay "Dr. Venom" Simkin")
1990 Tales from the Twilight World Design (reissue) (as "Nikolay "Dr. Venom" Simkin")
1992 Somewhere Far Beyond Design (reissue) (as "Nikolay "Dr. Venom" Simkin")
1993 Tokyo Tales (Live album) Design (reissue) (as "Nikolay "Dr. Venom" Simkin")
1995 Imaginations from the Other Side Design (reissue) (as "Nikolay "Dr. Venom" Simkin")
1996 The Forgotten Tales (Compilation) Design (as "Nikolay "Dr. Venom" Simkin")
1998 Nightfall in Middle-Earth Design (reissue) (as "Nikolay "Dr. Venom" Simkin")
2001 And Then There Was Silence (Single) Artwork design
2003 The Bard's Song (In the Forest) (Single) Artwork design (as "Nikolay "Dr. Venom" Simkin")
2003 Live (Live album) Artwork (as "Nikolay "Dr. Venom" Simkin")
2004 Imaginations Through the Looking Glass (Video) Design (as "Nikolay S. Simkin")
2006 A Twist in the Myth Booklet design (as "Nikolay S. Simkin")
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Demons & Wizards

2005 Touched by the Crimson King Layout, Design (as "Nikolay "Dr.Venom" Simkin")

Materia Prima

2008 Вечность и покой Design, Layout (as "Николай Симкин")


2004 From the Cradle to the Stage: 20th Anniversary (Live album) Artwork (as "Dr. Venom Nik Simkin")
2004 From the Cradle to the Stage: 20th Anniversary (Video) Artwork (as "Dr. Venom Nik Simkin")


2003 Night Visions Logo (as "Nikolay "Dr. Venom" Simkin")


2007 The Inner Sanctum Artwork (as "Nikolay S. Simkin")


2002 Медный бык Design (as "Николай "Dr. Venom" Симкин")

The Arrow

2006 Хранитель душ Design (as "Николай Симкин")


2001 Химера Design, Cover concept (as "Николай "Dr. Venom" Симкин")
2001 Дальнобойщики-2 Artwork (as "Николай "Dr. Venom" Симкин")
2002 Штиль (Compilation) Artwork (as "Николай "Dr. Venom" Симкин")
2002 Колизей (Single) Design, Photography (as "Николай "Dr. Venom" Симкин")
2003 В поисках новой жертвы... (Live album) Design (as "Николай "Dr. Venom" Симкин")
2003 Крещение огнём Design, Cover concept (as "Николай "Dr. Venom" Симкин")

Иван Царевич

2007 Иду на вы! Design (as "Николай "Dr. Venom" Симкин")

Сергей Маврин

2005 Обратная сторона реальности (EP) Design (as "Николай ''Dr. Venom'' Симкин")
2006 Откровение Design (as "Николай «Dr. Venom» Симкин")
2007 Фортуна Design (as "Николай «Dr. Venom» Симкин")
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