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Niklas Sundin

Niklas Sundin

Real/full name:
Niklas Bo Sundin
49 (born Aug 13th, 1974)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Gothenburg, Västra Götaland)


Sundin is best known as the guitarist of Dark Tranquillity & Laethora. He wrote a strong portion of the lyrics featured on Dark Tranquillity's early albums, most notably 1993's Skydancer, 1995's The Gallery & 1997's The Mind's I, as well as In Flames' 1996 The Jester Race album. He translated Swedish lyrics written by In Flames vocalist Anders Fridén to English on several albums while Fridén ...


Dead Man's Banquet was a short-lived industrial-influenced project that also involved Anders Fridén.

Mitochondrial Sun

Everything (2019-present)

2019 Nyaga (Single) Everything
2019 Celestial Animal (Single) Everything
2020 The Great Filter (Single) Everything
2020 Mitochondrial Sun Everything
2020 Arsia Mons (Single) Everything
2020 Pulsar 1 (Single) Everything
2020 Pulsar 2 (Single) Everything
2020 Sju pulsarer Everything
2021 Bodies and Gold (EP) Everything
2023 Neverending Story (Single) Everything

Dark Tranquillity

Guitars (lead) (1991-2020)

1991 Trail of Life Decayed (Demo) Guitars
1992 A Moonclad Reflection (EP) Guitars, Guitars (acoustic)
1992 Promotape 1992 (Compilation) Guitars
1993 Tranquillity (Compilation) Guitars
1993 Skydancer Guitars
1994 Promo '94 (Demo) Guitars
1995 Of Chaos and Eternal Night (EP) Guitars
1995 The Gallery Guitars
1996 Enter Suicidal Angels (EP) Songwriting (tracks 1, 2), Guitars
1997 Zodijackyl Light (Video) Guitars
1997 The Mind's I Guitars
1999 The Official Demo Series Vol. 1 (Split) Guitars
1999 Projector Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 1-3, 6, 7, 9)
2000 Haven Guitars
2002 Damage Done Songwriting (tracks 6, 11), Guitars
2003 Live Damage (Video) Guitars
2004 Lost to Apathy (EP) Guitars
2005 Character Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 2, 6, 8, 9)
2007 Eastpak Antidote Tour (Split) Guitars
2007 In Requiem / Fiction (Split) Guitars
2007 Focus Shift (Single) Guitars
2007 Fiction Lyrics (track 6), Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 1-3, 6, 8)
2009 Yesterworlds (Compilation) Guitars (lead)
2009 Where Death Is Most Alive (Live album) Guitars (lead)
2009 Where Death Is Most Alive (Video) Guitars
2010 We Are the Void Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 1, 4-9, 11), Lyrics (tracks 8, 11)
2012 Zero Distance (EP) Songwriting (tracks 2-5), Guitars
2013 Construct Songwriting (tracks 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12), Guitars
2013 Sorrow's Architect (Single) Guitars, Songwriting
2014 A Memory Construct (Single) Guitars, Songwriting
2016 The Pitiless (Single) Guitars
2016 Atoma (Single) Guitars
2016 Forward Momentum (Single) Guitars
2016 Atoma Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 5, 6, 8, 12)
2017 The Absolute (Single) Guitars
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Dead Man's Banquet

Guitars, Programming


Guitars (1993-1995)


Guitars (2005-?)

2007 March of the Parasite Guitars
2010 The Light in Which We All Burn Guitars

Septic Broiler

Guitars (lead) (1989-1991)

1990 Enfeebled Earth (Demo) Guitars (lead)
1990 Rehearsal December 1990 (Demo) Guitars (lead)


2005 Gallows Gallery Guitars (lead) (track 2)

...and Oceans

2001 A.M.G.O.D. Design
2002 Cypher Logo Art

Ablaze My Sorrow

2002 Anger, Hate and Fury Artwork, Cover art


2014 Know Thyself (EP) Artwork
2016 Memento Mori Artwork, Design
2019 Prokopton Layout, Artwork
2021 A Dream of Wilderness Artwork


2003 A semmi ágán Cover art
2006 Szürkület Cover art
2017 Semmiből, a semmin át Artwork


2001 Itse Cover art
2003 Kuolema Cover art
2004 Tyhjyys Cover art


2001 Absolute Purity Artwork


2000 Dea Noctilucae (Demo) Cover art


2002 Gift of Tongues Cover art


2001 Extension of the Wish Design, Art direction
2001 Extension of the Wish - Definitive Extension Design, Art direction
2006 Chimera Cover art


2014 Earth Entangled Cover art (as "Niclas Sundin")
2016 Aftermath Cover art

Arch Enemy

2001 Wages of Sin Artwork, Layout
2002 Burning Angel (EP) Artwork
2003 Anthems of Rebellion Cover art
2004 Dead Eyes See No Future (Japanese Tour EP 2004) (EP) Cover art
2006 Live Apocalypse (Video) Artwork
2007 Rise of the Tyrant Cover art
2007 Revolution Begins (EP) Artwork, Layout, Concept (as "Cabin Fever Media")
2008 Tyrants of the Rising Sun: Live in Japan (Live album) Artwork

Ashen Horde

2023 Antimony Cover art

At the Gates

2010 The Flames of the End (Video) Photography

At the Plates

2024 Omnivore Cover art


2010 The Dawn Cover art, Artwork

Black Flame

2011 Septem Design

Callenish Circle

2002 Flesh_Power_Dominion Cover art
2003 My Passion // Your Pain Cover art
2004 Forbidden Empathy (Compilation) Cover art


2018 Carchosa Artwork


2015 Carthagods Artwork
2019 The Monster in Me Artwork

Ceremonial Oath

1992 The Lost Name of God (Demo) Cover art
1992 Lost Name of God (EP) Artwork

Chain Collector

2008 Unrestrained Cover art, Design


2000 Tearstained Cover art
2001 Little Angel (Single) Artwork, Design
2002 Downhearted Design, Cover art

Dark Age

2008 Minus Exitus Artwork
2009 Acedia Artwork, Design

Dark Tranquillity

1991 Trail of Life Decayed (Demo) Artwork
1992 A Moonclad Reflection (EP) Artwork
1995 The Gallery Layout (as "Cabin Fever Media")
1996 Enter Suicidal Angels (EP) Artwork
1999 Skydancer & Of Chaos and Eternal Night Cover art
1999 Projector Artwork, Cover art, Layout
2000 Haven Artwork, Design
2002 Damage Done Artwork, Art direction, Design
2003 Live Damage (Video) Cover art, Art direction, Design, Artwork
2004 Exposures - In Retrospect and Denial (Compilation) Cover art, Artwork, Art direction, Design (as "Cabin Fever Media")
2004 Lost to Apathy (EP) Artwork, Design (as "Cabin Fever Media")
2005 Skydancer & Of Chaos and Eternal Night Cover art
2005 Character Design (as "Cabin Fever Media")
2007 Fiction Artwork, Design
2009 Yesterworlds (Compilation) Design, Artwork (as "Cabin Fever Media")
2009 Where Death Is Most Alive (Video) Artwork, Cover art
2010 We Are the Void Cover art
2013 Construct Artwork, Layout (as "Cabin Fever Media")
2014 A Memory Construct (Single) Layout (as "Cabin Fever Media")
2014 Skydancer Cover art
2014 Of Chaos and Eternal Night (EP) Guitars
2016 The Pitiless (Single) Artwork
2016 Atoma (Single) Artwork
2016 Forward Momentum (Single) Artwork
2016 Atoma Layout, Artwork
2020 Moment Artwork
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2009 Built Cover art
2013 Realeyes Cover art


2013 The Arsonist Artwork


2006 Sacrifice Cover art


2002 An Epic Defiance Cover art, Artwork, Design (exterior)
2005 Portals to Uphobia Artwork, Design (as "Cabin Fever Media")

Dimension Zero

2002 Silent Night Fever Artwork, Design
2003 This Is Hell Cover art (as "Cabin Fever Media")


2006 Astronomy Cover art


2004 Human Device Cover art (as "Cabin Fever Media")


2012 Helvetios Artwork


2002 Weiland Cover art

Enter Chaos

2004 Aura Sense Cover art


2001 Gone Cover art

Eternal Tears of Sorrow

2000 Chaotic Beauty Artwork, Cover art
2001 The Last One for Life (Single) Layout, Graphics
2001 A Virgin and a Whore Artwork, Design


1999 Caress the Abstract (Demo) Layout, Artwork
2000 Promo 2000 (Demo) Artwork, Layout
2005 No Place Darker (Demo) Artwork
2006 Diaries from the Gallows Artwork


2008 Torn CD Layout Logo


2007 Storm of Annihilation Cover art
2014 Quinquaginta Cover art


2003 Folkmagic Artwork


2016 The Insatiable Weakness Cover art

Fields of Asphodel

1999 Deathflower (EP) Artwork

Flowing Tears

2000 Jade Cover art, Artwork


1999 Soulburner Design, Cover art, Artwork
2000 Sindustries Art direction, Design


2004 Dreamweaver Cover art

Green Carnation

2000 Journey to the End of the Night Cover art
2001 Light of Day, Day of Darkness Cover art
2005 The Quiet Offspring Cover art, Artwork
2018 Last Day of Darkness (Live album) Artwork
2020 Leaves of Yesteryear Artwork


2015 Cloaked in Decay (EP) Artwork, Design


2021 Libera Me Cover art


2006 Devil Cover art

Hortus Animae

2008 Funeral Nation / 10 Years of Hortus Animae (Boxed set) Artwork
2012 Funeral Nation MMXII (Compilation) Cover art


2022 Downtown Showdown (Single) Cover art
2023 Atomic Thunder EP (EP) Artwork
2023 Let Off Some Steam (Remixed) (Single) Cover art

In Flames

1996 The Jester Race Lyrics
1997 Whoracle Lyrics
1997 Whoracle / The Jester Race (Compilation) Lyrics
1999 Colony Lyrics (translations)
2001 The Tokyo Showdown - Live in Japan 2000 (Live album) Artwork, Design
2002 Reroute to Remain Art direction, Design, Photography
2003 Trigger (EP) Art direction, Artwork, Design (as "Cabin Fever Media")
2004 The Quiet Place (Single) Photography, Artwork, Design (as "Cabin Fever Media")
2004 Soundtrack to Your Escape Artwork, Cover art, Design

Jours Pâles

2022 Tensions Artwork


2018 Palo Artwork, Cover art
2023 Haunted by Guilt (Single) Cover art
2023 Drifting in a Dream (Single) Cover art
2023 Taken Before Given (Single) Cover art
2023 Kalmah Cover art


2008 Of Sacrifice, Loss and Reward (Single) Cover art
2008 The New Dark Age Cover art


2004 Spiral Ascent Cover Art

Lacrimas Profundere

2004 Ave End Artwork
2006 Again It's Over (EP) Cover art
2010 The Grandiose Nowhere Cover art


2007 March of the Parasite Cover art, Artwork, Layout (as "Cabin Fever Media")
2010 The Light in Which We All Burn Cover art, Layout (as "Cabin Fever Media")


2012 Into the Abyss Artwork

Last Tribe

2003 The Uncrowned Cover art


2018 Into Beyond Artwork


2003 The Apostate Artwork


2001 Be My God Cover art


2024 Chasing Euphoria Artwork


2001 I Die, You Soar Cover art
2009 I Die, You Soar Cover art


2016 New Justice Artwork


2004 11 Dreams Artwork
2008 Architect of Lies Cover art
2023 Soundtrack for the End Times Artwork


2012 The Constant Cover art
2013 Warrior’s Way (EP) Cover art
2015 Abstract Artwork

Mirrored Mind

2001 At Meridian Cover art


2008 Eternal Artwork


2003 Suden uni Cover art

Mourning Caress

2002 Imbalance Cover art


2003 Sheol Cover art (as "Cabin Fever Media")
2012 Téras Artwork

Nether Nova

2017 Overflow (EP) Cover art


2009 Back to the Front Cover art, Layout


2003 Sweet Vengeance Artwork
2005 Descent into Chaos Photography
2010 Vengeance Descending (Compilation) Cover Art


2015 Ridden (EP) Artwork
2022 Prisma Aeternus Cover art


2000 Classica Artwork


2021 The Endless Pain and Darkness Cover art (as "Cabin Fever Media")

Orcus O Dis

2013 Ix Artwork

Orpheus Omega

2014 Archways Across Asia (Video) Cover art
2015 Partum Vita Mortem Artwork


2002 Katharsis Cover art, Photography


2020 Brain Bleeder Artwork


2007 Lupus Dei Cover art

Prevail in Darkness

2015 Solution: Blood (Single) Artwork
2015 Nauseating Pain (Single) Artwork
2016 Lionheart Artwork


2023 The Exit Artwork

Red Rot

2022 Mal de vivre Artwork


2000 Aeon Sky Artwork


2005 The Second Incision Cover art


1999 Killing Me, Killing You (Single) Artwork
2000 Crimson Artwork


2008 Forever Chaos Cover art

Shattered Destiny

2012 Fragments (EP) Artwork


2000 Enola Cover art
2003 The P/O/U/R Letters Cover art

Spiritual Beggars

2005 Demons Cover art, Layout (as "Cabin Fever Media")


2007 Ununoctium (Demo) Cover art

System Shock

2004 Arctic Inside Cover art

The Cleansing

2009 Poisoned Legacy Artwork (additional)

The Crest

2002 Letters from Fire Cover art

The Fading

2017 A Moment of Insight (Single) Artwork
2022 The Great Reset (Single) Artwork

The Forsaken

2003 Traces of the Past Photography, Artwork

The Halo Effect

2021 Shadowminds (Single) Layout
2022 Feel What I Believe (Single) Layout
2022 Days of the Lost (Single) Layout
2022 The Needless End (Single) Remixing, Layout
2022 Days of the Lost Layout

The Moor

2018 Jupiter's Immigrants Cover art
2023 The Overlord Disease (Single) Artwork


2000 Blood of Your Soul Cover art


2003 Hypnotic Cover art


2002 Vansinnesvisor Artwork, Layout
2021 Döp dem i eld (Single) Artwork
2021 Vanagandr Artwork, Cover art

Time Requiem

2004 The Inner Circle of Reality Artwork, Layout (as "Cabin Fever Media")


2004 Battle Metal Cover art

Under Threat

2006 Deathmosphere Cover art
2013 The Manifested Void Artwork
2017 The Prison Within Layout, Artwork


2009 In Skinless Form (EP) Drawings


2003 Enigma Prognosis Artwork, Layout

Wasted Land

2013 Wasted Land Artwork

Withering Surface

2020 Leaves in the Stream (Single) Cover art
2020 Alone (Single) Cover art
2020 Meet Your Maker (Single) Cover art
2020 Meet Your Maker Artwork
2020 I'll Soon Be Gone (Single) Cover art
2021 Dressed to Kill (Single) Cover art
2021 Stick to Your Guns (Single) Cover art

Within Y

2004 Extended Mental Dimensions Artwork, Layout
2008 The Cult Artwork
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