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Nikolay Seredov

Nikolay Seredov

Real/full name:
Николай Середов
29 (born Dec 7th, 1987)
Place of origin:
Russia (Chernogorsk, Khakassia)

Funeral Tears

Everything (2007-present)

2010 Your Life My Death Everything
2014 When Your Song Ends (Single) Everything
2014 Hope (Single) Everything
2014 Разливая по венам усталость... (Single) Everything
2014 The World We Lost Everything
2015 Frozen Tranquility (Split) Everything
2017 Beyond the Horizon Everything

Nikolay Seredov

Everything (2014-present)


Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars, Drums, Bass (2013-present)

2014 Ты всё ещё дышишь (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
2014 Прах к праху (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
2014 Ashen Light Lyrics, Vocals
2014 Прошлого шрамы (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2014 Мечта (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2014 Тело (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2015 Своими руками (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2015 Gaia Vocals, Lyrics
2015 Небо ещё не погибло (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
2015 Воспоминания (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2016 Sky Vocals, Lyrics
2017 Words Won't Matter (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
2017 Cosmos Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
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Drums, Vocals (2007-present)

2007 Ниже ада уголь есть (Demo) Drums, Vocals (as "Nikolay")
2009 Пенетратор шахты (EP) Drums, Vocals (as "Nikolay")
2011 Обвал (EP) Drums, Vocals (as "Nikolay")
2011 Иван (Single) Drums, Vocals (as "Nikolay")
2011 Быть шахтёром... (Single) Drums, Vocals (as "Nikolay")
2011 Шахта слабаков не терпит Drums, Vocals (as "Nikolay")
2012 Стаханизм (EP) Drums, Vocals (as "Nikolay")
2013 Добейся всего сам (Single) Drums, Vocals (as "Nikolay")
2013 Помоги стране делом!!! Drums, Vocals (as "Nikolay")
2015 Наш новый мир (EP) Drums, Vocals (as "Nikolay")
2017 Ништяк Drums, Vocals (as "Nikolay")
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Mirror Morionis

As Vidok:
Drums (2012-?)


Drums (2010-2012, 2012-?)

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